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Everyone looked at the past and then found a huge energy burst out from that direction, and not only that, but also a huge amount of aura surged out.

It’s like an aura explosion
The glances also didn’t go to pester Lin Diablo iii’s cause of death.
"Good things appear over there" Wan Tao said.
Although they have never seen this kind of situation, they are familiar with it, especially Wan Tao, who is working with Gong Zheng, and has heard him say similar things. The so-called aura eruption may be the birth of a treasure
Wan Tao, they are a group of people, and many military commanders have come to this ancient site to fight.
Even later, that group of people found this sign.
After all, it’s too conspicuous
"zhangming, let’s join in the fun." To zhangming’s mouth, it is natural that Cui Kang, the so-called god’s capital, is also a contradiction with Yang Guang.
But the two of them didn’t mean Yang Guang and had no idea.
Because one of them is a junior martial art and the other is an intermediate martial art.
Maybe the outside world may be a big shot with a high position, but Jack nife lives in the world, and they are the younger brothers.
There are a lot of martial arts, but most of them are intermediate or advanced martial arts. Those aristocratic brothers are more junior high school students.
Fame fosters a new generation.
Of course, there are more places.
Compared with the general martial arts association, it is a configuration of one military commander and one military battle.
Naturally, their elders have already dispersed.
Generally speaking, it’s no problem to bring young players, but now who wants to bring some burdens? In particular, the vast majority of military commanders are like this. Let the martial arts level not walk around and stay in peripheral places.
But there will always be some restlessness
Like the two of them.
Especially looking at the soaring aura, nine times out of ten, is the birth of a treasure.
Maybe when the opportunity comes, I can’t stop it!
It’s not hopeless once you leave the Universiade, is it?
"Kang Ge is bad? It’s too dangerous in there, and my uncle also asked me to stay nearby and not to walk around in case something goes wrong. "zhangming hesitated a little. His character was soft."
If I had been stronger, my family brother would have taken Zhao Lingling.
He doesn’t like forcing others, but likes to follow nature.
"What do you know? You are a junior martial art and I am an intermediate?" Cui Kang naturally doesn’t want to be alone, so he has to find ways to get zhangming to follow him and take care of him.
See zhangming shook his head after Cui Kangcai said, "that’s because you are timid, that is, the generation that fought in the war is Baoshan now. Are you still afraid of this? Are you afraid of that? As the saying goes, if you look down on life and death, you will do it. "
"Don’t you feel excited if you try to change your bicycle into a motorcycle or directly become a super-run? After becoming a military commander, you might be able to control your family! Don’t you want to be the master? " Cui Kang bewitched zhangming
But he tasted it himself, didn’t he?
If you want to be a military commander, you have a great chance of becoming a new master.
If you can’t finish it, you can stand on your own feet!
"Then go and have a look?" Zhangming tentatively asked 1 hand is still insufficient.
But at least it’s a little conation.
Once a military commander is achieved, it will be another realm.
In front of the vital interests of life and death, I temporarily put it aside.
"Let’s go and pick up the treasure." Cui Kang was a little happy.
I finally fooled zhangming.
In case there is any danger, he can fool zhangming into doing it, so that his life hopes are even greater.
Two people excitedly toward the incident.
However, he bumped into a broken array and was strangled by array power in an instant, leaving no slag.
Disappear completely
In this way, the two "future limits" died.
So-called military commanders’ dreams are broken.
In the end, he died without even meeting the so-called chance.
What, they’ll die? May be due to a little contradiction with Yang Guang? After all, Yang Guang is the protagonist!
There are not a few military battles like zhangming’s. Of course, some people are still safe and repeatedly searching for things in the Jack nife complex.
In the hidden dragon list genius like Qumo and Liu Yan, it is not a burden to be with many military commanders.
The changing outside world naturally attracted Yang Guang’s attention.
But I soon focused again.
And his refiner has reached the last step.
In addition, Yang Guang has a hunch that this time, the quality of every soldier should be extremely high, and maybe he can refine out every soldier.
Why can’t you be sure?
That’s because he doesn’t have great confidence to have this idea.
Of course, the last key is also very important.
Yu Yang guang’s slave of refining weapons and knives next door also feels like finishing at this moment.
It’s a problem that he has other things, but he hasn’t refined for a long time and has no flesh, but even with the refining device, refining is still quite smooth
"It’s so annoying, something is wrong." He was a little upset, but he couldn’t tell what it was, but he didn’t notice that his chest and abdomen were atomized and his body gradually faded and then faded
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Extremely every soldier
Yang guang is a refined weapon, so there will be no bifurcation.
What’s more, it’s not new for him to have a primary refining skill, and soon he will know that his refining weapon is about to take shape, so he can’t panic.