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A petite drizzle in Nv Jiao said, "Master, hey hey hey ~ what is it?"

The middle-aged man said with a bad smile, "gnome male-"means you know that you didn’t always gnome male-"last night ~"
"Master, you are good or bad!" Petite female JiaoChen call way
"That is, the master’s family has only one dress. If you tear their clothes again, they will have no clothes to wear." A woman next to them cried angrily.
The middle-aged man said with a bad smile, "Nothing to wear!"
Rubbing hands and shouting, "Haha ~ Don’t run away from me!"
A dozen women fled with a frolic cry.
"Ha ha ha ~ where did you escape? See the master stick to subdue the devil. "
Princess royal, a member of the mansion, looked at the frolicking and wealth, and how to combine him with the simple hunting in his memory. A strong loss pain emerged.
Shi Fang looked up and said, "Mom, you are crying!"
Princess royal glanced at the tears.
Shi Fang stared at the middle-aged man and asked, "Who the hell is he?"
Princess royal said faintly, "An old friend, let’s go!"
Shi Yun nodded a little, and princess royal took him to fly away in the distance and looked back at W.
Five days later, a jasper flying boat flew from Shihuang, with Li Pingan’s mentoring and princess royal’s graphite.
Graphite looked at the theme Li Pingan gratefully and said, "Thank you for taking me in!"
Li Pingan said with a smile, "I don’t advocate breaking feelings and wanting to make things worse. Family ties are the purest private feelings in the world. There is no reason to be a wicked person."
Graphite was a little stiff and asked, "I wonder who else is in your school?"
Li Pingan said, "There are also two female brothers who are original. They are very easy to get along with."
Beside Shi Fang, he was also excited and said, "It’s the two senior sisters who are very nice."
Shi Hao has been as excited as a monkey since Graphite decided to join them in the revolution of the Western Regions.
Graphite asked doubtfully, "Is there no one else? For example, the elders of the sects. "
Li Pingan shook his head and said, "There are several of us without Sanqing concept."
It’s hard to be surprised at the bottom of my heart ~ graphite. These days, she has also found out what she is doing. Stealing the imperial seal, breaking the palace, breaking the dragon Tianzhu, splitting the mountain and saving the mother. Every incident is so shocking. All three disciples are extraordinary. In the early days, the enemy was peerless. Professor Tianjiao produced so many Tianjiao sects. It must be a sublime one. I didn’t expect that there would be a few of them.
After graphite’s surprise, his heart is also relaxed. When he goes back, he will be punished by Zongmen. If there are a few of them, there is no need to worry.
Graphite looked at Li Pingan and said, "My Lord …"
Li Pingan interrupted and said, "Call me Taoist!"
"Taoist priest ~" graphite murmured a puzzled expression, and there was a bit of doubt in his eyes. What is this name?
Li Pingan looked at Shi Fang and said, "Qingshi sometimes your mother introduces a door."
Shi Fang nodded and smiled and said, "Yes!" I’ve been talking to my mother for five days about things I’ve known for a long time since I was a child, and I really haven’t introduced anything about my mother’s love affair.
Graphite hesitated and asked, "Taoist, what can I do for you when I go to your sect?"
Do what? Li Pingan thought for a moment and asked, "What can you do?"
Graphite hurriedly said, "We practitioners Shou Yuan have enough time to learn things, piano, chess, painting, poetry, songs, clothing, cooking, business management, and I know a little."
Li Pingan said in surprise, "Can you cook?"
"Is it strange? We practitioners sometimes need to go out to experience eating and always have to solve it ourselves, "graphite said."
Li Pingan said with a smile, "I’ll leave the Taoist food to you after that."
Graphite said happily, "Thank you, Taoist! I will try my best to do it well. "
A few days later, Jasper flew across the continent, crossed the Thunder Graben and entered the Western Regions.
After entering the western regions, a dark six-roulette jasper flying boat appeared on the surface, and the six-roulette rotating jasper flying boat disappeared instantly and appeared in front of the Sanqing view for a moment.
Li Pingan and others walked out of the Jasper Flying Boat.
Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath and said, "The taste of home is finally back" and immediately flew away.
Li Pingan and others are also flying away.
Squeaking through the gate and clearing the rain, the surprise cried, "Master, you are back!" "
Li Pingan smiled and nodded and walked inside and asked, "Is there anything wrong with this Taoist temple?"
Qingyu shook his head and said, "No!" Hesitate and say, "It’s just that a guest came a few days ago and refused to leave."
Li Pingan’s eyes flashed a puzzled guest? Who is it? Step toward the inside.
Quietly looking at Qingyu next to graphite, this is the teacher elder sister!
I scanned the surrounding environment again. The location of this gate is really quiet. Who would have thought that there was such a powerful clan gate in a remote corner of the Western Region that could shock the world?
They follow Li Pingan goes to the courtyard. As soon as they walk into the Taoist temple gate, they suddenly feel a peace of mind, as if there is a soft breeze blowing through their hearts and sweeping away all their anxiety and troubles.
It is this feeling of home that a shock in the heart of Shi Fang Bai Xiaochun Ning acetylene all emerges.
Li Pingan’s eyes scanned a circle and instantly saw the peach tree’s own royal lounge chair. At the moment, a woman in a peony red robe was lying.
Li Pingan lost consciousness and cried, "Night Feather ~"