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Yuan Shu has already made a decision to be indifferent to Ji Ling’s request. Ji Ling turned to Yuan Huan in a hurry. "Yuan Zhubo, you know the importance of Nanyang. Help the Lord analyze it quickly so that he can change his mind and give up Nanyang!"

Yuan Huan, like a teenager, self-effacing shook his head and said with a sigh, "General Ji Ling, don’t hold on to this Nanyang."
"Yuan Zhubo, why did you even say so? Aren’t we on the same side?"
The word "the same front" is particularly harsh. Yuan Shu’s eyelids jumped lightly and his face turned cold. It’s not a good thing to talk about whether the two of them have infidelity. It’s not a good thing to get a small organization under my eyelids. His face immediately sank. "It’s settled. When it’s hazy, we break through from the East Gate. Chen Lan is in charge of Ji Ling and you are in charge of the patrol."
From the distribution situation, it seems that Yuan Shu still doesn’t trust Ji Ling to let Ji Ling be responsible for the patrol, so that if Ji Ling is really loyal to himself, he will die to help him resist the pursuers, and if the enemy is not a big threat to himself.
Yuan Shu thought that in case of loss, Ji Ling’s face turned pale in an instant, and he was bent on being a suspect in the end, but it was not too ironic that he was not a sycophant Chen Lan.
Forget it. I want to take practical actions to prove myself. I am the most solid one. Relying on Chen Lan is just mud.
You can see the wall armor shaking from far away. If you look closely, you will find that the elite soldiers in the wall have been replaced, and they are all lazy mixed soldiers.
"It seems that the strategy of filial piety has taken effect, which is too fast," I said in my heart.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. marching pays attention to the speed of soldiers, and this strategy naturally pays attention to immediate results."
Li She has been paying attention to the movement of Chengtou just now, and even the arrival of Guo Jia did not immediately find that the two men smiled at each other. "Master may be able to settle in Wancheng tonight" to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty Qingpipo
It was a few days before the night that I often saw the starlight disappear tonight. It seems that it is either cloudy or rainy. At this time, there is a green skin slope that is overgrown with weeds at the east gate of Wancheng, just like wearing a blue fur, so it is named green skin slope.
The weeds on the slope were dyed white and white in the cold fog. Tonight, Qingpipo is so quiet that you can hear the slight wind.
Just then, there was a sound on the slope, "General Gao, will the enemy really pass by here tonight?"
"Whether the enemy will pass tonight or not, we will ambush here. This is the order of the strategist."
At this time, look at the situation in Wancheng. Even Yuan Shu himself took off his favorite robe and brocade, and even the armor of Yuan Shu was particularly dazzling.
Even in the dark night, the golden armor is still unwilling to exude the golden awn. This is not the battlefield armor. This is the armor of the emperor, otherwise it will be so dazzling and dazzling.
The generals rushed to the front of Yuan Shu respectively. Why didn’t Yuan Shu say that the sun was breaking through? Now Ji Ling asked, "What is your master’s intention?"
"Generals also know that now Wancheng is in danger and can’t stay for a moment. I decided to give up Wancheng now and break through. Do you have any opinions?"
"Is there anything wrong with the army leaving the city in such a hurry now?" Ji Ling has some worries in his heart that if he leads the foot soldiers by himself, he won’t have any different opinions, but Yuan Shu just handed this power to Chen Lan Chen Lan.
Before is just a small PianJiang where have the ability to call on these foot soldiers, this also must not be out of order.
No wonder Ji Ling saw many skirmishers on the road before he came. It was Chen Lan’s irresponsible performance not to join the team.
"Time is pressing and I can’t manage so much, Chen Lan!" Yuan Shu’s impatience to interrupt Ji Ling’s words made Ji Ling feel depressed and resentful. He thought that Ji Ling had made countless contributions all the way, but he couldn’t compare with a slip.
It’s ironic that a sycophant is a villain!
"The end will be there!"
Chen Lan is now in high spirits, and Yuan Shu has given all the soldiers to him. It is difficult to get carried away. Looking at Ji Ling, his eyes are full of pride, which makes Ji Ling even more angry.
"I now order you to lead an army to protect me from the East Gate. If I can reach Yangzhou safely, I will let you step into the general column."
"Thank you, Master great kindness. He will defend his master to the death!" Chen Lan immediately knelt down to show his determination.
"Good start now …"
"slow!" Just when Yuan Shuda gave the order, Ji Ling stopped Yuan Shu and Yuan Shu and squinted at Ji Ling. "Do you still have something to say but make you feel dissatisfied?"
Ji Ling hurriedly explained, "My master misunderstood. I want to advise my master not to go to the East Gate. It seems that there are few troops in the East Gate. In fact, if these soldiers block our way, we will really be able to save the day when Li’s army is in one place."
"Absurd master hand which is not a good soldier? Don’t blame General Ji Ling for his fear. I will guess at the end. I have heard that there were few troops in the past, and I have never heard anyone break through from many places. General Ji Ling advised the master to break through the other three doors.
There is nothing selfish about fighting. "
Yuan Shu came to want to hear Ji Ling’s opinion, but after Chen Lan said this, he immediately became interested.
Ji Ling looked gloomy and said to Chen Lan, "General Chen, do you know you are playing with fire?"
Chen LAN a casual expression "playing with fire? I can’t do this, but Yuan Zhubo is an expert at playing with fire. "
In the rear of Yuan Shu, Yuan Huan has been wearing a black face all day, and he hasn’t said a word since the early meeting. Even now Chen Lan is teasing him face to face, and he casually glanced at Chen Lan.
"I haven’t been so angry for a long time. I have to say," Ji Ling stared at Chen Lan and said, "You have completely annoyed me!"
At this time, Ji Ling is like a poisonous snake in Chen Lan’s eyes. The fierce eyes make Chen Lan feel panic in his heart. Then he looked at the three-pointed double-edged knife with cold light in Ji Ling’s hand. For the first time, he didn’t fight against Yuan Shu and Ji Ling.
Although Chen Lan’s momentum is weak, Yuan Shu still chose Chen Lan, who insisted on going out of the East Gate, and Ji Ling Naihao agreed.
The night was quiet. As soon as the gate at the east gate was quickly hit, all the fighters rushed out of the big gate and rushed to the front, followed by large-scale infantry
Yuan Shu is in here, and soon he will come in front, shouting that he can’t kill the horse, but he will come to an abrupt end. Listen to the enemy foot soldiers shouting, "The enemy has raided out of the city! Somebody!"
Go clean at once. Shouting makes Yuan Shu feel more nervous. "Don’t delay. Let’s go!"
Although it is in the infantry protection, Yuan Shu is still riding a marooned horse with his glittering armor, which is particularly eye-catching in the dark.
After ten miles, Yuan Shu can easily hear the rear pursuer shouting ShaYin, but his heart is not as nervous as before. He is relieved. "Great, finally deus ex has Ji Ling in the rear. It seems that I misjudged Ji Ling. Ji Ling did not betray me."
Just after Yuan Shu realized his mistake, an iron rider suddenly broke out in the oblique ground. "I’m Nanyang prefect Li Shehui, Zhang Xiu, etc. Don’t surrender soon!"
The fighters, led by Zhang Xiu, seemed unstoppable. With an interlude, Yuan Shu’s army was cut in half, and the horse’s head was turned to kill again.
"Master, let’s go. The NINEONE people can’t stop us!" As soon as I heard the name of Zhang Xiu, Chen Lan was frightened and rushed forward to protect Yuan Shu. "But Ji Ling is still behind?"
"General Ji Ling led Gao Qiang’s own escape method, and the master can rest assured."
Yuan Shu didn’t say much, and the situation was critical. Yuan Shu didn’t dare to delay and rush forward. Fortunately, Zhang Xiu didn’t notice him, but rushed to Ji Ling’s broken team
Before Yuan Shu ran far, another elite soldier fought out, "I am the one who cut off Maner and others!" Man’s double axe waved his arrogance and killed Yuan Shu.
In this way, in the pursuit, Yuan Shu walked about ten miles and said, "There should be no ambush now."
"I think so." Yan Xiang is, after all, a counselor. It is difficult to sweat at this high level of exercise.
Yuan Shu asked, "What’s the name of this place?"
Yan Xiang observed a surrounding scenery by torch light and affirmed that "this place is called Qingpipo" to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine In Wancheng
The green skin slope is full of weeds, and everyone is tall. Yuan Huan seems to perceive that something is wrong and says, "There is a problem here."
Although Yuan Shu had some estrangements from Yuan Huan, he still adopted Yuan Huan’s words, especially at this dangerous time. Yuan Shu should be more careful. With a wave of his hand, a pair of soldiers immediately stepped cautiously toward the slope.