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Fan Xian took a deep breath and said, "What if I have to see it? !”

The skeleton ghost king shouted "retreat!"
The demon king of Yin also shouted, "Yin and Yang have to rest and retreat!"
"David Tang ~" Fan Xian hand appeared a white sword handle figure move toward two people flyby, sword suddenly waved a white formidable firm but gentle mighty cut toward two people.
Skeleton Ghost King reached out and patted a huge ghost claw. Boom ~ There was a loud noise. The ghost claw collided with awe-inspiring shock wave and disappeared like butter in the fire.
The evil ghost king flew away, and a trident fork appeared in his hand, poking a fork toward the noble firm but gentle. The trident fork collided with the noble firm but gentle, and a huge explosion sounded, and the evil ghost king staggered back two steps.
Fan Xian hung over the faint white light and said, "You are no match for me!"
Yin evil spirit ghost king skeleton ghost king glances dignified and strong!
Skeleton ghost king said sullenly, "We must never let his hell be presumptuous together."
Yin evil spirit ghost king nodded, two people at the same time toward Fan Xianchong a trident fork and a pike mighty.
Fan Xian’s eyes were greeted by a clot, and the rumble of the war broke out. The fluctuation of three people’s battles soon alerted the gods of the underworld, and they cast their eyes over three Yamaraja ten days and ten prison owners, ten judges and so on ~
Boom ~
Fan Xian slaps the skeleton ghost king with a palm, reflexively slashes the ghost king’s three-tooth fork with a sword ~ A striking shock wave sweeps out and the ghost king suddenly flies out and slams the ghost door.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Fan Xian make hell
"I’m sorry ~" Fan Xian said that once a ghost door floated away and shouted, "Li Yunxiao, come out!"
Hell is stirring, ghosts and gods are suddenly stunned, and all thoughts look in the direction of Yamaraja Temple. This is to find Yamaraja Day.
Yamaraja temple Yan Luowang sitting behind the expression beside the god case quietly glanced at Yan Luowang immediately bowed their heads and went to the things she knew.
Yan Luowang said lightly, "Make the Antarctic God of War and the Arctic God of War each lead 10,000 magic soldiers to face the enemy."
The hag respectfully replied, "Yes!" Suddenly, a black shadow drifted out.
Yellow sand all over the sky, Fan Xian is shrouded in white light, walking like a sage.
Dong ~
Dong ~
Dong ~
The thundering drums sounded and the sky was full of magic weapons. Each of them was in full bloom with a dark golden divine light. The first one was holding a sword. The Antarctic God of War Liuxian held a pike. The Arctic God of War Yuan burned the land all over the western regions. At this time, the two men also had a fifth-order mid-term repair, but Fan Xian broke through to the fifth-order mid-term with the realm. They may not be Fan Xian opponents.
Yuan Burning raised his pike in his hand and roared angrily, "Do you want to sink into the ten levels of hell?"
Fan Xian shouted with a long sword in his hand, "I’m from Li Yunxiao, the enemy of hell."
Yelled, "Li Yunxiao, come out. Today I want my mother to beg for a statement."
The gods in the underworld look weird one by one. Is this still Yan Luowang? Sit on the throne one by one, not to be taunted, invisible, invisible ~
Willow string eyebrows a pick drink a way "unbridled ~ dare to call Yamaraja day name! Array! "
Boom ~ all the magic soldiers are surrounded by Fan Xian in the blink of an eye.
Fan Xian looked around, his heart sank, and he kept suppressing the ancient achievement method to cultivate overbearing vitality, completely releasing himself like a rolling river!
"Kill ~" Fan Xian took the lead in drinking, leaving like a streamer and killing in the magic group.
All the gods suddenly raised their arms, and a divine shield condensed into a whole, like a dark golden wall, surrounded Fan Xian.
Fan xianteng’s sword severely cuts the barrier of divine power ~ white awe-inspiring shock wave hits the dark golden shield, and the wall shield explodes and screams a hundred magic weapons.
Then the magic gathered the fried gap and closed it again immediately.
"Brave ~" Divine Power Barrier The Antarctic God of War and the Arctic God of War took off like two streamers and shot at Fan Xian.
Fan Xian cold hum a immediately to meet two people rushed to the sword to cut out!
Boom ~
A black-and-white afterwave swept out and slammed into the barrier in the distance.
The three figures staggered and boomed, constantly fighting against each other, and the vitality and divine power violently collided.
"Hey!" Fan Xian and the Antarctic God of War crossed with their double swords, and at the same time, they punched out a ripple and swept out.
Liu Xian, the Antarctic God of War, flew upside down and stepped repeatedly in the drumming.
Fan Xian also flew backwards and went away, and there was a flash of light in his body. The whole person became like a beautiful jade. This is Fan Xian’s mysterious understanding of life, skill and talent.
The Arctic Ares Teng shot Fan Xian, and Fan Xian made a fist to meet the Arctic Ares pike. The pike stabbed like a jade fist, making a sound of gold and iron.
I changed hands and shook Fan Xian, grabbed the tip of your gun and shouted, "Give it to me!" Force a pike joint arctic ares was lifted the arctic warrior face big change.
Fan Xian suddenly waved his hand in the distance, and the Arctic God of War flew away in the distance. He slammed the divine power barrier. In a series of screams, the divine power barrier suddenly smashed a gap and the Arctic God of War directly crashed out.