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Executive adults hesitated for a moment before saying, "I need to listen to Tan Hongri’s report again when Tan Hongri comes back. Don’t worry, if they really hurt your brother, even the murderer can’t go beyond the rules and will be punished."

He also wants to ask Tan Hongri. Obviously, he doesn’t believe Mo Liudao or Ning Fei’s story. He needs to listen to all sides and think about it comprehensively.
This also implies that Ning Fei should not fool him casually, but must answer truthfully, because he will know the truth of the incident through many channels.
"You can’t make a move on this matter. I’ll let people make a detailed investigation into this new person, Su Li. It’s kind of interesting that this new person is so outstanding that he has never reported it before. And still defend him so much. What do you want to do? "
Ning Fei understood when he heard this. The executive heard that Su Li had reached level 15, and he had some curiosity about him. He also had doubts about being a guide before Mo Liudao.
After all, the vast majority of newcomers are still in the 11 th to 12 th grades, and this Suli has reached the 15 th grade. There must be something special about it, so that outstanding newcomers should have reported it long ago.
Compared with Ningyu’s death, it is obvious that the interest of executive adults has shifted to Su Li, a new person.
Strictly speaking, the death of a guide is not small in the eyes of adults, but it is not big. Compared with him, he is more interested in some special newcomers
Because this is the real focus of his work, but this matter involves the head and is more important than anything else.
"You say this Su Li can block his own message?" Executive adults looked at NingFei.
"Yes, and he said that his ability was controlled by passive methods. I asked him to put it away at that time, but he couldn’t do it, but I think he was an excuse. Maybe he didn’t want me to see his information. Maybe there are some secrets in his information."
"Well …"
Executive adults nodded slightly. "Then I’ll let Zhu Adults take a trip to have a look at this Su Li."
"You mean the supervisor?" Ningfei immediately refreshed.
Zhu Gaozhi, one of the nine chief officers and a supervisor of the base, claims that the first person in the base’s level-2 super-strong has vaguely achieved the almost "super-superior" combat power in the same level.
Ning Fei knows that Zhu Gaozhi has a special ability called "psychic eyes". These eyes are said to be psychic and can see through everything. Even if the opponent has the ability to block information, he can’t isolate his "psychic eyes" from peeping.
Even if Su Li really has the ability to block information, Zhu Gaozhi’s "psychic eye" will be invisible.
However, it takes a lot of energy to display this "psychic eye", especially the stronger the other party’s ability to block messages, the greater the energy he needs to consume. Normally, Zhu Gaozhi rarely moves this "psychic eye" unless it is necessary.
"For this Su Li, I also feel a little curious. Let Zhu’s adult go and see everything. I’m really curious about what Mo Liudao is doing to protect him. I know Mo Liudao. He won’t be so kind to a person casually. There must be a reason."
Executive adults here eyes slightly with a strange light.
Ningfei looked at the executive adults and felt a little unspeakable. She knew who the murderer of Ningyu was now, and suddenly it seemed unimportant.
This feeling made her very uncomfortable.
Chapter 611 Wake up
However, she dare not say that the two sides have different positions and positions. Maybe it seems that revenge for her brother is the most important thing, but in the eyes of the executive, a guide may be dead, and there are still a lot of candidates to replace. What is really important is to find out why Mo Liudao maintains Su Li. This has reached level 15. Details of newcomers.
"The head has always been dissatisfied with the handling of the dark corner. Although we have chosen two candidates, Luo Zhanjian and Xuan Hua, they look really good enough … but it seems that the prophet always feels that something is missing … Jiangdong Province’s puzzle always seems to be complete without that corner … Is this missing corner actually this Su Li, who has been intentionally or intentionally hidden by Mo Liudao?"
Executive adults gently knocked on the jade table and lost in thought.
If Su Li really has reached Grade 15, he is several grades higher than his companions, and according to Su Li’s previous statement, he can be promoted to Grade 15, which is also the key cultivation of Mo Liu Dao.
Since even Mo Liudao knows to focus on cultivating him, he must have taken a fancy to his great potential. So why has Mo Liudao never reported to the boss?
Shouldn’t such outstanding talents report to the base long ago, and then get the full support of the base and get better cultivation?
No matter how you think about it, there is a problem with Mo Liudao and this Su Li has a problem.
It is also very simple to solve this mystery. Let the supervisor Zhu Gaozhi look at this Su Li information and everything will come out.
"Interesting …" The executive adult revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth, and he felt very faint in his heart. Maybe … The prophet said that the last missing corner of the incomplete puzzle might be found.