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I hung up and froze. Instead, I sent Seventh Master’s mobile phone number to Bu Jianyou in anger. Then I got through to her and said, "Sister Bu didn’t disturb your Shen Yu’s bomb disposal, did she?"
"Fuck off, how can there be so many bombs to dismantle every day?" Bu Jian asked angrily. "Did you send a text message when my cell phone rang just now?"
"I swear to Bujie that this is the last time to bother you. Please help me find out the specific location of the last call at that number." I was afraid that she would be upset and urged "Urgent! The hard work these days is the key! "
"Ten minutes at most."
Bu Jian nai smiled and she hung up on her own initiative.
I tentatively knocked on Su Xipo’s head. He was so unconscious that he didn’t respond at all. He just found a pot of cold water to pour on him. This guy woke up with a tingle, but his consciousness was a little vague, so I poked him again at the wound where he was shot …
"ah!" Like a pig, he screamed from Su Xipo’s mouth. "Grandpa, what do you want to ask … I said that I would ask you not to move my leg again?"
"You and trading places, the seventh master, will forgive you if you confess your specific position." I Gherardini.
Su Xipo was out of breath, saying, "Ghosts in the north of the city … ghost buildings" is a spent force, and he has extra strength to tilt his head and fall into a coma.
"Ghost building exactly where! Will you make it clear that you will faint again? "
I was so angry that when I was about to wake him up for the third time, Ning Shuying took my arm from the side and said lightly, "I know there is not much time to delay in this ghost house. Let’s go there early."
I greeted Lao Jiang and decided to go to the north of the city to catch up with the place where Seventh Master lived. Obviously, trading places is not the same address. I asked Bu Jian to find out the other party’s mailing address in order to wipe out the human trafficking gang. Soon, before we drove into the south of the city, Bu Jian’s words came. The noise was a little loud. I motioned Lao Jiang to stop first and press the on button.
There is fatigue in the words of Bu Jian. "Ling Yu’s nine minutes and fifty-five seconds didn’t last more than ten minutes. Oh, I let three technicians fuck you at the same time, but you owe me a lot of money." She paused and then said, "I’ll send the address of the number I checked to your mobile phone later. Please pay attention to it! Okay, forget it. I’m busy. "
"thank you"
I clicked on the text message and revealed the address of the Seventh Master in just over twenty words. "Address: No.44 Xinhe Road, north of the city, where most of the houses in the demolition area have been moved away", which subverts the ills of women’s chest and brain. Her work effect is really awesome!
Die three people went to trading places, a famous ghost building, and I was linked to the lair of Seventh Master. Wang Yuanhe, a branch in the north of the city, told him to get to No.44 Xinhe Road first, and wait for the ambush. When the ghost building saw the appearance of Seventh Master, he would immediately inform Wang Yuanhe to start work. Wang Yuanhe received my text message and he was delighted to reply with a "guarantee to complete". I’m afraid no one can refuse to add more merit.
After 50 minutes, Lao Jiang arrived in the north of the city with a military cross-country. He slowed down and looked puzzled at Ning Shuying. "How can I get to the ghost building?"
"You go east for three traffic lights first" Ning Shuying closed his eyes, he recalled. "Then there is a 24-hour convenience store called Huahua or Huahua, and 500 meters north, you will pass by a vegetable market and park your car near the ghost house."
"Ghost building exactly is what place? I’m also a native of Tiannan and I haven’t heard of it. "I’m curious.
Ning Shuying’s mouth reminded him to casually say, "Usually there are some shady transactions, and there is demand, and naturally there is a ghost house in the market. It is only open at night, stolen, robbed, or * organ things often gather here. It is darker than the black market. At best, it is called the ghost house, which fully guarantees the security of the transaction. Once the transaction is successful, the ghost house will be extracted into one-third of the trading volume. Otherwise, the boss behind the scenes will be able to operate this unnoticed illegal trading place safely?"
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Malnutrition method, dismiss the method.
"The fortune teller didn’t die." Dragon Sister Qi slowly spat out her tongue and pulled me to walk in the direction of Tie Sanyong’s home. Her words were not surprising. She kept saying, "He and Uncle Jiang both fell in love with the dark method of Muxia’s sister. I don’t know what’s missing. Maybe I’ll take you to ask Uncle Sanyong for help. Uncle Jiang and the fortune teller didn’t come back until this afternoon, but you ruined the ancient well for thousands of years. I just don’t know if Uncle Sanyong will help."
Dark method … My heart jumped with suspicion, "Sister Qi, we escaped from the Miao Village in Longtang and never went to the Miao Village or the town. We have been hiding by the roadside in Shuangjing Town. I always feel that the person who harmed us by dark method is your uncle Sanyong."
"You said you woke up in the evening." Long Mei Qi could shake her head. She denied, "It can’t be that after Uncle Sanyong’s thousand-year-old ancient well was damaged, after all, you were brought by me to be afraid that the stockman would be angry at our office. I stayed with him all afternoon. He never left."
"Oh, well, I’m paranoid."
I racked my brains and thought about it and analyzed, "I’m afraid there’s really a grass ghost woman hidden in your Miao village. Today it’s her hand and it’s her!"
"I don’t know if the grass ghost woman really hasn’t appeared in our village for nearly 60 years," Long Mei said with a scratching his head.
While we were talking, we arrived at the iron shop, tinkling and striking the iron in an endless stream. Don’t look at the small number of Miao villages. Sanyong was quite busy, as if she had endless strength to wield a big hammer as usual. Long Mei smashed the door panel seven times. "Bang, bang, bang!" She is not impolite, but her voice is too low for Sanyong to hear.
Strike while the iron is hot to stop the three brave sliding doors. Curiously, I looked at Long Mei’s seven wrapped and protected me. "Sister Seven? You brought a weirdo here so late? "
"Uncle Sanyong" Long Mei Qi pointed to me and said, "Have you seen Ling Yu’s brother during the day?"
"Oh … don’t you dare to come?" Sanyong said otherwise.
Take off the head cover. Because he is a dark method teacher and wants something from the other side, I saluted Sanyong. "I take the liberty to disturb the old man and the big guy who came with me during the day. I was unconsciously given a dark method. I want you to help me and do whatever you want."
Sanyong didn’t even intend to let us in. He flatly refused, "Leave quickly. I still want to continue to go to this iron shop."
"You won’t sell? Two people in the afternoon method of excellent lift "I asked some angry.
"Since it’s afternoon, the famous dark method teacher follows you." Sanyong couldn’t help Long Mei’s seven coquetry. His eyes softened. "If I deal with each other, it’s just bound to bring disaster to Longtang Miao Village. How much money is this? You have to know that not all dark method teachers can solve it, just like a doctor can’t cure all diseases. Now you should think clearly about what the other party keeps you."
He has his worries, I have my fetters, and my heart suddenly drops by half. I’m not going to pester him to say goodbye again.
"Don’t go yet." Sanyong stopped us. He whispered, "You tell me about the method of those two people. If I know how to lift the law, I may be able to teach you such hatred. It’s not the head of Longtang Miao Village."
Sinking into the bottom of the valley, my heart rises again. I hope I can carefully form a way: "One person is asleep by the method, but he is blinded by the glare, and one person is dead by the method like a corpse."
"The method of bamboo, the method of malnutrition" Sanyong pondered for a moment and looked at me in the clouds and fog. He said, "The method of bamboo belongs to the fixed method and the twelve dark methods. It is a dark method that the dark method teacher soaked the bamboo in the method medicine for at least 6636 days. The method of applying the method is simple. Someone will jump into the method of bamboo.
I nodded at once and asked, "What’s a bad method?"
"The method of malnutrition is called" releasing malnutrition "and" releasing bees "in the local dialect." Sanyong looked dignified and he kept it a secret. "You must have heard that the method of malnutrition is a living method, but you can barely return to the ranks of the method. We dark method teachers must learn the method to refine the method of malnutrition. Once a day, the dark method teachers grab large centipedes and small ones on the Dragon Boat Festival.
I tentatively said, "Every dark sorcerer can control the secret sorcery. Is it so simple to remove it?"
Although the required materials are the same, every secret method teacher is unique. The key point is that the last drop of blood is like a lock key, and the secret method teacher and the person are in close contact with each other. Sanyong sighed slightly. He regretted, "I can teach you how to remove the smear method. If you fall asleep, you will be able to return to normal tonight, but if you get caught in the secret method, you must keep your body safe, don’t let it rot, and don’t be spoiled."
"To tell you the truth, the person who has been given the method of malnutrition is the old man whose eyes are raw and the buds are broken. You said during the day that you would treat him tonight. His bones are still fixed." I tightened my eyebrows and said, "Master Sanyong, if you don’t want to come out of the mountain, please teach me how to contact the method of contempt quickly. It’s important to save people and pull back one."
Sanyong retreated a few steps without thinking. His door was broken through the crack of the door. "Find a pear with a nail and 30 pieces of rock sugar. Boil it into pear soup. Cut fresh bamboo slices into chopsticks-thick strips and put them into rock sugar pear water to boil for an hour. Then open the lid and steam for an hour until rock candy pear water dries. Put you into bamboo strips, dry them, bundle them into kneepads, and wrap them around your knees. You can force them out. Otherwise, the bamboo strips will be burned immediately."
"I see, thank you for your advice." I’m satisfied and Long Mei and Qi left the iron shop.