16, Jun 2024
"Don’t look at the sky!" Suddenly there was a sound behind the white skeleton dragon. At the same time, it felt its hand being caught and quickly pulled into a nearby building.

"What’s the matter?" It found that it was another white skeleton dragon. It immediately asked, "Where have you been just now?"
"We must hide!" The white skeleton dragon said, "We must not stare at the sky. This is the message just sent by the imam!" "
"honk? The imam sent it? "
….. at the same time, on the other side …
"They should have received the information." The Imam spacecraft is flying at an extremely fast speed.
"What the hell is going on in this day?" Scholars and imams are staying in the cabin at present, and scholars no longer watch the sky because they follow the imam’s advice.
But before it entered the cabin, it had already seen the sky’ aurora’ covering the whole ocean, and oceanographers worried that it might be possible to see this strange aurora everywhere.
"I don’t know much at present," said the imam, "but it will affect the biological spirit, that’s for sure."
"Affect … spirit?"
"The aurora you see is not its true face," said the imam. "Although it seems that this kind of light has obscured the sun, it is actually not. It is a mist-like structure that has not yet reached the point where it can block the sun."
The scholar said, "But … if you look at the sky, you can’t see the sunshine."
"It’s something like an illusion," said the dean. "If you stare at it, your eyes are actually exposed to sunlight. Although the damage is not as high as looking directly at the sunlight, it will still have an impact …"
The scholar asked, "If so … why would it be crazy?"
"This is the strange place. It seems that long-term observation will have an impact on biological nerves …" The imam said, "But I want to know how they are produced … maybe they came back with the moon. Maybe there are other reasons."
"But it’s something that can’t be wrong. They want to do something." The imam alloy spider is swinging its limbs quickly and inputting information quickly in the cabin operation room.
"If it covers a large area, it will have an impact on the world …" The imam said, "This problem needs to be dealt with. We have to go back to the research institute first and then we must deal with these situations."
"But …" The imam said, "It seems that … it’s not so easy to handle …"
"I didn’t reply to Lin Lian."
"What? This should be … "Before the scholar finished speaking, the imam immediately said," I have detected some strange situations nearby that you should go and see. "
The scholar asked, "Weird situation?"
"I can detect the mental state of nearby creatures here," the dean spider poked in front of Cao Tong. "There are biological mental abnormalities around here, which may be caused by’ Aurora’. Just go and have a look at them randomly."
"What do you mean, randomly?"
"Where do you bring the equipment?" The imam turned and pointed to a cabinet-like structure on the wall. "There are things that are very suitable for you, because those creatures are what you want in the water. Go and observe them."
Boom-the spaceship sped up again, and the ocean flew by, while the scholar was lost in the sea.
"It’s really …" Although scholars also want to see it, they don’t want to be thrown away like this, but now there seems to be no way. Scholars look at the body equipment, which is wearing a set of equipment similar to the armor worn by virtual people, but this equipment also has the function of underwater propulsion. It is estimated that the imam modified it after seeing the armor of virtual people.
"This means …" The scholar’s helmet hit the imaging device and looked at the imam while diving into the sea …
Gollum …’
Bubbles surge with the gathering of marine life, where life is less affected by sunlight and still maintains daily activities.
However, some creatures have been surprised by the natural environment, so they are going to get together for a meeting to discuss the current situation.
There are many kinds of these creatures, but they are all collectively called’ ancient squid’. There is a special group of ancient squid who once lived in the Jade Dragon Skeleton Dragon Canyon during the Ice Age. Now they have returned to the ocean and established their country somewhere in the sea.
This country is located near a huge trench, which is made up of a large number of coral skeletons. From a height, it looks like a magnificent coral reef. There are several small marine creatures all over the coral buildings, and the densest creature in this city is … ancient squid.
There are many kinds of ancient squid, but this species has formed the largest community and established the largest country. They have threatened the life of several dangerous sea creatures and are constantly developing, expecting to occupy the whole ocean at some time.
However, they are still far from their dreams, but now they have been able to gather great strength, so they will gather in large numbers when they find some big events and discuss how to deal with them.
They change their strange colors, and several ancient squid swim out of their buildings. Their destination is a tall building next to the trench.
This building is different from the surrounding buildings. It is made of pure crystals and is a shining crystal tower on the seabed.
Ancient squid usually gather in these special towers to do some special things.
Thousands of ready-made ancient squid have gathered in the crystallization tower, and their bodies are constantly changing colors to communicate with nearby companions about this incident.
They are species that simply change their colors and patterns, and they also change their colors according to their emotions.
"Gollum …" Just then they gathered around the crystallization tower and suddenly made a sound. A large number of bubbles floated out slowly from the top of the tower.
At this moment, the original colors were different, and all the ancient squid suddenly became a unified color. Their colors were exactly the same as those of … the sky, and they looked like … aurora.
"It’s amazing … the ability of these creatures to change color."
The scholar’s present position is about tens of meters away from this group of ancient squid, which is mixed with a group of fish that are not afraid of it, and a large number of ancient squid are observed in the ancient squid city.
As soon as these ancient squid changed, scholars suddenly felt that it seemed to be … days.
All ancient squid have changed into aurora-like luster, but most of all, their body colors are connected together.
The color change of each ancient squid cooperates with the ancient squid next to it to form a huge and seamed pattern that looks like looking directly at the aurora borealis.
Although it looks amazing, what on earth are they going to become this color?
Scholars have also noticed that some of these ancient squid groups have not turned into this color, and they have maintained a normal white color.
In the helmet, the hyperopia function scholar can see it very clearly, but it is very strange that the root can’t understand what this situation is and …
"Not them?"
Scholars’ helmets can also detect’ mentally abnormal creatures’. It is found that this group of ancient squid is not abnormal according to the dean’s statement. Only then did biologists notice that the detection source was in the trench near the ancient squid.