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However, it seems that Huang Jinlong did not intend to attack Norman like the other two parties

After it flew from the clouds, it directly turned a corner and flew in the direction of Chen Qinghe’s violent field. On the other hand, Feilong Yin didn’t stop, which made Norman feel more dense.
And the last of the three parties in the battlefield was already full of despair. Ji Ruoxi looked shocked when he heard the clouds coming to the dragons. When he saw the Huang Jinlong flying in the clouds, he was desperate and his eyes were filled with hope.
"Uncle Huang!"
Then she thought of something and tried to shout, "Stop Chen Shu! He blew himself up! "
The Huang Jinlong didn’t respond. She kept singing on the way from a distance, and suddenly she became loud and then she went to the dense place.
And just after its sonorous Ji Ruoxi suddenly felt a slight movement in grasping her body claws!
Chen Qinghe is finally awake!
She was right before. Only the most primitive way of dragons can awaken Chen Qinghe!
Huang Jinlong, who was called "Huang Shu" by Ji Rexi, has flown to the outside of the violent field at the moment and just slowly fluttered in the middle with his wings.
The two dragons are still heard. For his creatures, he may not hear the difference, but for Ji Ruoxi, he can hear all the meanings.
As these two endless dragon songs and violent fields stopped expanding for the first time, they gradually contracted instead of expanding!
This is also the reason why Ji Ruoxi has long heard from the two dragons and dragons that although the three fields in the information war field have fierce confrontation and devastating results at any time, from another perspective, the three are in a strange state of balance.
In this case, if Chen Qinghe’s violent field is suddenly annihilated, this balance will be suddenly broken. In that case, no one can predict the result, and it is likely to directly make the devastating result come slowly.
In this respect, that Huang Shu can’t help at all-the scene is chaotic enough. If he joins in again, it will be even more chaotic, and the situation will be even worse, so he will simply be a bystander, and at most he will guide them from the side and let them adjust themselves.
With the contraction of Chen Qinghe’s violent field, Norman’s pressure from the side was greatly reduced.
Now the field of illumination is the extension of his body, and he can clearly feel the meaning presented in Chen Qinghe’s field.
He relented and surrendered.
In the face of the former defeated surrender, Norman did not relentlessly pursue him, but generously accepted his surrender and let him go, and turned most of his strength into the battlefield.
Norman’s mood became more and more heroic.
On the one hand, it was because his mantra was finally read, and the result was that his emotions were led by the mantra. On the other hand, it was because Chen Qinghe surrendered before, which further encouraged his self-confidence
And with the export of his last mantra, the spell was finally completed.
Chen Qinghe’s continuous active contraction in the violent field has almost approached the last point of his life, while the unprecedented expansion in Norman lighting field has completely surpassed the ice and snow field in the battlefield
In the field of lighting, Norman has completely lost sight of everyone and saw a huge sun.
Chen Qinghe’s evacuation has tended to be chaotic, but now it has stabilized, and the lighting field is no longer distorted but rounded.
At this moment, the huge round sun rises slowly towards the square.
Back to the chaotic and orderly state, the ice and snow field is full of power, and the surrounding energy can be said to have gathered to turn violent ice and snow thunder into the light field, but all their efforts are in vain before the slowly rising sun.
It’s so dense that it almost fills the whole piece of extremely cold ice and snow that it is easily vaporized and vaporized in front of the sun. The strong wind can’t blow the sun. Even those wild Lei Guang snakes are melted by transpiration like ice and snow!
This comes from the magical level, and the power has transcended the physical category.
This kind of power contrast battlefield, this ice and snow field, can’t stop the sun from melting and disintegrating constantly. Norman’s sun soon disintegrated completely, and this ice and snow field, which was still locked in fierce fighting, rose to the clouds.
It also rose directly and slowly into the clouds.
Then it finally stopped moving and just hung in the sky.
The thick dark clouds around were swept aside by its power, giving way to a large area, and the sun was transformed by Norman, so it hung in Douala.
It’s like a real sun that shines all over Douala after it stops.
Ice and snow melting
The original has been transformed into a snow country by the forbidden spell. Douala is covered by the "sun" irradiation, and the white snow is melting at a rapid speed, and soon something is revealed.
Mountains, fields, streets and buildings are exposed again from the snow cover.
The street was surrounded by several people in the fields in the house, or curled up, or ran or collapsed to the ground, all of which remained stiff. It was a forbidden spell that attacked them, and they were frozen without making a dodge response.
Generally speaking, these people are dead.
Douala is already a dead city.
But the magic is that the "sun" shines on these already lifeless people’s eyes!