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"Wait a minute!"

Du Yunling, tied to the column, hurried out to stop the day
"What’s up?"
Day ask at the same time waved a hand HuoLin sword thrown a firm but gentle Du Yunling loosen.
"He is my enemy who killed my father. Please give him to me and let me kill him myself."
Du Yunling quickly explained to the sky.
Genius said a word and then heard Du Yunling added
"My daughter’s length and size are great. If the public can agree to my daughter’s request, my daughter will be willing to repay the great kindness of the public."
Day HuoLin sword directly killed Du Yunling kill father an enemy then he cold way
"I like to say no to those naturally smelly women best."
Days are ready to let Du Yunling revenge himself.
It is not difficult for heaven to fulfill a girl’s wish, so it is nothing to help so easily.
But Du Yunling actually said that she wanted to be fully committed.
It’s really boring for Du Yunling. How dare he let Du Yunling take revenge himself in this situation?
Chapter 44 Immortality is a blessing
God doesn’t mind helping Du Yunling through a disaster, but if you want to be physically committed, you will be grateful.
He is really not interested in Du Yunling.
Du Yunling was so cold-blooded that her face was rejected by the day, but there was no change. She looked at the day and knelt down in a serious way
"I have sworn that if anyone can avenge my father’s death, I will wait on him."
"Since I avenged my father’s death, I should follow my father-in-law to die."
Du Yunling has a firm tone.
She has made up her mind to follow the sky.
"Come with me if you want to follow me."
Day looked a Du Yunling and then said
Du Yunling wants to be fully committed, but if Du Yunling wants to find a future with him, he can give it to her.
"Thank you, Gong!"
Du Yunling was relieved to see that although she didn’t accept her physical commitment, she agreed to talk to the handmaiden around her.
The sky took Du Yunling away.
The day after tomorrow, I gave Du Yunling a job and took care of her.
At present, China is as calm as water. Respect is like a dragon, a tiger, and a monster. The land of China must abide by the law.
In the original plot, the broken waves should have found an opportunity to attack and kill Indra, seize two dragons from Indra, and then become the final BOSS of the second part of Fengyun.
But now it’s Tiancheng Shenzhou Zun Dragon, and it’s still alive.
A serie of events cause by Long Yuan never happened.
Seven martial arts to kill dragons need to be combined with seven magic weapons and seven powerful gods in Jianghu. Indra will kill dragons with seven martial arts, and the dynamic and static roots can’t be hidden from the sky.
And Indra’s plan is that he would rather not eat Longyuan himself, and it is definitely not cheap.
The dragon haunted the Indra in the day of fright, but even if he was very unwilling, he gave up directly.
Now Indra plans to endure death first.
Anyway, phoenix blood keeps him immortal for a hundred years, and he will be buried the day after tomorrow, and he is still him.
As time goes by, the anxiety in Indra’s heart becomes more and more serious.
Because he found that after so many years, his body seemed to be frozen, and he was still a teenager without aging at all.
The state of the heavenly body made Indra feel very uneasy.
He was really afraid that he would not survive the day.
The dragon is born every 600 years. This year, the date of the dragon’s appearance is the date of the dragon’s appearance, but now the day of the dragon’s surprise has passed.
And a dragon slaughter has to wait 600 years.
Indra decided to test the sky after sensing that something was wrong with him.
Indra’s martial arts day is nothing here, but he is an absolute strong man in the world, and martial arts is equivalent to magic.
Indra suddenly appeared in front of the palace.
"See Zun!"
After Indra appeared, he greeted the sky respectfully.
Heaven let go of the throne, looked calmly at Indra Day and said, "Indra Day has been a long time."
Indra smiled kindly at the sky and explained, "I have gained something since I met Zun. I have been keeping the door closed for these years."
Heaven did not express his belief or disbelief. He looked at Indra calmly. What else would he say if he wanted to see Indra?
Indra explained it for a while and then kowtowed to Tianda.
"Respect for the unification of the sky also captured the ambition of Japan. Compared with the ancestors, the ancestors were still alive."
Indra day stopped here.
"But where life is limited, I have a treasure to dedicate to you."
"What treasure?" Day face the same calm asked
Indra Tiandao