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They took a rest in the border villages and towns when they rested on the battlefield, and then looked at the people.

Xiao Luchen found himself biased. There are good people and bad people in this world. It was his bad luck that he met bad people in his early years.
But when times are bad, good people will be forced to be "bad people"
He remembers that the old man in the border village sent cooking cakes, and that the little sister at the head of the village sent herself wild flowers. There was warmth in the world, and the people wanted to live and their compatriots fought for it.
There are two kinds of unfortunate people in the world. One is to hope that others are as unfortunate as him, so that he will feel more balanced.
The second is to hope that others will be happy, as if seeing others happy warms his heart.
At first, Lu Chen was the first kind of person. He felt that fate was too unfair.
But then he went through the war and found the purest feelings of everyone.
He thought that if I lost my mom and dad, should I also let those simple people with good intentions and those young children lose their mom and dad?
No way …
Because he looked at the little girl in the border village holding her father’s leg and the family was happy, he felt … it was warm in his heart
Do you want to let that warmth disappear?
Do you want to keep your comrades in arms from dying?
Since then, Xiao Luchen has been practicing martial arts seriously, and the casualties of his team are always the lowest.
However, with the accumulated strength of the meritorious military service, it is always difficult for his team to arrange the most dangerous casualties
Battle after battle, watching his comrades fall beside him again and again.
From crying at first to charging with tears in your mouth, to finally entering the enemy line and sitting in a cold chariot after the smoke dispersed, you said nothing.
Painting pear clothes looked at this long dream and watched her husband’s tears fall from his eyes.
Sixteen-year-old Wu Shen sounds like a dragon proud animation novel, but the reality is never cool. A sixteen-year-old boy is carrying a sea of blood.
In the end, they died. They all died.
You’ve become a living tombstone with the names of the dead engraved on your heart.
That’s why you’re so mature. That’s why you’re so lonely.
Painting pear clothes reminds me that Lu Chenchu met her and remembered that there is another reason to go with each other besides hearing their names and knowing that they are friends in their own games.
Because she saw something like herself in Liu Chen’s eyes
The number of people killed on the battlefield was feared by Wu Shen, but abandoned by the empire. Some people think that he is an undeserving … monster!
They’re all gone. They’re all little monsters. Little monsters and little monsters want to get together, report to the group for warmth and lick each other’s wounds.
But I didn’t know your wound was so painful.
The white light in the sky announced Lu Chen I’s new journey at last.
In the dim light, he looked at the white earth and heard the beautiful voice calling, just like nature awakens the lost lamb.
Liu Chen’s eyes cleared and his waist straightened a few minutes, but he let out a sigh.
At the end of all suffering, it is flowing, and this world is time.
It’s a pleasure to meet you today.
He smiled at the girl with tears all over her face and gently called her name "Painting Pear Clothes"
"hmm ~"
The girl wiped the tears in her eyes and took Lu Chen’s hand.
Lu Chen walked forward holding his lover’s hand in a hazy way. In this white world, he walked through the illusory mountains and the vast sea, and walked slowly and long, just like passing through the dust of the two of them.
Looking back on the past and looking at the present for a lifetime in Mengmeng.
Both bitter holding hands … then not bitter.
The mountain has its peak and the sea has its other shore. It’s a long journey, and the aftertaste is bitter and sweet.
Dream … Wake up.
Chapter six hundred and nine Growth
Sleep in autumn and find a place full of phoenix trees in the middle of the month.