6, Jul 2024
At present, the entrance and exit can rely on flying wonders, while the alchemy tower is more like the combination of an arrow tower and a watchtower. It can not only put heavy weapons, but also expand with the magic wall, which is about 100 meters. Unfortunately, the whiteboard needs to install all kinds of heavy weapons by itself.

Of course, it is also possible to upgrade, which is expensive.
The sublimation of talent is naturally made by Qin Mu Ye himself, which is a qualitative change for him.
However, he did not make it immediately, but chose the self-selected Lord talent first.
【 Good weather and favorable weather, food output in the territory+1% 】
[All production in the fertile territory+5%]
Talent is good, but it’s all about territory, not occupation or attribute
However, I kept pulling the list and soon found a very strange talent.
[Hell Lord, you dominate an ectopic face, hell power rank+1 territory, hell power adaptability+1]
[Note that the heterotopic surface is not magic continent 9527, and you need to consume vouchers. Please choose this talent carefully]
He knew that the main remains of hell were scattered by the apocalypse, and he naturally brought them back, but he remembered a lot of knowledge about hell.
At most, it’s used as material. I didn’t expect this.
Qin Mu Ye was silent and did not choose immediately, but took out the death page and copied everything in it.
In the process, he also conveniently played the optional high-grade treasures.
Because there are five self-help centers, he chose life-saving treasures this time, namely vitality ring, life ring and vitality blood bottle.
There are two optional limits left for the black hand to find high-level treasures for the development of the territory
The combination of these three advanced treasures is the sacred blood bottle of the artifact.
[Holy Blood Bottle]
【 Level artifact 】
【 Life limit of all heroes and arms (equal territory × 1%) 】
【 Life limit of all heroes and arms (territory equal order ×1) points 】
【 The regeneration limit of all heroes and arms (territory equal order ×1) points 】
【 Life limit of all heroes and arms+1 】
This sacred blood bottle has four attributes, but it is really outrageous. Percentage, fixed value and regeneration. For example, Qin Mu Ye’s health value is not 1% now, but how much 4% has risen in the specific amount. Then he is not clear. After all, the health values of heroes and lords are percentages. Reality is not like > > arms are values.
But also can increase the life limit every day. All heroes and arms in the material warehouse can be enjoyed by Qin Mu Ye.
However, it also has certain limitations, that is, if Qin Mu Ye goes to the deputy, unless the sacred blood bottle is taken away, it will be enjoyed by the law, just like the Apocalypse evangelist, and the monsters here will naturally enjoy the increase with Qin Mu Ye.
But if the overtime delivery channel connects the two worlds, you can continue to enjoy it.
With the sacred blood bottle, our own arms and heroic vitality have naturally risen greatly, but if the artifact doesn’t go against the sky, isn’t it white and blind?
If it weren’t for the insufficient quantity, he would want to change the artifact of the Dragon King’s Divine Power. He can be sure that the real dragon day definitely has the Dragon King’s Divine Power and died. Maybe it was the cloak of the Ghost King and cursed armor.
Artifacts don’t have to be convertible or combined by themselves
If there are not enough artifacts to support these lords, it is unlikely that they will have such strong means. Even if they don’t know the combination formula, what if they have other information channels?
Therefore, Qin Mu Ye never felt that he could win the top ranking because he had many artifacts. What can the Lord do by himself and what others can’t do? But Qin Mu Ye came from behind.
Soon he copied the knowledge of death, and then decisively chose the talent of Hell Master, and also gained expert hell understanding and expert hell mastery.
[Expert Hell Understanding Hell Magic Power+4 Consumption-4]
[Expert Hell Proficient in Hell Magic Effect+2%]
Just like the scarlet ancestor, it seems to be an identity type talent pool, which only gains two special skills.