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"Junjie, who knows the time, you haven’t been fooling around for so many years. I don’t care to kill another dead soul!" Xiao Fan with both hands way

"All right, you ask. I want to know and answer!" The demon king who broke the haze lost his confidence.
"Well, the first question is, why don’t I feel the power fluctuation when you approach me?" Xiao Fan wanted to think and asked
"This virtual exile root has no laws of heaven and earth, and its breath will not fluctuate unless it is deliberately put to use, otherwise everyone here is like a mortal!"
"Oh, so that’s it. Then the second question is, I’m looking for a ghost named Tian Yi Sheng Jun. Do you know where he is?" Xiao Fan continued
"Days regression of sage-king? I haven’t heard that this virtual exile ratio is wider, and the exiled monk never counts together, and the older the guy is, the deeper the place is, the less everyone knows about it! "
"Than broad? So how big is this place? There should be a boundary no matter how big it is? " Xiao Fan rub the rub bar way
"boundaries? Hehe, it’s a pity. I’m afraid this is the only place where there is no boundary between heaven and earth. No one knows how big it is. Looking for a person here is suspected to be looking for a needle in a haystack. If you are unlucky, it is estimated that you will find no result in ten million years! "
"I don’t have that long!" Xiao Fan turned his eyes for a month! But ….. If it’s as general as this broken haze demon king said, wouldn’t it be that you can’t find the day to ruin the sage king?
"The last question, are you all wandering around?"
"Of course, there is no purpose and hope in exile here. I am already a dead soul. I can’t die if I want to. This is the most cruel punishment in the world!"
"Well, you go. I already know!" Xiao Fan nods a way
"Wait, you are really looking for someone? Will you leave here after you find it? " Broken haze the prince hurriedly asked
"Yeah, what else?" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows.
"Maybe … I can help you find the guy named Day Wounds Sage …" I couldn’t help saying after the broken haze monarch’s eyes turned several times.
"What’s your idea? Want me to take you with me when I leave? "
"No, no, I didn’t expect this, and even if I go out, what can I do? The peacock king will throw me in again. I don’t want to touch that kind of bad luck! " Broken haze demon king head shaking like a rattle.
"So what do you want?" Xiao Fan curious asked.
"If you go out, I hope you can do me a favor!" The demon king who broke the haze sincerely said, "Seventy million years ago, my husband dominated the underworld, and he had few rivals and enjoyed the scenery for several days, but until the day he died, he had an unfinished wish!"
"Do you want me to help you finish your last wish? Let’s hear it. If it’s against my principles, then respect it! " Xiao Fan nods a way
"No, of course not!" The demon king who broke the haze shook his head. "Before I died, I once got an ancient jade, which contained more powerful power than before, but I never cracked the secret on the day I died. But at the beginning, I estimated that if I could get the power from the ancient jade, it would probably make me pass through the quasi-emperor level stage and directly enter the imperial palace!"
"It’s a pity … hey!"
"Ancient jade?" Xiao Fan frowned. "Do you want me to delve into the secrets of ancient jade?"
"Of course it won’t be a joke. That’s my treasure. How could I give it to you?" "I hope you can go to the underworld and take out my hidden ancient jade and find my descendants to give it to him!"
"Your descendants? Are you sure you have descendants? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows.
"I don’t know seventy million years have passed … ah! But … I still have a glimmer of hope! " Break the haze the prince sighed.
"Well, you just want me to find that piece of ancient jade and hand it over to your descendants. It’s that simple, right? When I leave here and finish everything, I will certainly help you sometimes, but this wish! " Xiao Fan nodded and then raised his finger and made an oath.
After all, what the immortal promises is worthless, and the oath is the most convincing.
"That … broken haze thanked first!" After seeing Xiao Fan swear to break the haze, the demon king thanked him for his bitter fuels, and told Xiao Fan the burial place of ancient jade and the way to find his descendants.
"oh? Actually buried in the sacred territory? " Xiao Fan couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when he learned the location. "You said … you have a wind-whirling birthmark?"
"Yes, it is this kind of birthmark. Only the heirs of our family will have this kind of birthmark!" Break the haze the prince said unexpectedly took off his pants and then turned his back on Xiao Fan.
See his left buttock has a strange birthmark the size of a nail, which seems to be a wind swirling and circling pattern.
"Er … I see. Let’s get your pants up!" Xiao Fan quite some nai shrugged his shoulders "birthmarks are long ass in your family? So … do you want me to go to the underworld and get my pants ripped off? "
"Of course, it’s not where the birthmark is born. It’s not a fixed place in our family. It’s such a difficult place for me to be born!" Break the haze of the prince is also very nai.
"Well, I’ve agreed to your request. Tell me, how can I find the Sage of Heaven?" Xiao Fan nodded and asked …
Chapter 43 Bone Erosion Emperor
"You must first tell the old lady what day the sage died when he was a monk!" Break the haze the prince rub the rub and said
"You should know that there was a robbery in the underground world 100 million years ago, right?" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "He was the last death in the robbery of God!"
"God robbed the war?" The demon king who broke the haze nodded his head. "It turned out to be the hero of the screen industry in that period. I’m familiar with how to listen to this name. Well … I’m impressed by what you said!" The demon king who broke the haze pointed to the distance and said, "The dead should have gone deeper 100 million years ago. Well, at least it takes another 500 Wan Li to get to their activity area!"
"Five hundred Wan Li?" Xiao Fan one leng this is too far?
"There is no way that this virtual exile will continue to expand and expand with the outside world, and our current location belongs to the range of 70 million years ago!"
"Because the number of dead people who have been exiled here in recent thousands of years is getting less and less, you flew here for three days and met the old lady!"
"When you get to 500 Wan Li, you can find the holy king of Heaven?" Xiao Fan doubt way
"Of course it can’t be that simple!" Some Nai said, "It was just the place where the dead were in that period. However, it is still difficult for Fiona Fang to find him by sensing their position through the fluctuation of power!"
"Well … let’s narrow it down first!" Xiao Fan bite bite lips follow break haze jun gallop toward the goal.
After two days of galloping, they finally reached the area that the monarch said.
"The front is the area where the dead gathered 100 million years ago. Although this virtual exile does not stipulate which area the dead must stay in, the vast majority of the dead are still willing to be familiar with a virtual wandering! Like me, I rarely come here from where we met before. It’s the first time! " Break haze the prince said
"Well, I hope that the sage will stay here instead of wandering around!" Xiao Fan nodded and flew forward.
However, as soon as he flew dozens of feet away, his face suddenly changed. "Is this … imprisoned?"
"What? Imprisoned? How is that possible … "Break haze the prince followed one leng.
"No, this imprisoning power … directly affects the flow of my body force … this ability to imprison and make independence … is exerted by the emperor!" Xiao Fan gasped in a gasp and shouted.