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"Do you remember those people whom Shui met when we went?"

Windson nodded. "These people are ambitious and always want to occupy the big land. It is difficult for the North Korean conspiracy to fail."
Fang Xiaoru shook his head. "If that’s the case, it will definitely attack the border army or the big water army. What will attack the village here?"
"Appear here should be one of those words from the old man has been able to judge that these people are definitely not adults anyway, no matter what, they have to die." Windson’s face shows murder.
"All right, but Lin’s adult must consider Zhou’s safety, especially the princess." Fang Xiaoru said that she was worried about the princess Yan Yan. "Lin’s adult just let go and do it. I will be fine with Ernian here."
Lin Feng nodded. The water was dark and unfamiliar with this water. It was not a simple matter to find those people’s hiding places when I left. "The solution now is to find these people and find out their identity and purpose. There may be a bigger conspiracy."
"Those people said they would come again tomorrow. If each family doesn’t hand over two bags of food, they will kill people!" The sound behind him is that the old man in the village dug a hole and simply buried it. He just heard Lin Feng talking to these people.
Lin Feng laughed. "It’s best to do this, but it saves some trouble!"
Liu Ernian looked cold and said, "You can blame them for their bad luck by delivering the door yourself!"
The old man looked at Liu Ernian strangely and said, "Can this girl fight?"
Aside Lu Jun laughed, "Not only can we fight, but even we big men are no match for her!"
The old man said, "What a beautiful girl who can kill bad people! If only anyone could have such a girl!"
"I am your daughter!" Liu Ernian’s pulling the old man’s arm is some spiritual comfort for the elderly who have lost their loved ones. Kuang Ernian was abandoned since she was a child, and losing her parents’ love has always been a psychological way to tie the knot. At this time, she saw the old mother with white hair in her heart.
The old man’s face finally showed a rare smile. Without his son and daughter-in-law, now he has a daughter. God finally treats himself well
The old man took Liu Ernian’s hand, and his eyes were full of concern that those people were terrible, and the number of people was even more important. If these people could not deliver the food they wanted, they would die. At this time, a lot of villagers gathered in the courtyard, and a fire rose. In the fire, they saw hope that the village would be saved.
Moonlight emerged from the dark clouds and slowly lit up the village, which also lit up everyone’s face. It was destined to be an unusual day for the villagers with joy, worry or fear.
"Ernian, find a place for the princess to rest first. We’ll take care of it here."
Chapter six hundred and six Kill a ghost
People came, not three boats docked on the shore, and Lin Feng and his party moved to other places in a big ship. If there is a big ship, these murderers will not dare to appear again. They are also worried that there will be something wrong with the big ship. Lin Feng ordered the body-guards to guard the village along the way, leaving Lin Feng Royal Guards.
Although the number of Royal Guards is small, they are all elite. Every boat has seven people jumping from the surface, and twenty people are swaying to the village with knives in their hands. They walk like drunkards.
These people are eating delicious food and drinking intoxicating wine, but they forget the bloody scene, and a beautiful family is destroyed by love.
Of course, this kind of thing has become the most common thing for these Japanese swordsmen. There are killings and looting in their world, and those so-called family ties have long forgotten.
Dozens of boats appeared around a desert island, and at this time it was full of people, hundreds of whom kept adding firewood to the fire.
"Eat meat with a swig, drink wine and give those people some color, then rob a village and kill it dishonestly!"
There is a man sitting with a roasted dog leg in his hand, and black dog hair is scattered on the side. It is a pillar to protect life and love dogs. Now it is really a good meal for others.
"Kill all the flower girls and get them back. Kill all the men!" These enemies have been wandering around the big border all the year round, and they are familiar with big languages, but it is a bit blunt to say.
There was a burst of laughter, and the altar in his hand was lifted and poured and slammed. These things were originally things that the people could not bear to touch, and they did not want to get into the hands of the enemy. It was indeed a tool to play with venting.
Clap your hands together, and a Japanese knife-fighter turned into a flower face, twisting his ass like a woman and making all kinds of strange moves from time to time, and suddenly burst into laughter.
"Dunchi Jun is really a genius in Japan!"
"Just having fun with wine and meat, you should get more flower girls to entertain you!"
"Someone has been sent. This time, we must not only get back the food, but also catch all the women in the village!"
"Good food woman"
Those people on the island said that three boats were coming, and those people were careless and walked to the village. They came here a few days ago and took a lot of food, but they still felt that they were not enough. They came again today.
"Your Excellency is here?"
"Tell the brothers outside not to rush to start work and let these people in first."
A man bent over and quickly ran out of Lin Fengshen and hid behind the firewood, watching the killers get closer and closer. At this time, his mouth kept cursing and he didn’t find any changes in the village.
Two dozen people approached the entrance of the village, one reached out and the others stopped. "Why don’t you go?"
"Why didn’t anyone come out?" The man looked at milli interest village with a wrinkly eyebrows.
"Of course, I’m afraid that if I dare not pay food, I’ll burn the house here." The man behind me showed that the house in lost face village is very neat. It is also not an easy task to build such a house. Unless there is some plague or irresistible events, no one will leave and work hard to build a home.
"I’m not worried that it’s far from the big border army. I’m afraid those people have already taken care of themselves. How can they manage such a thing!"
There is some truth in the words of the first swordsman nodding his companions. The only thing that can pose a threat here is the big defenders. The village here is far from the garrison camp, and at this time, the big defenders are also attacked.
"Hand over all the food or burn your house."
A person’s extreme voice shouted toward the village, and at this time, he had already entered the encirclement of forest air. The Royal Guards hid themselves in the dark, gathered firewood and hid their bodies in the wooden house, waiting for these murderers to go in.
Step by step, there is still no movement in the village. At this moment, I don’t know if I am alert or guilty. Those swordsmen have drawn out their waists and bent their blades to lower them, and slowly moved forward. Suddenly, a person jumped out of the village.
Entering the village, the pirates followed the chaos until they saw that it was a person’s face and showed disdain. "Why did you come now?" When windson said these words, those people all said it was the other language. How can one of their own appear in this place?
"Who are you? What we haven’t seen you? "
Windson cold hum a "you waste roots are not qualified to see me not finish the general account. Believe it or not, go back and tell the general to ask all your heads." Windson deliberately cheated these people to find out the real purpose of these people appearing here.
"My Lord, calm down. We have grabbed a lot of food as commanded, and enough troops will grab a lot today. Please rest assured." These enemies are part of Lin Feng’s mind, which means that there will be villages suffering today. This is the only way for Lin Fengfa to get the situation. The only way is to find these people’s foothold and then destroy them by night attack.
Windson nodded, "You know the weight of things. You will know that you must ensure food safety without any mishap."
"My Lord, rest assured that all the food can be supplied to warships as soon as the Tibetan desert island army arrives." Lin Fengnai has vaguely recognized some clues. It should be that the Japanese have to take action on the big side and worry about the shortage of supplies, so that these Japanese pirates will rob villages along the way because this happened beforehand, even if the number of looting suddenly increases, it will not attract much attention.
"Be careful enough."
Step by step, Lin Feng tried to test the first enemy alert. Lin Feng was a person who appeared secretly guessing that Lin Feng’s identity was definitely not a ninja. There would be no ninja in this small place. If it wasn’t for him, how could he appear alone in the village?
"My Lord, are those villagers ready for food?"
"Of course it’s all here."
Windson pointed to his body in front of the enemy did see a lot of bags in the courtyard "take food first".
Before the enemy, he reached out from the gap of the bag for a moment, and the tip of the knife directly pierced into the chest of the enemy, screaming out the back, and the enemy cracked and hid in the bag with vigilance, and the Royal Guards jumped out.
"What person?"
"Kill you people!"
Lin Feng’s face sank. At this time, the enemy reacted. The most incredible thing is that this person knows his own language and seems to know something about this general release.
"Kill them"
The enemy brandished machetes and rushed forward, giving off a series of strange calls. Lin Feng went behind his back and stood in front of the top six Royal Guards. The knife light flashed and rushed to the front. The enemy suddenly suffered. Compared with those trained ninjas, the enemy’s fighting capacity is limited.
A small leader who stood face-to-face and won the battle saw that he was defeated and turned to go. Many people jumped out behind him dumbfounded. Macheteers were not only these people. At this time, the periphery had already been surrounded by angry villagers holding torches and sticks and iron forks.
"Leave me alone, I’m forced."
A man suddenly knelt down and didn’t expect that he was an adult "coward". Almost at the same time, when the machete in the hand of the Japanese leader cut the man’s neck, he "had to go out if he wanted to live."
Once again, the enemy ran with his teeth bared, and the knife light flashed around to occupy the best position. At the same time, the Royal Guards moved forward, almost instantly, and the enemies fell to the ground.
"Good kill"
The torch was bright, and it was clear to the people outside that these animals broke into the village, robbed the food and killed people, and now they finally got what they deserved.
Chapter six hundred and seven Hate power