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The man was about to sniff when he saw the weathering cloud, but something strange happened. Three spells suddenly floated in the air, sending out a few tiny streams, from which Peng’s three spells suddenly burned up and melted three white smoke.

"entangled!" Weathered cloud stretched out his right hand and held out his hand. As soon as he caught it, he saw that three wisps of clear smoke suddenly turned into a dragon, and it was just like a three-dragon play. The magic umbrella miraculously flew over. The magic umbrella was incredibly fast and stagnant. When all the Kunlun officials saw this scene, they all showed a look of horror. Everyone knew that the magic umbrella was a three-instrument instrument for earth. Everyone was envious of the person who was given this instrument by Zhang Zhongxuan at the beginning, but now it was naturally surprised that the three-instrument for earth was bound by the three spells of weathered cloud.
As soon as the magic umbrella fell to the ground, it sent out a crisp weathered cloud and stood proudly. "How about I said that a mere Kunlun Sect wants me to come and go whenever I want? Can you stop me with you?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Trillion doesn’t mind that his three spells are not ordinary spells, but the binding spells made by the master are stronger than the forbidden spells." Zhang Zhongxuan said with a wave of his hand, reaching out and throwing the umbrella that had fallen to the ground, he flew towards the people who were called Trillion by Zhang Zhongxuan.
The name of the person called Zhao by Zhang Zhongxuan is Yu Zhao. Zhang Zhongxuan picked out the Kunlun brothers from the crowd, and his strength is not bad. He heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words and flew to his hand to drop the magic umbrella, saying, "Thank you for your brother’s understanding."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded. "Since this Taoist friend is so arrogant, I’ll come for a while. Do you know?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"It’s the head!" Everyone should know that Zhang Zhongxuan is going to make moves.
Zhang Zhongxuan is, after all, his master. Seeing Zhang Zhongxuan coming forward to weather the cloud, he is still a little scared subconsciously. Fortunately, Zhao Zifeng has already confessed several times before he left Kunlun. Otherwise, he might have stage fright and meditated on the spot. The weather cloud laughed. "Since the head of Kunlun Sect wants to try it, I will accompany you to play again." He said, reaching out and grabbing a black spot in his palm, he saw the weather cloud. Five fingers slowly wound around a strong light and emerged from the weather cloud palm.
"tear!" All the people cried in their hearts. It was not surprising that weathered clouds could tear them apart, but they were surprised that weathered clouds could tear and pass spells, and according to the flow of breath, the spells were not ordinary spells.
When Zhang Chongxuan cried in the hearts of everyone, the virtual space suddenly cracked in front of him, and dozens of thunders, such as thick arms, came out and hit Zhang Chongxuan. Before the thunder came, Zhang Chongxuan’s hair was confused and his clothes shook.
There was a loud bang, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s place was already dusty in the middle of it. Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure could not be seen. When everyone was wondering, suddenly a hot white light came out from the side, and everyone looked at it, only to see Zhang Zhongxuan standing on the side of a big tree and a shining white silk thread shot straight out of his sleeve, which means Zhongtian Xuan silk.
Ha ha! Weathered cloud laughed and said, "It’s really a little doorway." With his figure, he avoided Zhang Zhongxuan’s day Xuan silk and reached out and smoked it, but it was a red stake. The only thing that makes people care about is that the stake emits a bright red light to make people feel that it may be a little doorway.
"Eat me a pile" Weathered Cloud reached out and lifted his hand to stake a flaming colorful cloud to Zhang Zhongxuan, who was standing in the canopy, and the sound of marble was heard everywhere. At the same time, the stake in the enclave actually drove both sides to produce a row of flames, which made the Kunlun people at the bottom feel that the whole day would be covered by flames.
"Good place to come!" Watching the weathered clouds attack Zhang Chongxuan with such ferocity, a few dark clouds quickly gathered in front of him, and when these dark clouds appeared, it rained cats and dogs when he saw several Li Lei hitting Huo Ran. At the same time, Zhang Chongxuan’s left hand waved snow, and Xuan silk appeared again in the straight direction toward the fire cloud stake during the day.
The flame brought by the stake was sneered at by the heavy rain, and the smoke rose one after another, which made the dark clouds just more than one foot higher than the stake rise rapidly. The rain was even fiercer. When the stake didn’t reach Zhang Zhongxuan, the fire driven by the stake was doused by the rain, and the stake was still in full swing.
The pile and Zhang Zhongxuan Tianxuan’s silk touched in a stalemate. Seeing this scene in the weathered cloud, the heart tutted and cried, "I have refined the dragon-dodging pile. Although I have left my hand, it is estimated that the master didn’t exert much strength, but it is really amazing that I can easily block the dragon-dodging pile."
Weathered clouds are thinking about it, but they feel a sharp eye coming towards them. When they look up, they see that Zhang Zhongxuan knows that Zhang Zhongxuan is awake. Don’t be distracted when he plays. He hurriedly draws his hand to call back the dragon-dodging pile. A light person is in the dragon-dodging pile and floats to the middle. Zhang Zhongxuan looks at each other.
Seeing the weathered clouds around Kunlun, my brother was so afraid that the weathered clouds would escape, and each summoned his own multiplier to float in the middle, staring at the weathered clouds with a face of alert.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan’s body was as light as a feather and floated to the ground together. He put his hands toward the weathered cloud, and two days of Xuan silk flew faster than the weathered cloud. No one could see that the direction of those two days of Xuan silk was not the weathered cloud but around it.
"By the purple wind, I didn’t tell you what I was fighting with the master. Now I don’t even know if the master wants to do it. It is estimated that if the master gets angry and makes me practice for thousands of years, it will be in trouble." Thinking of this weathered cloud, I know that he will try to deal with Zhang Zhongxuan. Although Zhang Zhongxuan will release water, he will also take care of him. But if he can’t do it, he will definitely be in his body. He dare not provoke Zhang Zhongxuan to get angry.
Meditation to deal with Zhang Zhongxuan’s weathered cloud, carefully watching Zhang Zhongxuan move and watching Zhang Zhongxuan’s two days of Xuan silk intertwined, his brain suddenly flashed and knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was in the disposal, and he still dared to stay in his mind and move against the dragon-hiding pile, just trying to escape while Zhang Zhongxuan was still in the formation.
"Stop him quickly" surrounded the crowd and saw the weathered clouds trying to escape. They were blocked in front of the weathered clouds together, and several people pulled out the multiplier toward the weathered clouds.
Weathered cloud will not be stupid enough to touch several high-order multiplier joint attacks, but it has never occurred to him that Zhang Chongxuan has caught Zhang Chongxuan with a palm. Although this palm seems dull, it makes weathered cloud feel more afraid than fear because he actually played himself in this moment, no matter where he fled, he would be caught by Zhang Chongxuan, and this feeling made him feel suffocated.
"Hey!" Weathered clouds let out a roar, and they were so fierce that they consciously used the powerful style of the highest plough swordsmanship in Shu Mountain. A strong breath of Shu Mountain emanated from the weathered clouds, which made everyone in the field stunned except Zhang Zhongxuan. A few people blurted out, "The highest plough swordsmanship in Shu Mountain!"
Zhang Zhongxuan raised a smile at the corner of his mouth, which was not easy to detect. The vertical weathering cloud was so fierce that it turned sideways to reveal an exit for the weathering cloud.
Weathered cloud consciousness flies past Zhang Chongxuan with the dragon-dodging god’s stake. When he wakes up, he looks at Zhang Chongxuan, showing more admiration, because he knows that Zhang Chongxuan planned just now and forced him to fear and want to escape, but in his consciousness, he made him use the highest sword of Shu Mountain to help him get through the way more skillfully. How can it not make people happy?
"Don’t chase!" Everyone looked at the weathered cloud and fled. At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan was cold. "If you don’t chase it, even if you chase it, you can’t chase him."
"Does the head just let him escape?" One of them came out angry way
"Hum!" Zhang Zhongxuan snorted, and everyone’s heart sank. Knowing that Zhang Zhongxuan was angry, they didn’t expect that Zhang Zhongxuan, who was usually tepid or angry, would be so terrible that they all felt scared. Listen to Zhang Zhongxuan word by word. "Since he sent people from Shushan, it is impossible to finish this account. I will send them to Shushan!"
Chapter two hundred and nine Qingyang reality
Chapter two hundred and nine Qingyang reality
Summer is a hot and explosive season, and in this summer, Kunlun Sect also ushered in the first agitation of their Sect. It was because of their newly adopted leader and their respect and love. Zhang Zhongxuan was assassinated by people from Shushan Sect.
This incident has made all Kunlun brothers angry. Many Kunlun brothers don’t know when to ask for a declaration of war on Shushan. Even if Zhang Zhongxuan has been reprimanding and calling people to control it, there will still be several Kunlun brothers asking for it every day, which makes some Kunlun brothers have a headache.
What shocked the managers of the Kunlun Sect was that at the Kunlun Convening Conference, more than Cheng Kunlun’s brother Qi asked for a declaration of war on Shushan, which made them compare with each other, but Zhang Zhongxuan finally announced that he would accept everyone’s opinions, declared war on Shushan Sect, and announced preparations for war.
Because Zhang Zhongxuan, the head of the body, supports the Kunlun faction, all the preparation plans are in full swing, and this war is going on. It is imperative that no one can stop the Kunlun faction from sending Qi Xin.
Today is the third day after Zhang Zhongxuan announced his support for declaring war on Shushan, but today, contrary to the fact that it was drizzling in the hot summer a few days ago, the Kunlun Sect was filled with hazy water vapor everywhere, making the whole Kunlun full of picturesque scenery.
It was in the drizzle that a young monk with white hair and beard came slowly from the foot of the mountain. The young monk walked all the way with a dusting hand, like a wild crane in a floating cloud.
"people!" When the Taoist priest in blue robe came halfway up the mountain, Kunlun sent two younger brothers to look at the Taoist priest in blue robe with a face of alert.
The Taoist priest in blue robe brushed his forehead and said, "I am a real person in Qingyang" without touching a trace of dust.
"Qingyang real person?" The two Kunlun brothers looked at each other and revealed a trace of doubt.
One of them looked at a real person with a fairy wind and a green sun and asked, "Which school are you from?"
"What school is that?" Qingyang reality looked at the Kunlun Sect on the top of the mountain in the depths with a face of vicissitudes of life, and his eyes were somewhat disappointed. He slowly said, "I am a wild crane in the clouds."
"Since you are a wild crane in the clouds, you’d better leave quickly. Kunlun recently imposed martial law, and other people are not allowed to enter the mountains."
"Really?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump, and Qingyang reality takes a step forward with a light way.
“!” The two Kunlun brothers stared at Qingyang reality with horror, but they couldn’t help looking back, only to see that Qingyang reality was already miles away, free and easy, just like a touch of spring breeze.