19, Jun 2024
Yuanyang hasn’t broken to Daolv?

"I wonder if your partner is waiting for a stunning appearance?" Qin Yuyan smiled
"Just like me," Wang Mudao said.
"…" Qin Yuyan
A listen to him roughly know that this guy must be full of nonsense.
He feels inexplicably comfortable.
How can those old women who don’t understand amorous feelings get rid of this guy before we even have a hand in the clan?
Root is impossible!
Then Wang Mu and Qin Yuyan had a big meal and fished for fish, and then they looked for four exits.
However, after searching for a long time, I found that the tunnel seemed to disappear when there was no exit.
At that time was trapped here, both of them were silent.
There’s no gap around here unless the spell directly blows a way out
If so, it belongs not only to the wave spirit but also to a fly.
"Qin Xiong is sorry for you." Wang Mu has some words. "I didn’t expect to find this place, but I couldn’t get out at the moment."
"It’s all right," Qin Yuyan said. "Those two hydrants can go out and say that there must be an exit. We just can’t find it. It’s ok if we can’t find a way together."
"Well … yes," Wang Mu thought for a moment. "You said you came here to look for a material refining device?"
"Ah?" Qin Yuyan one leng "oh yes"
"What instruments do you want to forge?" Wang Mu asked.
"What multiplier ….." Qin Yuyan wanted to think, "Just one multiplier, water, which she wears for daily protection, can’t be too sophisticated."
"Oh, is there a drawing?" Wang Mu asked, "How are the materials coming?"
Qin Yuyan smell speech in the heart a tight.
Why are you asking so carefully?
Did this guy find something?
"That … nature is" Qin Yuyan hurriedly found along while in his own bracelet and finally found the drawings of the multiplier.
He’s glad he didn’t lose it, otherwise it’s hard to say
"If you don’t mind …" Wang Mu wanted to think "show me the drawings and I’ll help you refine them? It’s a compensation for you. After all, you are trapped here with me. "
"Ah?" Qin Yuyan was stunned. "Can you refine the device?"
"a little"
Qin Yuyan was silent.
I don’t know if Wang Mu is testing himself or his reason …
"Then you try it …" Qin Yuyan took out the drawings.
"This drawing of yours is a little old." Wang Mu took one look and found that this drawing seems to have been put for a long time.
Can it not be old? It’s all when I was practicing gas … Qin Yuyan thought.
"Ahem … this multiplier is a few years old …" Qin Yuyan explained, "It was very old when it was bought. There are not many people refining this multiplier."
"That’s just that this instrument is not complicated and much easier to refine than my flying sword." Wang Mu nodded. "I should be able to refine the materials in two days. I happen to have all the materials you need. One of the angry and bloody bull king bones should be the fierce beast in the water cloud stream of bliss, right?"
"I have ordinary anger blood here, and it may be less effective if it is refined from bones."
"No …" Qin Yuyan laughed.
Fortunately, well-prepared … Otherwise, it was really seen that there was a flaw.
"Well, you wait for me for two days."
"You can find out what to export."
"Well …"
So Qin Yuyan silently watching Wang Mu aside refining device.
Then watching Wang Mu display fire control technique is very skilled, arranging the materials one by one, and then melting, refining and re-refining the technique to change …
He just looked at it for two days.
His eye Wang Mu refining level is not high … but it is not urgent and not slow in an orderly way.
Occasionally, a little mistake can hurt a lot.
More than half a year to have this refining level and this Qin Yuyan method to understand how he did it.
It’s hard to get started in refining all the way.
Even if there is a master to teach you, it is impossible to want a hand without a few years of proficiency in polishing techniques.
Period will also delay the practice of refining device division is generally not very high.
For example, in Wang Mu, there is still a certain refining level when it reaches the gas training layer in half a year …
Can say that the talent is extremely high.
Two days later.
Wang Mu handed Qin Yuyan a delicate aquamarine ring.
"I don’t know what it is if I feel ok. Try it yourself?"
"Well …" Qin Yuyan took her ring spirit force into bright light flashing.
"Good" Qin Yuyan zheng.
The probability of a novice refiner refining a good multiplier is not high.
If it is the first time to refine drawings, it is the second time.
"That’s ok," Wang Mu breathed a sigh of relief.
He felt that he had made several mistakes.
It should be a time.
After all, there is no action point.