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The divine power is about to reach the bottom. Only when a continuous stream of faith comes from ordinary people can Tang Chuan accumulate some, strengthen itself and feed back to this planet to form a virtuous circle.

You can’t see anything when the speed is shorter than 1000.
On the contrary, the great wizard of RalfLose Theseus was good, and he gained dozens of meager beliefs in a short time.
I think it’s a wizard with different identities. He’s here to broadcast the faith.
It’s good. Tang Chuan suddenly has some optimism about the stick.
But for the time being, we can’t see the trend of the mainland pattern
So Tang Chuan converged his thoughts and withdrew from Qiyuan’s cosmic thinking and returned to reality.
Tang Chuan, whose eyes were absent, gradually recovered his spirits and withdrew from the semi-energy state
Heart is a kind of virtual.
But this time, he paid attention to it, and there was no extra power to let him enter the state that could drag the whole universe.
He soon stopped the false feeling.
And summoned Kuntasha’s projection to try to communicate and divert his attention with a wry smile. "I am still a mortal, but I have created two attributes, Hullen and RalfLose Theseus, which are higher than me. It is really ridiculous."
Kuntasha smiled reluctantly. "They are much better than you in their initial physical condition. Naturally, it is easier to raise their life level at one time. If you like, you can create a continent that will be yellow and yellow in a short time."
It’s unnecessary. Only competition and thinking conflict can stimulate latent piety.
And we have divided your life level into three courses of treatment, not because you can’t sublimate it at one time, but because it is safer and more potential.
After three courses of treatment, we can still plan a few more courses to continuously improve your life level.
You won’t be upset if you say that, because you don’t know how much taller than them. Your one thought is enough to destroy their ethnic group.
At the end of the day, it’s just a game for you. "
Tang Chuan nods. "Of course I know that, but what do I think about your face? What happened? "
Kuntasha pursed her lips and said, "I found that some properties of fantasy weapons seem to have changed and can no longer be manipulated by me."
Chapter 24 Then I believe you once.
Kuntasha’s words made Tang Chuan instantly alert.
He immediately manipulated the fantasy attribute to conjure up a gold-plated machete with his own hands, and then the gold-plated machete changed shape and then turned into a machine gun, which changed into a disc-shaped flying saucer again.
Wave your hand, fantasy attribute dissipates, UFO blows up, a large group of colorful butterflies scatter and disappear.
Tang Chuan said strangely, "I can still control the fantasy attribute, and there is no big problem. What do you do?"
Kuntasha shook her head and explained, "That’s not the case, master. I can still move the moving part, and the problem appears in the teleport device."
I had a strange feeling when the weapon turned into a watch earlier. Just now, when you were immersed in the cosmic sand table, I really found something wrong.
The teleportation device should be influenced by your divine power, and the part of its fantasy attribute has been’ solidified’ and fantasized again. "
Tang Chuan frowned and vaguely understood Kuntasha’s meaning. He directly controlled the teleport device and found that there was no problem when manipulating it.
But when he wanted to break away from this fantasy attribute and change other things, he found that …
as firm/stable as Mount Tai-shan―as firm as a rock
Root method makes the device change his appearance.
Tang Chuan frowned. "What is the reason?"
Kuntasha replied, "I guess your level of divine power is too high. Even the Lord God feels that scraps are still not fantasy weapons that can be easily borne."
Even from a macro perspective, divine power and fantasy weapons are high-dimensional biological products, but your divine power dimension is higher!
The teleportation device is like a filter, which can dilute a very small part of the divine power limit of the Lord God so that you can barely move.
But since it is diluted, it will naturally spill out, and there will be a lot, so the fantasy attribute of the magical device will be’ eroded’
Just like a funnel made of ordinary materials can filter acid, the funnel will be corroded by acid and gradually lose its characteristics after a few times.
I don’t know if you can understand this, but the problem we are facing now is that those fantasy attributes have been completely destroyed in the process of filtering and diluting divine power.