11, Jul 2024
"When people have such a master"

Grandfather noticed that Tianhou’s eyes flashed completely.
Chapter 9 God will be reincarnated as a former Miss
Heaven is a peerless strong man, even if he is not incarnated, but he is after awakening me.
But it can be seen that there are not many powerful people in heaven.
Only the truly strong can see that the sky is strong.
The old man can see that Tian is a master and say that he is also a top power in this world.
"Sir, come in and sit down."
The old man’s eyes flashed off and took the initiative to invite Yong’ an to be outside.
Tian readily accepted the old man’s invitation, and then he said to the two little girls around him, "Shine Anu, let’s go into this pawnshop and have a look."
Said the day with Zhao Linger and Anu walked towards Yongan when inside.
"I don’t know what to call a strong man like Ge?"
After the old man waited for the day to sit down, he took out some snacks and sweets for Zhao Linger and Anu before chatting with the day.
At Zhao Linger one day calm way "Yue Bai".
He told Zhao Linger that he was grandpa Zhao Linger, but so far he hasn’t told Zhao Linger his name.
"The leader of Nanzhao Yue Bai!"
The old man was slightly surprised.
Yue Bai hierarch’s name Dasong is not loud, but those who are really knowledgeable have heard of Yue Bai hierarch’s name.
I know that Nanzhao State is crazy because of the leader of Yue Bai.
Zhao Linger’s face changed without trace.
She never doubted that Heaven was lying to her. She really recognized Heaven as her grandfather.
But since the maid surnamed Jiang took her to Fairy Island, she told her that her mother and herself would be reduced to this step mainly because of the big traitor Yue Bai.
Now I suddenly hear that I admire my grandfather, that is, the traitor Yue Bai Zhao Linger in the mouth of Jiang’s maid is in a complicated mood.
At that time, I was at a loss.
On the contrary, Anu looks normal.
She knew for a long time that God was the leader of Yue Bai.
"I have long heard that Yue Bai, the leader of Nanzhao State, is a peerless and powerful person comparable to a god."
"It’s really famous, so it’s better to meet the pavilion. Where is it comparable to the separation of human beings and gods? It’s a real human god."
The old man looked at Yue Bai leader slightly surprised.
He never thought that there would be such a strong man in the world.
"I’m flattered!"
After a few weeks of self-modesty, Tian asked, "I wonder what the old gentleman’s name is?"
The old man reported the name "Jingtian!"
Heaven said, "Master Zhongjing Tian is the reincarnation of General Fei Peng, the God of War. How did he become like this?"
Time is a butcher’s knife
But such a pig-killing knife can’t cut Jingtian, a natural person.
It’s still a little strange to see Sedum this day.
"No way!"
Jingtian shrugged his shoulders and said, "My wife wants to try an ordinary husband and wife life with me."