3, Jul 2024
Vague catkins!

Sure enough, it was met again!
Worthy of being a fairy official!
Wang Mu steadied his mind and squinted at the man in black who didn’t start work for the first time.
The reason is simple. This guy is not alone this time. He has someone around him …
And … Still familiar with people.
Yes, he took Aoqing.
At this time, Aoqing was wearing an ice blue dress and a dragon crown bead curtain. The jade face was cool and she stared at the long-lasting tree in front.
"Oh …" Wang Mu casually said, "I didn’t expect such a coincidence to travel around …"
"What are you doing here?" Black man asked with a smile.
"Isn’t this thinking that you are dying?" Wang Mudao "I just want to see if I have any love. I heard that the long-term love tree here can show the love for a lifetime. Of course, if there is …"
Black man ha ha smiled a few times.
"You don’t want to die?"
"Don’t you talk nonsense?" Wang Mudao "Who wants to die? Of course I want to live a few more days, but what are you doing here? "
"To love the tree … nature is to decide the love" black man said.
Wang Mu glanced at Aoqing.
"This girl?"
"It’s not with another … but it hasn’t been successful yet."
"Also …" Wang Mu nodded. "I think this girl’s eyes are as clear as ice. At first glance, her heart belongs and it’s not you."
"Can you tell?" Black man glanced at Aoqing.
"Guess" Wang Mudao
"But she is my fiancee," the man in black said with a smile. "You said that she has a heart. Can you guess who she belongs to?"
Wang Mudao, "Sages Pasturing in the East"
"She is not a Terran, but a Dragon, so she must have the Princess of Dongling Hailong Palace." Wang Mudao "I recently heard that the Princess of the Three Sages was married to the Oriental Shepherd, so it must be the Oriental Shepherd in people’s hearts."
Hearing this, Aoqing glanced at Wang Mu and quickly withdrew his sight without any change.
"That’s a good guess," the man in black smiled. "Brother is very knowledgeable. Do you want to live longer?"
"That’s natural …"
"I have an idea," said the man in black. "I used to be a brother, so you have to follow me."
"Follow you?" Wang Mu was stunned and then suddenly said, "Are you the sage and oriental shepherd?"
"Ha ha ha ….." The man in black laughed. "Yes or no"
"If you are really a sage, I can continue my life …" Wang Mu said slowly, "I am naturally diligent."
"good!" The man in black clapped his hands. "I’m very interested in your previous method, but I have encountered a problem at present."
"I said casually before …" Wang Mu coughed. "Don’t take it to heart, sage …"
"No, no, no, your idea is very constructive …" The man in black squints.
"I wonder what problems you have encountered, Sage?"
The man in black took Wang Mu away.
"Yincui gorge Aoqing is my fiancee."
"Although she promised to propose to me, she didn’t want me to decide the afterlife."
The man in black has a deep feeling. "Since I am a sentimental person, I have to choose my marriage. If it weren’t for this life, there would be an afterlife …"
"But she volunteered to marry me and didn’t want me to decide the afterlife …"
"Can you talk about her?"
Do you have a special relationship with a woman in the afterlife?
That long-lasting tree spirit is probably not allowed.
Wang Muxin said that this ethereal flocculant root doesn’t want AoQingDing what the afterlife love.
But I want to make it clear that Aoqing, the love of this afterlife, has a cause and effect to deal with myself, right?
I really want to make Aoqing a lifelong host.
You know, misty catkins are heavenly demons.
Even if she does die, once she is reincarnated, she will be reborn, which is a great blow to her.
But if there is such a causal relationship, if her demon is really killed by herself, then perhaps this causal relationship can be directly reincarnated to Aoqing body to win Aoqing blood.