31, May 2024
Sue looked at Liu Yichen with an expression on her face and struggled to save her shoulder from Liu Yichen.

Feel her resistance to Liu Yichen was more than I could bear. I held Sue’s late love tightly in my arms, and a kiss landed on her hair. "Late love is nothing, ok?" Think of it as I owe you and I will make it up to you. "
Sue smiled sarcastically and pushed him hard on the chest.
But at this time, how could Liu Yichen let her go? He was afraid that if he let her go, she would be farther away from him.
He finally found out that he had her in his heart. How could he let her escape easily?
A struggle, a desperate not to let go until Sue night feeling arm gauze oozing blood to Liu Yichen let go.
He regretted frowning, knowing that she was hurt and why she had to do this to her.
Sue glanced at her arm and said, "Take me to the hospital."
Liu Yichen reacted and wanted to hug her, but she cleverly hid "I’ll go by myself."
Liu Yichen is afraid that she will struggle again and bleed more so that she can follow her and walk outside.
It was quiet all the way, leaning against the window and looking at the scenery outside.
Watching her arm seep more and more blood, Liu Yichen will drive fast.
It was the doctor who explained that the gauze had been soaked with blood. "Isn’t it good to change the dressing just now? Why did the wound collapse so soon and you have to sew again?"
Sue didn’t blink when she looked at the doctor’s busy arm and finally sewed the medicine again.
The doctor picked up a pen to prepare medicine.
"Doctor, I want to be hospitalized," Sue said faintly.
The doctor took one look at Liu Yichen. Isn’t she very resistant to being hospitalized? She’s not recuperating at home. Why is she suddenly going to be hospitalized again?
Looking at Liu Yichen’s eyes has also become strange. Although he is the president of Lu, it is wrong to treat his girlfriend like this. At first glance, these two people just quarreled and quarreled, and the woman’s wound collapsed. Is this a start?
Liu Yichen knew that Sue was angry with him at the moment and didn’t want to go back to his apartment and nodded to the doctor.
Lu Yichen went through the hospitalization formalities and just walked into the vip ward. Su Late Qing held the remote control in her hand and adjusted the table without looking at him. She said, "I want to rest."
Is this to kick him out?
Liu Yichen pursed her lips, put her hand sheet on the table and said softly, "Call me if you need anything."
After waiting for a long time, I didn’t see Sue’s late love talk. Liu Yichen glanced at her and walked out of the ward and leaned against the corridor wall. He took out his cell phone and called the servant to ask her to accompany him to bed.
In fact, he really wants to stay and take care of her, but she is so resistant that he can’t have the cheek to stay here.
After Liu Yichen left, Sue threw the remote control into the bed and looked out of the dark window.
Hearing something at the door, Sue looked at the door and saw the aunt in the apartment push the door and came in, while Liu Yichen gave her a look at the door and told the servant to take good care of her and then turned away.
The servant put things away quickly with some life, then took some apples to the kitchen to clean them. When he came back, he sat on the sofa and peeled them and walked over and said, "Miss Su, I think Mr. Lu cares about you very much. He just called me and asked me to come and take care of you until I came."
"Well …" She didn’t see it blindly, but who did he show it to? He was apologizing to her for Yan Mumu. She didn’t need it.
The servant cut the peeled apple into small pieces and put it in the fruit bowl. He looked at her wound and asked doubtfully, "Just now Mr. Lu said that I should come to the hospital to take care of you. I am embarrassed to ask, but your wound is much better. Why does it look serious again?"
Sue looked at her arm at night and said, "It’s normal that aunt’s wound is repeated."
"Oh," the servant nodded vaguely. In the evening, Mr. Lu asked her not to cook dinner and let her go home. But after staying at home for less than two hours, she was asked to come to the hospital to take care of Miss Su. It must have been a quarrel.
Oh, what a lovely couple.
Nowadays, young people quarrel easily, and when they are her age, they will know how happy it is to have a wife to accompany them all their lives.
Sue was slowly eating fruit and chatting with the servant.
The next day, Sue was awakened by a scent and opened her eyes to see Lu Yichen sitting on the sofa while the servant was putting breakfast in his bag on the coffee table bit by bit.
"Are you awake?" Liu Yichen got up and walked to come over and put his hand on her forehead to see that her body temperature was normal.
"Well, thank you for breakfast." Sue said politely and distantly, and was taken to wash her hands.
Liu Yichen’s hand was stiff and his lip was tightly sipping in the middle, and he walked towards the sofa.
The servant glanced at washing his hands and looked at Lu Yichen and said, "Mr. Lu, don’t worry that women are trying to coax her, although Miss Su is angry with you now. I wish you could coax her more."
"Well …"
Sue came out from washing her hands and glanced at the rich breakfast table, but she didn’t have a hard time with her stomach.
Although she doesn’t want to see Lu Yichen at all now, after all, they are unmarried couples now, but they have to continue to go despite the agreement.
Sue took the porridge and stuttered, and she didn’t stop picking up food.
She didn’t put chopsticks and wiped her mouth with a paper towel until she was full, sat on the bed and brushed her mobile phone.
Liu Yichen ate slowly and saw her. At least now, he didn’t reject him. Unlike last night, he directly drove him away with a smile on his mouth.
The mobile phone buzzed in his pocket. Liu Yichen put down the bowl and got up and went outside to answer the words.
Sue kept her head down and continued to look at her mobile phone. In fact, she didn’t know what she was looking at, so she didn’t want to face Liu Yichen.
After a while, Liu Yichen pushed the door and came in. He apologized and said, "I’m going back to the company at night, and I’ll come with you after the meeting. Call me if you have anything to do."
Sue looked up from her mobile phone and smiled faintly. "You go to work and leave me alone."
Liu Yichen nodded and turned and went out.
He would rather sue yelled at him as before than be so indifferent.
It seems that she is calm, but it actually pushes him further.
After Liu Yichen left, Sue had a little chat. When the phone rang, she took a casual look and froze.
Actually, it was President Zhuang’s calling her.
Sue was so busy that she picked up the words "Hello, Manager Zhuang"
"Miss Su, you are not very dedicated, are you?"
"Er … Manager Zhuang, I don’t like what you mean." The time she went to the Zhuang family with Liu Jingli, he said he wanted to see the planning case first and then contact them. How can she say that she is not dedicated?
"How did Liu Anfeng come to the company to talk to me about the case these times? Why didn’t you see your figure?"
Sue was stunned at night. It turned out that he said this.
Glanced at his arm and said softly, "I’m hurt."
"ah? Are you hurt? "