25, Jun 2024
Master Xie Yiming called him here in a hurry to let him suppress Xie Yiming’s physical and spiritual violence with thirteen stitches.

Wang Dalang sighed at this point and said that Xie Yiming’s situation is stable now, so let me not worry too much. He will work with Master Xie Yiming to heal Xie Yiming.
Wang Dalang spoke alone during the whole call. I listened to Wang Dalang’s feedback to me. If I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t resist the urge to see Xie Yiming immediately.
"Girl, did you listen to me? Didn’t I tell you? Don’t think about coming here. Even if you come here, you can’t find us." Wang Dalang continued to pronounce.
"Master, I’m listening. Where are you now?" I heard a car honking from the other end.
"I, I, we’re going to change places now. If conditions permit, I’ll call you again. Hang up now, girl." I heard Wang Dalang preparing to tell me when he would stop Jiang Yan and tell me their specific location.
Wang Dalang’s words were interrupted, and then he gave me a few explanations and hung up.
I’ll dial back to my mobile phone, indicating that you dialed the number already, and I’ll call Jiang Yan again, so will the phone.
At the moment, in addition to worrying about Xie Yiming, my resentment against Jiang Yan has soared, and it is too inconsiderate to miss Jiang Yan.
Jiang Yan knew that I was worried about Xie Yiming. He couldn’t get through without a word himself. He also instigated Wang Dalang to lose contact with Xie Yiming again. What was he trying to do?
"Sister Ran, do you really want to grind your teeth and bite your brother and master?" Goo Tsai cocked his little head and looked at me.
Goo Tsai’s words made me laugh at the craftsman at this crazy moment.
I took Goo Tsai’s soft little hand and let him sit on my leg, holding Goo Tsai to chat, and my crazy mood gradually calmed down as I chatted with Goo Tsai.
Losing contact is a foregone conclusion. At least I know that Jiang Yan and Wang Dalang are accompanying Xie Yiming together.
What I need to solve urgently now is to get the rattle back first, and to get a closer look at the hidden feelings of the year through Wang Haowen’s white clouds.
Because of the death of a gossip, I rented a building and began to hear suona and play sad music.
I am allowed to play sad music in the community by shaking my head and raising my forehead.
I took Goo Zi’s hand and opened the balcony window to look. When I saw the building, I didn’t know that a stage had been built, and the suona team was playing.
The security guard in the community turned out to be the onlookers who were talking with people around them in high spirits and didn’t intend to stop the performance.
I cleaned up the window and went to bed. I asked Goo Zi whether to go into Yinzhu or sleep with me.
Goose boy smiled and squinted and said that he would sleep with me, otherwise, when he called his brother back, it was estimated that there would be fewer and fewer opportunities for him to sleep with me.
My face was covered with black lines, and my little goo said this, and the light began to rest.
My ears are full of sorrows and sorrows. I am ready to put myself to sleep after I finish my daily habit training.
That’s when I heard the chatterbox’s house on the fifth floor screaming in panic.
Chapter two hundred Strange resin change
On the fifth floor, the gossip family made me open my eyes instantly, reached for the room light and sat up from the bed.
The gossip is dead. What does this noise mean in her house?
After death, it’s normal. The soul leaves the bone building for seven days, and the panic keeps screaming. Then there can be a situation where the gossip’s body is strange.
The building panicked and cried out because the noise of the suona team in the building blessed the sound and drowned the building and continued to suona and mourn.
I turned over the bed and saw the floor watching the fun. The crowd had dispersed. The table was bound to play and the suona team kept playing. There were also several heads in Dai Xiao.
When I woke up, Goo Tsai followed me. I told Goo Tsai that there was something abnormal in the building and asked him to return to Yin Zhu to rest.
Goose boy’s little face wrinkled and told me to pay attention to Ann. If I can’t carry it, I must unite him with spirit. Although he has not recovered completely, he is also effective.
I nodded and told Goo Tsai to take back Yin Zhu.
In this short time, there was a rush of stairs to listen to the sound, and there should be people rolling all the way down the stairs
I quickly got dressed and took out the specially improved waist of my purse from my backpack.
This purse was specially made by myself after Wang Dalang taught me thirteen stitches of ghost gate.
It’s still a black leather surface, but it’s more delicate than Wang Dalang’s, and it’s not abrupt like an ordinary purse.
Then I pulled out some spells from my back, stuffed them into my pocket and took out a paper-cut paper man. I went to open the door with my backpack on my back.
The door opens, people swing in the corridor, and there is a door. induction lamp exudes a yellowish halo
I opened the door and threw out the paper-cut paper man in my hand. The paper-cut paper man was straight for the building, and I was alert and walked towards the building
It’s not that I like to mind my own business when I go to the building, but that this community is full of people. Once the corpse becomes a gossip, it will not only cause panic, but also kill several people.
I have the ability to help, but I don’t care about the body. I can do it by harming others.
I don’t know what kind of corpse belongs to, and how easy it is to deal with it. For example, I do know that I must stop the corpse from becoming a corpse to harm others.
Paper-cut papermen quickly gave back the message that the corpse of a gossipy woman was indeed a corpse, but it was not an ordinary corpse.
It’s not what ordinary cadavers will be like. I’m surprised by the feedback from paper men.
I took a few steps along the stairs, and the stairs rang, and people’s heavy steps were very stiff and slow.