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He got up for a moment, and then all the snow and snow in heaven and earth stood still in vain.

Luo Changfeng watched the elder brother lift his front and kneel before lying on the tombstone.
"Brother, go easy!"
Brother Luo Changfeng said goodbye.
Forget about the stillness in the river. Everything bows as he kowtows.
The entrance examination of Puyuan is in full swing, and finally it’s over.
Those family members from other young schools in Tiansifang camp in the mountains or go back to the inn in the city. It is very busy in the starry sky and night, and it is rare for the courtyard to be quiet for a short time.
Anhoudou went to the mountains.
In fact, Luo Changfeng has never come out since he entered the indifferent Sichuan, which makes Jiang Manlou and others extremely worried.
Corresponding to the day, I asked Jiang Manlou, Li Xingyun, a group of ten comrades, to learn that the original granduncle Huangfuyi was running out of time!
They may have studied in college out of respect for the Taoist sects, and they dare not break into the river of forgetfulness without authorization.
This just told the news to Tianxiang Gelian Hongdou.
So full of worries, the sword in red came to Zizhulin.
I went into the snow on a bamboo raft and never forgot. Chuanan Hongdou walked towards the quiet courtyard. After looking for every room and lighting the candles, I still couldn’t see Luo Changfeng.
Anxious, she released Yuan Shen’s perception of the final courtyard, and then the snow mountain perceived the smell of Luo Changfeng.
Chapter 9 Small bean sprouts in red Pufushenggen
Forget about the snow mountain top behind the courtyard in Sichuan
Luo Changfeng knelt before four tombstones and did not move for several hours.
White hair is like snow, and black robes are all covered with snow.
Ann red beans in a red dress lit the lamp silently and guessed something vaguely behind Luo Changfeng. She cherished Luo Changfeng again.
Before she left gently, she gently brushed the snow on Luo Changfeng’s shoulders and sleeves.
Luo Changfeng sighed and held the hand in red. "Come with me and knock on the head for my brother and teacher."
This body has been Xu An red bean light well, and then the husband and wife knelt down beside Luo Changfeng, and the dark world picked a lonely lamp to meet the snow and worshipped the high hall for the elderly …
"Let’s live here later." Luo Changfeng took Ann red beans into the small courtyard.
"It’s up to you." An Hongdou smiled gently and showed a mature charm.
"Snow Silver City let Yu Wenshu take over. After all, no one is more familiar with the clothes in Dayan Imperial City Mansion in the past than him. I’ll send someone to transport them after the end of enrollment." Luo Changfeng pushed his door and put out the lantern in his hand.
Ann red bean eyes with eyes holding Luo Changfeng hand will sit at the table.
The desk lamp and candle reflected her flushed cheeks and looked very beautiful.
I feel that there is something abnormal in red today. Luo Changfeng asked, "What’s the matter?"
Ann red bean is sipping red lips and smiling. She holds Luo Changfeng’s hand and puts her head down shyly. "I’m pregnant with Luo Jia’s bean sprouts."
The moon sets and the sun rises
Cold dew can be seen everywhere in the mountains in the cool autumn morning.
The entrance examination of Puyuan ushered in the second day, and the city middle school was facing the morning glow and cold dew, and a long line of climbers were mixed with the younger brothers and sisters of the Nangong Ninth Division.
Los Changfeng early out of the forgetfulness of Sichuan walked to the outer court gate six.
Not long after the construction of the hospital, there were only over 100 Tsing Yi instructors and six-character doormen, or those who were escorted away by Jiang Manlou’s 3,000 Dahongpao before the collapse of the hospital returned.