7, Jul 2024
Without looking at the bully, Zhang Lan went straight ahead.

This appearance made a roar in the guard earphone "Stop him and never let him enter the conference room!"
This sentence was naturally heard by Zhang Lan, and his brain was extremely shocked. It doesn’t take him long to learn a language, just look at people.
Seeing the two guards stop themselves before they are afraid of their hands and feet, Zhang Lan’s footsteps have not stopped, and he goes to the former.
Even the pace frequency has not changed.
Seeing that they were about to bump into each other, the two guards shrank back like frightened rabbits.
At the moment before, they felt a breath that made them tremble, and their bodies moved involuntarily.
That’s Zhang Lan’s murderous look!
The two doormen just stood by Zhang Lan at the door and pushed through the door directly.
The conference hall is very large, and it is a conference hall dedicated to talking with state leaders.
On the left hand side, there is a serious sitting Frey, and opposite to the phantom, there are Japanese prime ministers and other Japanese officials.
On Zhang Lan’s right hand side are journalists from all over the world, including Chen Shaoguo, a reporter from the Central Committee in Japan.
None of the reporters who can come to this great hall is a vegetarian.
Immediately they just react. This is the patron saint of the Dawn Empire-Aigami personally!
At that time, all the cameras turned and collided with a blue flash.
The slightly dazzling light makes Zhang Lan’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
It was such a small move that few people noticed, but it made the reporters swallow a mouthful of saliva. I don’t know how to press the shutter in my hand.
However, Chen Shaoguo was very witty and thought that it was a flash problem. When the left-hand mode was changed, the flash mode was removed and the shutter continued to "snap" quickly.
When the geniuses around me saw this, they quickly followed suit, but Chen Shaoguo, the first person to eat crabs, photographed Zhang Lan’s extraordinary momentum of frowning a little and not being angry.
Chen Shaoguo’s LCD screen looked at the majestic photo and was attracted by it. It turned out that he had temporarily forgotten his job.
"Hey, China friend" woke Chen Shaoguo. "I’ll give you 100 thousand yen for this photo."
Chen Shaoguo looked that he knew this man, a thin yellow-skinned man about 16 meters, who was the chief paparazzi reporter of Tokyo Daily.
"Paparazzi" who specialize in tracking executives from various countries have heard that there is a great background behind it.
Tracking national executives is still like a duck to water. Who believes that there is no hard background?
However, Chen Shaoguo is neither a bird nor a bird. He quickly put this photo in the cloud and then deleted it directly from his camera.
I didn’t look at the reporter that day from the beginning.
On that day, the reporter was also short of breath and holding his face. He was about to drink something angrily, and all the reporters around him suddenly pressed the shutter quickly.
There is no doubt that he missed something again!
Hurriedly cast your eyes toward Zhang Lan, just as you saw the bow and stretched out your hand to shake hands with Zhang Lan. The Japanese emperor was left behind by Zhang Lan and walked straight in the direction of Frey.
After ignoring the Japanese emperor, I was very embarrassed. I didn’t go straight up, nor did I go.
Emperor’s Day is symbolic, and most of his duties are courtesy, such as visiting on behalf of the country and signing legal documents.
The Japanese Prime Minister is the supreme ruler.
This time, he also welcomed the "Dawn Empire" on behalf of Japan-of course, did he come to negotiate specifically as a courtesy or was the Japanese Prime Minister in charge?
However, no matter whether the representative of the Japanese emperor is the face of the Japanese, Zhang Lan does not give face and directly ignores the impact.
The implication in it is even more impressive for Japanese Prime Minister.
This is furious!
And Zhang Lanru went straight to the Japanese Prime Minister step by step, making the Japanese Prime Minister involuntarily get up and bend over to shake hands with Zhang Lanru.
The Japanese Prime Minister is 172 meters tall. At this time, he is bent and blue, which is particularly small before the height of 19 meters.
Zhang Lan didn’t mean to raise her hand, so she looked down on the Japanese Prime Minister with a domineering attitude.
In this way, Japanese Prime Minister Zhang Lan took a mouthful of pure Japanese for the first time. "Do you want to talk about terms?"
"Lan Ge, you have stressed that this is not a technical exchange!" The Japanese Prime Minister was embarrassed and stood up with a little anger in his eyes. Instead of directly answering Zhang Lan, he fought and cracked down.
Tai Chi is a very profound skill. The higher the bottom of the ass is, the deeper the technical realm is.
In the face of the Japanese Prime Minister’s soft resistance, Zhang Lan didn’t even think about it.
Chakra’ s release directly cut off the table next to the Japanese Prime Minister’ s breath. "I don’ t want to say it again and answer me now!"
Japanese Prime Minister involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva; A thin layer of sweat came out from his forehead, and he opened his mouth and continued to play Tai Chi. "Blue Pavilion, we are all friendly countries. How can this be?"