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Emperor Yusis was the last person to step into Cushing City in the days when the guards guarded him. Unexpectedly, he was not harassed.

After listening to Vongozick Fred’s report, Emperor Yusis got up and said that it was hard for two generals. This battle lost a lot. We can’t let several generals lose their blood.
God bless Garland and all together.
I now declare that General Von Gogo will be promoted to the position of Chief of the White Tiger Corps, and Qike Fred will be promoted to the position of Chief of the Shenglong Corps, Diavidian, with immediate effect.
Minister Shane, the three sealed generals said together
Yusis got up and slowly walked to the top of the tower and the general department followed him.
The tower Yusis overlooks the city of Kassin, and many citizens have rushed to the tower square to get a glimpse of the emperor. Yusis threw a cloak and pulled it out to match his waist sword. He held it high at CUHK and said that I am Garland Eustace Anders Clade the Great.
When he spoke, the sword in his hand suddenly shone with great light in the sunlight.
This is Garland’s sacred instrument for protecting the country. Rapier Yusis went on to say that gold Rapier’s sword body is made of gold, which is more conspicuous in the sunlight.
The representative of gold and Rapier is Wang, and he will choose the mainland king. His master Yusis said that now he has finally chosen me.
When the discussion became louder and louder, the gold and Rapier suddenly spread a huge light, and it flew to China and rotated for a while before it slowly returned to Yusis’s hand, and the light never stopped.
Gods bless Garland Hallows, and everyone knelt down and shouted.
God Garland soldiers and citizens also shouted like a tsunami.
Yusis smiled and looked at his subjects, who pushed the Hallows-to-Hallows War to Gao Chao on August 3rd, 969.
Chapter 14 Real Hallows
Two men face to face in the battlefield. One is the King of Garland Empire, who is called the Emperor Eustace Ander Clade, and the other is the general of Ponte Principality, who is called the Dragon Chopper Robert Kwachet.
Gold and Rapier symbolize that the king is the most noble symbol among the 17 sacred objects.
Dragon kopis symbolizes power, which is the most overbearing force among the 17 hallows.
Hallows haven’t attacked each other in four years, but they broke this record on this day.
Kopis, the Golden Stegosaurus, had to beat each other and hold two weapons. Everyone was recognized as one of the most powerful men in the mainland.
The battle lasted for almost noon, and more than 10,000 people were present to witness the peak matchup. Gold and Rapier were shining in the sun, and the momentum of the king was immediate. kopis was domineering. Every move and every style was full of power. Every stroke of the two hallows could burst into dazzling flash.
Perhaps the sacristy can’t be regarded as two people in front of the sacristy root. It seems that two drums are fighting against each other. Generally speaking, this kind of fighting seems to be very skillful from a normal perspective. It is the sacristy that keeps hitting, but it is difficult for two men present to understand.
The soldiers at the scene kept shouting slogans.
Hum, King of God, you can’t control gold physically. Rapier Kwachet said while chopping.
Foolish man, in the name of God, you, Long kopis, can’t fool me. Yusis fought back.
The dialogue between the two people was drowned in the call of hunger among thousands of people, and it was already a sacred confrontation.
Hum, old man, let’s see how long you can last. Your gold and Rapier are just so much, Kwachet continued
The two men looked at each other tacitly. Yusis continued to wave gold. Rapier said, let me pierce your mask of dragon and kopis.
Well, I think we’ll go to hell with each other, too, old man
At noon, the two men stopped their weapons almost at the same time.
Yusis, who is a little older, must be in the wind physically, but he still looks refreshed when he shines on the sacred gold Rapier.
Ponte Hawk is now a great opportunity to be healthy. Let’s not try our best together, said Yusis.
God will not bless you, Kwachet. Fight back.
But Rapier, the sacred gold, chose me. Doesn’t this mean that the gods chose gold for the king? Rapier represents the king. It is a matter that everyone knows.
You held Rapier root in your hand and didn’t do it. He chose Kwachet.
Hahahahaha, so why can’t you, Long kopis, defeat me? Is it you in the name of God? Yusis answered cleverly.
Kwachet stared at his opponent with his eyes wide open, and held dragon kopis tightly in his hands.
The two men stared at each other for a while, and then they both laughed. Kwachet suddenly said that you are the strongest opponent I have ever met. It’s brave to take a break and wait for the afternoon to fight again.
In the end, Yusis looked at the gold in his hand and Rapier answered how Wang Jian could shrink back.
With that, the two sides turned their horses around and returned to their own camps.
A man with a black cloak in Kwachet’s camp is waiting for Kwachet in the tent.
I said you didn’t you say that Dragon kopis is enough to destroy opponents now? Kwachet asked about the black cloak.
You know, your opponent is gold, Rapier, black cloak, answer
If we can’t defeat him, the appeal of Dragon kopis will be weakened a lot, Kwachet continued