28, Jun 2024
"Restaurant …"

"Dormitory has the ability of physical strength, rapid recovery of life energy, rapid recovery of spirit, self-recovery, slow purification of evil pollution and so on."
"At the same time, the room has self-cleaning ability"
Maid doll meticulously introduced.
However, Iloshi has already jumped into the big bed and gone abroad for a few days. It is really quite tiring. She is still the main force in the battle, and she must constantly shed her life energy and ensure the safety of her sisters.
Come back with their safety.
Iloshi’s spirit has been exhausted for a long time. It’s the eldest sister. She can’t write tired on her face. She hasn’t developed the sorority yet!
At this time, from the moment I just stepped into the dormitory, Elohi felt as if there was a pair of big hands massaging the whole person, and the tingling discomfort in Bishu’s mind was constantly relieved.
When she got to the big bed, lying with her hands and legs in a big font was like soaking in a hot spring.
She soon closed her eyelids and fell asleep.
The light in the room clicked off as she fell asleep
next day
Iloshi felt that she had slept for a long time, and she was refreshed as if she had inexhaustible strength. She jumped up like a fish and slowly remembered that she was in the secret realm of organization.
I had a good sleep in the dormitory.
"How long did I sleep?"
She touched her mobile phone, but before she could brush the screen of the mobile phone, the maid doll called the light, "The second sleep duration is 2 hours and 16 minutes, and the sleep quality is excellent in the deep sleep state."
It’s only been two hours. I woke up naturally in two hours
Iloshi touched his cell phone and called to see the boy. It’s just noon outside, and it’s never too late to go out for lunch.
She didn’t change her clothes before going to bed, so she was ready to go out for a proper meal at this time.
Not far away, the maid doll at the table said, "Senior member Iloshi is waiting for you at training ground No.1."
"Training ground … No.3 … No.2 … No.1 found it!"
The gate slowly opened.
When Iloshi looks in, he will tiptoe in and feel a little nervous, just like facing the class leader when he is studying.
No, she didn’t even feel embarrassed in front of the class leader when she was studying. At that time, she was a bully in class! None of those boys can play.
But at the moment, I feel a little embarrassed to see my tutor.
Maybe it’s because we met for the first time
"There you are."
"It’s me."
Fang you turned around and looked at this nervous girl in front of him and thought it was quite cute-when he occasionally observed it before, Iloshi was fearless.
It seems that this tutor still carries a lot of weight.
"How about staying here at the base?"
"Very good, very good."
"Well, you did well this time and reached the threshold of the third awakening. When you are ready to adjust your state, I will guide you to the third awakening."
When I heard that the performance was good, Iloshi’s nose was slightly tilted.
That’s necessary!
"Triple awakening I’m sure no problem! To the mentor a … A … "
She suddenly became awkward and opened her mouth or said, "Can you not write an awakening experience? I … I didn’t pass the exam when I was studying."
She exposed herself in order not to write her thoughts.
After all, it’s torture to write about your experience!
But no.
This matter is not negotiable.
When I heard this answer, Iloshi hung his head like a fool.
This state is not very good, and it is not conducive to awakening breakthrough. Fang You pondered and said, "Writing awakening experience is an organizational rule. It is also impossible for human beings to change in the future, but …"
She looked up with a little hope in her eyes.
"But how many words are learned, how many words are successful, and how many words are required for success? If you fail, you have to analyze the reasons and write two thousand words less."
"There is a girl in the organization who is a little older than you. She failed in the third awakening once and wrote an article with more than 3,000 words … If you fail in this awakening, you can communicate with her and see if you can sort out similar reasons …"
Iloshi has stopped listening to the rest.
My mind is full of magic sounds like "experience" and "three thousand words"
Madam, madam, it’s terrible!
You must not fail when you wake up!
Looking at Iloshi’s "high morale" and nodding slightly, "This girl looks like she has already ignited her promotion opportunities. How can she get ten or twenty percentage points more?"
"I’m really heartbroken as a mentor after I lost my apostle."
He looked up.
Looking up at the sky at a 45-degree angle … The ceiling of the training ground gave a faint sigh.
At this time, a golden girl with black dress and white hair popped out of her mobile phone. She said, "There is good news! Dr. Yinling has developed a new medicine!"
"It’s the master. How many kinds of potions do you particularly want?"