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"Hey, hey, I came in the middle of the night, too. Look at those idiots outside. They want to come early in the morning. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t know what opportunities to take."

After another person finished, he also disdained to look at the monks shouting outside.
At this moment, a cold sound came up. "Everyone is quiet. Now the marching field is about to start. It can accommodate up to 100,000 people. Can you come in and see your business?"
Chapter six hundred and fifty-two A pair of jasper
After this sound is finished, a figure has floated in the square surrounded by people and mountains.
Then around the point soldier field, the big’ doors’ of Columbia have been surrounded and waiting for the monks to enter the field in an orderly way at this moment.
Surprisingly, after this figure appeared, the situation of "Sao" and "chaos" around it no longer happened. All the monks’ mouths seemed to be sealed and no one spoke.
Seeing the cold face of the man in this appearance is just a little better. "Yes, everyone is doing well. I can show you that you are going to have an empire today. One or two big bosses, this man, who is less than 30 years old, has cultivated to the ninth grade peak state. Compared with the strength of the empire, Xiao Yichen, the dragon king, is not weak."
The person’s words had just finished, and suddenly I remembered that the sound was shocking. Just after a short silence, it became this deafening "desire".
But once again, with the wave of the hand of the Chinese figure, the department stopped. "So today, you all behave well, and maybe you will be taken a fancy to by this person. You will have an unlimited future."
Suddenly, there was a burst of applause around, and all the faces were excited once again to the extreme. They thought that they could not get the experience of uniting for such a grand event, and they had better luck to meet some powerful predecessors, but they didn’t expect to see the Dragon King today.
One hundred thousand soldiers were soon filled with monks, and there were more monks outside who could not come in, but they did not leave, but surrounded the outside, shaking and watching the people waiting for that person to arrive. They must see such people, otherwise it would be a regret for a generation.
No one noticed a ragged friar with a shawl outside the point soldier’s field, and gawked at the face scar in the field. A’ leg’ was also dragged on the ground and smelled bad, which made many friars around him cover their noses and walk away from him.
If it weren’t for today, I’m afraid someone kicked him away.
"Ah, we are really unlucky. We almost went in. Who knows that the big’ door’ was closed at the last point, which made us wait here?" A monk said with some chagrin.
"Don’t talk nonsense, let’s wait patiently. Maybe you can also see the face of Zhongqi here. What is the concept of a 30-year-old nine-level monk …" Another person is yearning and said.
As time went by, the huge cowhide drum in the soldier’s field had been rung while all the monks were holding their heads high.
"Knocked … knocked …"
After eleven drums in a row, a line of dozens of monks appeared in the middle. These heads were all dressed in robes and dragons flying in the sky. Behind him were the ministers and monks of the East Dragon Empire. These people appeared in the middle, and the whole point field and the square outside were boiling with cheers, and the palms appeared immediately.
At the front, Long Feiyang said with a big smile, "Welcome all Taoist friends to attend the annual event of Donglong Empire. Long was very excited because I saw so many’ fine’ English in the Empire here, and I was very satisfied because you made me feel and satisfied as an emperor."
A few short words set off a hot’ tide’ again. Many monks around him couldn’t wait to give up their’ sex’ life immediately. This is the emperor’s skill. Every emperor can talk.
Dragon float in the sky with that, greeting the monks behind him slowly landed in the central platform of the point soldier field and scanned the surrounding crowd.
There are still many monks in the crowd who found that this year’s imperial pageant was a little different. Originally, after Long Feiyang’s speech, Wudong, the first family of the empire, wanted to speak again about the situation of the Magic Holy Mountain in Yi Long. Today Wudong didn’t speak and didn’t appear in the high platform of the point soldier field.
Just when many monks wondered what had happened, Long Feiyang sat there and spoke again. "I want to tell you that today, the first master in our empire has a wonderful practice life, and the monks will come here to guide you in practice. I believe everyone here can benefit a lot."
He is behind in this sentence, and even the monks outside the point field have applauded.
Then Dragon Feiyang continued to talk about some experiences in Xiang Ye. Of course, he said some urgent things, but even so, the monk was fascinated and wished that he was like him.
In this way, after a brief introduction, Long Feiyang suddenly got up and looked at Zhong Zheng solemnly to see him move. All the monks behind him also got up and looked at Zhong Zhong.
All the monks sitting in the point yard naturally knew what had happened at this moment, and they all got up without exception.
In the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people, a group of blue-gray’ color’ aura clouds gradually appeared, and two figures slowly emerged inside.
Then the appearance of the two men finally appeared in the eyes of everyone. The man was dressed in a gray’ color’ simple robe, and his dark long hair was just hanging freely over his shoulders. Although it was not very strong, it was unusually’ pretty’ to pull out his body and accompany his cold-hearted expression, which made many’ women’ practice a lot of men’s practice. This masculinity is almost the best they have ever seen.
Looking at the’ female’ next to the male, it’s hard to resist the’ female’ god in the hearts of many people.
These two people are naturally Xiang Ye and Princess Qingyang. This way of appearance is that Princess Qingyang arranges Xiang Ye handle. There is no objection, but when I see such eyes around me, I feel a little high-profile, but he has never seen anything. It is still easy to deal with it.
"It is Lang Cai’s" female "appearance, a pair of blue" jade ""
"These two people are really enviable. No wonder Princess Qingyang has never cultivated a Taoist couple. It turns out that people take a fancy to being the first master of the empire."
I don’t know who talked about it first, and then 100 thousand people were all "coquettish" and "chaotic". Naturally, both of them could hear it clearly
Princess Qingyang’s veil face was already red at this moment. She didn’t expect this kind of consequence, and she didn’t know what to do at the moment.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-three sermons
"I didn’t think it would be like this. Why do these people think so? Are they lovers when they come out together?" Princess Qingyang said when she saw Xiang Ye’s strange appearance.
In fact, she really didn’t expect this. Xiang Ye’s appearance was not arranged by her, but she was responsible for telling Xiang Ye that Long Feiyang came out after consulting with some ministers. At that time, she didn’t think so much. She didn’t expect this to happen now.
"No wonder my father always wanted me to appear with you. It turned out to be this purpose. Hum …"
Princess Qingyang suddenly reacted. What dragon flying must accompany Xiang Ye to appear together?
When I heard that, Xiang Ye naturally knew why it happened and smiled a little and said, "Well, the two of us can think whatever they want. It doesn’t affect us. Let’s go."
With that, Ye Xiang waved his hand at Princess Qingyang, and a layer of force suddenly appeared in front of them. He just walked step by step, and then a little bit of a ladder appeared again, so the layers of stairs appeared in vain, bearing Xiang Ye and two people came slowly.
This kind of appearance once again provokes the face to move’ swing’ in waves. This way from the middle is really fierce. For so many years, no monk can do this, and some of them know that Xiang Ye should do this in a difficult way. No one in the field can do it except him.
"Well, this little guy also said that he was relatively low-key. You can see how high-profile he came. I have heard of this kind of magical power of stepping on the ladder. It seems that only a godsworn can achieve this kind of magical power. It is the performance of rising to the top." Long Feiyang said with a face of language.
After he finished his words, the monks behind him were also amazed that they realized the source realm and naturally knew more about what Xiang Ye meant.
"Do you see? This is stepping on the ladder. Our monks’ only purpose is to get immortal. Although I haven’t reached that level yet, I have shown you that we can all do it if we work hard." Xiang Ye and Princess Qingyang glanced sharply for a week after landing and then said.
His voice is not very loud, but all the monks clearly heard such a "Sao" and "chaos" around him, as if Xiang Ye had spoken in their ears himself, even those monks who didn’t come in outside could hear clearly.
"Good good say yes …"
I don’t know who got a head of more than 100 thousand monks and cheered up at the same time. The whole film was shaken by this huge sound shock.
Seeing this, Ye Xiangcai breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, he stepped out of the ladder. This magical power was finished because he wanted to draw everyone’s attention away from guessing himself and Princess Qingyang.