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"Then he can’t live now!" Small captain urgent way by this time he has to talk is not difficult to listen to "even if less death also have to let him finish first! Do you know how important that information is? This may lead to the death of thousands of people in Qian Qian! "

"I can’t come," the clown shook his head. "The accretion not only encroached on the body surface and throat, but also occupied the brain position … Even if I can instantly remove all accretion from his body and stop it from growing, he is already a vegetable. From the perspective of" human ",he is dead, but his body organs are still active for the time being."
"Damn it!" The captain of the spear squad stamped angrily on the ground and looked at his body and twitched, but the whole person gradually lost sight of the human figure. The lucky man turned to look at his knees and was at a loss. Ronnie asked, "Is he really hopeless?"
"If there is, I will," replied the clown.
"OK … OK, so Ronnie, do you have any ideas?" Spear squad leader’s eyes flashed a little and he couldn’t bear to walk quickly to the clown’s side. They both said, "I don’t need you to save her … you … you just have to treat her as an experiment. If you can find a way to restore her or stop dyeing, it’s best if you can’t. Even if you dissect her, we don’t have to find out what’s going on."
The clown tilted his head and looked at him. He didn’t speak. He went to Ronnie’s front and squatted down to look her in the eyes.
To be precise, it is one-eyed-one of Ronnie’s two eyes has rotted and fallen out of her eye socket, and the other eye has become as reluctantly embedded in her eye socket as a turbid glass ball, and I don’t know if it has visual function.
But what scares Ronnie most is that she doesn’t feel anything about what has happened to her body-she tries to reach out and dig the sticky bones and rotten meat, but she doesn’t feel any pain at all … as if it’s not her own body.
She suddenly recalled the time when she had just been admitted to medical college. At that time, human anatomy was a compulsory course for every freshman, but it didn’t take long for the first semester to learn. The whole medical college had a serious failure. The whole college was broken for fifteen days, and the house leaked and even the night rain happened. At that time, the cold storage was sent to the logistics department for routine maintenance …
Most general teachers are immersed in formalin solution, which will not rot easily even if they are not frozen, but some new general teachers have been sent to enable students to dissect them to the closest living state, and the remains will not be treated with preservatives, and they will rot soon after freezing.
When they, a group of students and professors, led them into the cold storage of the teacher, the strong smell of corpses made several girls bend over and vomit on the spot.
Ronnie is a girl with a lot of guts. She not only didn’t throw up, but also took the initiative to help professors and faculty to carry the coffins that put the teacher in a big way … When carrying a coffins, there was a sudden explosion, and the cover was locked so that it didn’t wave to the students and faculty who were moving the coffins.
According to the knowledge, Ronnie knows that it should be a phenomenon called "giant view" (please don’t search for pictures with your hands cheap, which will cause strong discomfort). When all his students avoided it, she gathered together to watch the faculty members hit the coffin cabinet that exploded.
It’s hard to describe what’s in the coffin cabinet, but I don’t know what Ronnie was not afraid of, but she also brought anatomical rubber gloves and reached out and touched them.
That kind of touch is just like touching her face with her hand now … exactly the same.
"Can you hear me?" The clown held out a finger and waved it in front of Ronnie. Ronnie’s eyes didn’t follow the finger to turn to the focus of the angle of view-the whole eyeball had become turbid, and where could you see the focus of the eyes when you couldn’t even tell the pupil from the white?
Just when everyone was completely hopeless, Ronnie suddenly nodded slowly.
"It’s good that the auditory system can work normally … but this may also be the reason why you become like this." The clown whispered, "Can you still hear that whisper now? Are those sounds hovering in your head all the time, as if they were deeply engraved into your brain? "
It took several seconds for Ronnie to order a head again.
"Forget them," said the clown.
This time Ronnie shook her head.
"Can’t you forget it?" The clown seems to be sighing again, and it seems that the people have misheard him … He got up and pulled out his pistol to reach the top of Ronnie’s skull.
"Is it hopeless?" The spear squad leader asked.
"The erosion is too deep, and there is no point in trying," replied the clown.
"What degree of erosion? You mean … infection? " Small captain some don’t understand "that you can find out this kind of disease is such as dye? Even if we can’t save our hearts, we have to count them … Otherwise, we don’t even know how we were infected. "
"I told you that this kind of thing is very close to meme." The clown pointed to his head without a gun. "Cognition is pollution."
It’s very dull to install the silencer pistol gun. Ronnie’s body leans to one side, and the mixture of brain and blood slowly flows out from the eye of the gun above her head. If the light shines on these things at this time, you will find that her brain is actually showing a strange grayish black mixed with a lot of flocculent fibers.
"Captain … shall we continue?" Spear squad a soldier asked.
"Of course we have to continue if we haven’t finished yet," the captain said without hesitation. "And the lucky man also said that there are still people alive in the ark."
Chapter nine hundred and thirty Soap suspicion
Although the morale of the squad was very low, no one objected to the order of the squad leader. After the bodies of the lucky man and Ronnie were simply disposed of, everyone continued to head for the ark.
"Hey … clown" Soap quietly leaned against the clown’s side on the way and asked in a low voice "Are you not infected? Just now, you have the most contact with that lucky person. "
"I told you this symptom is not broadcast by direct contact," said the clown, pulling a scarf to cover his face.
Soap didn’t notice the clown’s move until now. The look in his eyes changed several times in just a few seconds, and then he asked in a lower voice, "Are you infected and afraid of being abandoned or’ treated’?"
"For the last time, the symptoms are not broadcast by direct contact." The clown’s tone became a little cold. "These symptoms are broadcast through a medium similar to meme. What is meme? This is the top secret officially recognized by Ark. Anyone who knows this matter must sign the top-level confidentiality agreement. You can ask the leader of Spear Team. If he is willing to risk the leak to tell you, I have no problem."