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The old monk said, "Now that you have made up your mind, I can support you."

Chen Xuanzang was stunned when he heard the old monk’s words and asked, "Master, do you really support me?"
"Really Xuanzang, you should know that monks don’t talk nonsense."
The old monk said with a smile
"Is this new possibility really what you want?"
Chen Xuanzang said, "I don’t know, but I’m sure I want to change."
The old monk said, "Why don’t you go and subdue the fish demon? There should be different results this time."
"Work hard!"
The old monk encouraged Chen Xuanzang.
"Master!" Chen Xuanzang has something to say.
"Go, go!"
The old monk saw that Chen Xuanzang’s mother-in-law was impatient and urged.
You are just like that smelly monkey when you turn your back on others.
Chen Xuanzang secretly lamented and left.
Fish demon A fishing village disaster has killed many people.
The villagers hired an exorcist to deal with the fish demon, but it was a lie that they invited an exorcist.
Chen Xuanzang once had an experience of subduing a fish demon. At this time, he was in no hurry and had answers.
After receiving his apprentice, he was asked to start all over again and go back to the past.
However, Chen Xuanzang already has a certain concept of the Buddha’s dharma in his heart, and he can feel that he has undergone unknown changes, but he still doesn’t know what changes it is.
Fishing village Li
Deceiving the Taoist priest, a big fish pretended to be a fish demon, got the villagers’ letters and made a lot of money.
When Chen Xuanzang was a Mahayana Buddhist brother, he saw through this scam and seriously told these villagers that the real fish demon was still in the river.
It’s a bluff to trick the Taoist priest into getting this fish out.
But the villagers are foolish and willing to believe that they want to believe that they not only don’t listen to his advice, but think that he is a fish demon partner and hang him up to burn him.
If it is the average person after such a lesson, it is estimated that he will never care about it.
But Chen Xuanzang is Chen Xuanzang after all, even if he abandons the Tathagata Buddhism and changes to the Heavenly Buddha Buddhism, his quality will not change.
When some villagers were discussing to kill the ancient fish, Chen Xuanzang said, "This one is an ordinary fish, not a real fish demon, but it is returned to the lake."
"What are you talking about?"
Cheat the Taoist priest to look at Chen Xuanzang maliciously.
Where did you come from? You just jumped out and tore him down.
The villagers also condemned Chen Xuanzang, and an aunt came over and angrily asked Chen Xuanzang, "Have you ever died of your husband?"
He has done it again, but the situation he encountered seems to have not changed.
Once, when this aunt came out and didn’t listen to him, she asked him if her husband had died, and then she hit him. As a result, a group of villagers came to encircle him and hanged him.
Chen Xuanzang coldly glanced around the villagers’ way
"I’m waking you up. Believe it or not, whatever. Anyway, it’s not me that the fish demon continues to suffer."
"Bastard is so inhuman."
"What did you say?"
"Hit him!"
The villagers were so angry that they wanted to give Chen Xuanzang a beating.
What the hell? I can’t escape this fight, can I?
When Chen Xuanzang saw it, he felt helpless.
Chapter 21 Buddha’s brother in heaven
"Don’t mess around. I’m the Buddha’s brother, Chen Xuanzang. It’s not easy to bully me after practicing martial arts."
Chen Xuanzang shouted with confidence.
He knows that this village is full of unruly people, and if his attitude is weak, these unruly people will really dare to hug and beat him up.
This is a proven thing.
"Not good humiliate-"
"This is going to try."
Several strong men in the villagers watched Chen Xuanzang clench his fist.
Chen Xuanzang looked around and picked up a stone from the ground.
"I tell you I-"
When Chen Xuanzang spoke, the stone in his hand was directly held into powder.
"I’m not easy to mess with!"
When he said this, Chen Xuanzang looked at the stone powder in astonishment.
At this time, he himself has some reactions.
He just picked up this stone to use it as a weapon for self-defense, but when he spoke, he inadvertently used some force to hold such a stone into powder.
Did he have such great power?