9, Jul 2024
Not only the exchange students from the Bureau of Investigation are coming, but also hundreds of pure new students.

The vast majority of these budding new people come from all over Donghuang, and more than 20 people are awakened and screened out by small illusions. Many of them are not cunning hunters, but gifted and lucky … or the great crisis suddenly awakens.
Root didn’t enter the circle of cunning hunters and didn’t know much about the real world. Most of them hid their awakening identity until they were found out by Xiao Huan and invited.
It also involves that fog infiltration is the prelude to the arrival of fog tide.
Not yet
In addition to Meng Xin from all over Donghuang, there are a few newcomers from abroad who are excellent talents after screening, and many of them are professionals from all walks of life.
The talent pool is constantly rising.
There are many old students outside the base, and Sun Hao, who is officially busy welcoming the new students, is No.1 Middle School.
"The FBI motorcade is here."
Someone shouted
There is a faint white mist in the distance, and buses are coming in turn along the mountain road.
Sun Hao looked around
Many people are like him.
"I didn’t expect the FBI to come to our base to train and study. Our base is too awesome!"
"The fire will always drip, and the instructor will always drip!"
Many people hold their heads high and are more proud than pride.
At the head is a young man with a standard posture who can’t find a wrinkle. He turned back and glanced coldly. "Silence! Remember that the representatives of your bank are all our image of paying fire to show our spirit! "
"This time, the students from the Bureau of Investigation will train and compete with us. What you have to do is not to laugh and laugh, but to work harder and harder! If you are compared by the FBI in the competition assessment, it will not only be your own face, but also lose our face and lose the face of instructors and instructors! "
Fan Anyuan, a young man, is the second batch of students and newcomers in this training base.
But also awaken a very powerful ability-shock wave.
Fan Anyuan’s strength is not inferior to Luo Rui, Xu Tian and others, but also because of his meticulous work.
This time, it is Fan Anyuan and Xu Tian who welcome and entertain the investigation team.
He stepped forward.
"We have arranged for you to do some simple tests later and get familiar with the base. We will formally train you. Do you have any questions?"
he said
Yang Chang naturally said no problem.
They are here to exchange and learn, and they can’t wait as soon as possible. If it is that kind of polite hospitality, he will frown instead.
It is indeed highly effective to do things with fire.
And never play virtual.
They walked in. Fan Anyuan said, "First of all, we need to register information later. Each student will have his own student number and be assigned a mobile phone. This training base facility is introduced and the accumulated points of training can also be queried by his own mobile phone."
"Points can be exchanged for potions, equipment, applying for some special training venues, etc. You can ask the old students if you have any questions."
"After that, you all have to carry out the newcomer test, mainly to test your physique, mental awakening ability, ability intensity and so on. After the test, students with different abilities and performances will be assigned to different echelon training classes and arranged with targeted intensive training courses."
The new fire is really quite professional.
These are all to be remembered and reported to the Yellow Bureau afterwards.
Yang Changru thinks so.
Soon came to the fourth field test site.
There are a few first-class investigators and special-grade investigators among the investigators.
Fan Anyuan pointed to a square high platform not far away. "This is a two-dimensional tester that can detect two-dimensional data queuing when you go to the surface."
Yang Chang doesn’t understand what a two-dimensional tester is, but he still organizes investigators to line up.
The team was very orderly, and soon an investigator went to the high platform, and a circle of blue light lit up on the edge of the massive high platform, and Guanghua came out and disappeared quickly.
At the same time, two figures emerged from the gray-white wall on one side.
"Body 22"
"Spirit 13"
This is the value of a first-class investigator.
"Good physical fitness"
"In the future, you can all check your progress by yourself."
Yang Chang also went.
"Body 65"
"Spirit 113"