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Although the young man was reluctant, his father rebuked him and knelt down directly. But this time, he knelt down directly in front of Jianghan instead of Lin Youyou or Ji Shuji.

Uncle Ji looked at each other with a shocked face. If the former couple had any questions to ask Jianghan, then all the questions were answered directly at this moment!
Look at this young man Jianghan, who was ruined by himself not long ago, he smiled and said, "Tut tut, who am I? I was originally arrogant that day and clamored that I was the brother of Star City Wang Fa’s nose ring. Why is this virtue today?"
"I’ve seen fights without a word, and I’ve never seen kneeling directly without a word? Who are you? What do you mean by making your son kneel? Acting? "
Liu Jian’s face turned pale and Liu Qi’s face sank. Isn’t it just acting? How could he have let his son kneel to a young man for no reason, if someone hadn’t knocked that if his son couldn’t forgive this young man, he would have been a deputy provincial cadre!
Barely offering a smile through his teeth, Liu Qi said to Jianghan, "My Liu Qi came to apologize for this unfilial thing about Miss Lin. I hope you can forgive him and give him a chance to turn over a new leaf."
"The beast still doesn’t apologize!"
There is a fire in my heart, and I dare not be right about Jianghan, Ji Shu, Ji aunts, and I can vent to myself. This disappointing son kicked Liu Qi’s body, and even I was ashamed to remember my identity as a proud municipal party committee.
Come on, he’s a Qin sideline. It’s reasonable that this time Qin Yu fought for a complete victory in Qin. He should have made some gains in the battlefield municipal party Committee, but it’s because of this disappointing son that all his previous efforts will be in danger once and for all!
Although I don’t know Jianghan’s specific identity, I can let Yanjing directly talk about naming names, so that he can properly solve the problem that people want to come, and their identity will not be as low as where to go. At this moment, Liu Qi is dumb and has a hard time eating Rhizoma Coptidis, but he can’t say it. Although he also loves his son and hates him, he has to do so!
After all, the latter is more important before the dignity of children and their own face and future!
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, uncle and aunt, I’m sorry, brother Jiang promised not to dare again. Please give me a chance to turn over a new leaf!"
At present, where is this little timid appearance? There is still half a point. The cow force and the nose ring man outside the emergency operating room that day is half arrogant. The whole broken bag is timid, but when it comes to the nose ring, this little nose ring seems to have been taken and left an eye-catching trace!
"Never dare again? I think it’s right. We won’t dare again! "
Jianghan has a sneer. Jianghan is never soft on the wicked. If it is not his own strength, it is very likely that it is not Liu Jian who kneels here today, but Zheng Liang’s family.
"Liu, right? Now that you’re here, I’m sure it’s no big deal that you sincerely forgive your son, but I’ll wake you up if you have something to say! "
Liu Qi eyebrows a pick at Jianghan.
Jianghan’s so-called smile was answered, "If one day I accidentally killed your son and maimed him, I smiled and shook hands with you, saying I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me, and I hope Liu Ji will also mind sayingno."
This is like a bolt from the blue, which not only shocked Uncle Ji and his wife, but also made Liu Jian, who was kneeling on the ground, shudder but dare not jump out a word to refute it!
Volume 4 or YueYuan Chapter 321 larger foe!
It’s small, and it’s a hindsight.
That day, he was cleaned up by Jianghan, and he thought that it was impossible to bring people back to the field in the future, not to mention abolishing Jianghan’s limbs. But then things went far beyond his expectation. Yu Zhengqi was imprisoned, Yu Bozhong was detained, and there was a gossip flow in a second-rate male brother circle like him. Only then did the little boy realize that it was wrong. Later, when his father met him, he slapped him four or five times and pulled him to apologize to each other. At that time, he just couldn’t even hum. At this moment, he didn’t dare to resist the idea. Even his father wiped his ass
Liu Qi is different.
He is a deputy provincial cadre anyway, and the politics of Star City is also a spit. A nail and a look can scare many bureau-level officials. But today, he licked this old face to compensate his dignity and apologized several times. I didn’t expect that this small one was not only ungrateful, but also had to be arrogant.
Clay Bodhisattva still has three points of firearms, and even worse, he Liu Qi!
"Young man, I know you have a back? Jing, but I’m not a disgraced Liu Qi. I come with sincerity. I hope you can be a little sincere. There is a saying that people should leave a line before meeting each other in the future. I admit that this is my family’s unfilial fault, but now that he knows that he is wrong, he sincerely apologizes. I hope you can still forgive others. If you have to make everyone look bad, you may not feel comfortable when you see it. After all, no one wants to see the larger foe! "
"Huh?" Jianghan smiled.
He laughed that the world is not as simple as before.
Some people who think they have status always have to be unreasonable when facing other people’s mistakes. Sometimes, even if this mistake is a misunderstanding, they occupy the moral high ground and lash out at others. They really want to tear a piece of flesh from each other and let them know that they are afraid and painful, and they must be cornered!
But one day, when this kind of thing happens to them, when they have been proud of human feelings and sincere apologies can’t solve the problem, they will feel wronged and feel that the other side is unreasonable, which will lead to jealousy and distortion, but they don’t know that their mentality is a distortion!
Liu Qi doesn’t know if he had a more correct and sincere attitude, but now he has changed his mind!
Jianghan knows that if the positions of the two sides are reversed today, Liu Jian, a nose ring man, is always arrogant and arrogant in the hospital that day. Today, it is absolutely impossible for them to say "sorry" on their knees, so let you taste the same taste!
"larger foe? Liu Ji, you really respect yourself! I’m curious. Do you think you are a fish or a net? " Jianghan smiled and pondered with a new look in his eyes!
"If you really have the ability to be a net, I’m afraid that today you won’t come to kneel and apologize to us, but we will cry and beg for mercy in front of your son?"
"Whenever you have a little real apology, but whenever your son has a little real remorse today, I Jianghan wouldn’t be so aggressive. We are all sincere plowmen who are willing to forgive and change their mistakes. As far as simple performance is concerned, your father and son are acting very carelessly today, but it’s a pity that I haven’t seen even a little bit of your real remorse! Maybe you don’t want to come today at all, but someone forced you to come, otherwise you wouldn’t have followed me as soon as I got to your back foot! "
Liu Qi surly as if he could wring water!
"At the end of the day, I don’t think you need to be so interested in Liu Ji. I am a small person. After all, you are a big shot in a province and I am a complete small person. You will not entertain the public but also practice yourself!"
Jianghan sneered that he wouldn’t do anything to Liu Jian again. The hospital punishment was enough that day. Since their father is a respectable person, we can solve it in a light way!
"What do you mean!"
Liu Qi suddenly had a very bad feeling!
Jianghan smiled. "Little people have little opinions and little people have little means. I have never thought about what to do to your son. You should ask what the law will do to your son!"
A man with a human face and a beast’s heart will make people feel sick and angry when legal weapons suppress good people, and will be full of disappointment to this society, but I have to say that sometimes when the justice posture of the law appears to punish evil and promote good, this kind of pride makes people feel more excited and refreshed!
"If you don’t know unless you don’t know yourself, Liu Qi, you should have died several times secretly over the years, right? And it’s not the first time that this happened before your son, is it? This time, he helped others wipe their bottoms, but when you are a father, you should help him wipe his bottoms, right? "
"What are you talking about! Defaming state officials is to bear legal responsibility! " Liu Qi was livid, and now he finally realized this little problem!
"If I were you, I would never apologize to an urgent humanitarian at this time, but think about how to save my life!"
"Do you really want me to forgive you? It’s over. Liu Ji, you are naive! Liu Ji is well-informed and must be aware that I was put together by Qin Mufeng not long ago. What’s the point of apologizing for one chess game and another chess game? "
Liu Qi’s face turned pale instantly. Jianghan dialect is like a heavy hammer slamming his heart!
"Hu said it was nonsense!"
"Did I say that Hu said that it will soon be clear whether you are going or staying? If your son likes to continue kneeling, let him kneel. We have no time to play with you!"
Said Jianghan pulling stunned JiShu JiAuntie goes to the ward and never looks at that Liu Qi again.
"Jiang … Han, is that true or bluffing what you just said?" Uncle Ji swallowed his saliva. Today, Jianghan’s performance has been greatly detached. The couple are beginning to wonder if others have become aware of that Jianghan.
Jianghan smiled and looked embarrassed. "How can it be true? I just scared him. Who told him to treat Uncle Ji like that before!"
Uncle Ji nodded thoughtfully and agreed with Jianghan dialect.
"I told you that you must have met some noble people when you were young. Your little things are just that one-mouth room. Those neighbors in the village are nothing serious!"
Jianghan has a black line in his head. "It’s so unreasonable to meet his uncle Ji!" Jianghan didn’t want to explain anything. Sometimes it’s good for them that they don’t know something.
When I went back to the ward, Aunt Jishuji was surprised to find that Lin You and Zheng Sisi seemed to have a good talk, and when Lin You saw Aunt Jishuji walk in, she even said, "Mom, I’m hungry and want to eat!"
Aunt Ji’s eyes are red in an instant. You know, it’s the first time that Aunt Ji and Uncle Ji have forced this girl to eat something like today.
Looking at her daughter getting thinner, Aunt Ji’s heart is distressed, but this moment is tears of joy!