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When the man saw that he couldn’t persuade his aunt to get angry, the door blared and a car soared out. In a short time, the kung fu luxury car disappeared into the thick fog!

Chapter 635 Karma is coming
Several people waited at the entrance of the cave for a long time, but they didn’t see the luxury car. Bao Yuting was so anxious that she quickly took out her mobile phone and found that there was no signal.
"Boss Pi, will something happen to my brother-in-law?" Bao Yuting’s voice changed with fear.
"Brother Dog asked Xiaohong to touch the situation in the past?" Lowe little love also panic way
"I told you to go to Baidongshuang!" Said two dog summoned Bai Dongshuang to see her in white, which was particularly embarrassing from the light.
Bao Yuting was scared to hide when she saw a ghost for the first time in her life. "Where did Boss Pi come from?"
"Bao Yuting is not afraid of her own!" Two dog speak comfort way
"What is it, master?" Bai Dongshuang is a ghost. She is much better than Xiaohong.
"Sister Bai, why don’t you go to the front and see what’s going on?"
"It’s the master!" White winter frost quickly floated past without touching the ground.
At this time, the female ghost Xiaohong jumped out and complained, "Why won’t the master let me go?"
"Red, don’t make trouble. It’s your safety to let the ghost go behind!"
"Woo-hoo, master, do you think I didn’t leave me? Woo-hoo!" Xiaohong sat on the ground with a fart pier and burst into tears.
"Xiaohong, go back!" Two dog was so scared that Xiaohong rushed into the sky and the blink of an eye disappeared
"Pippi boss Xiaohong is also a ghost?" Bao Yuting’s face changed greatly.
"Yes, yes, but she is one of our own!"
"What about the two of them?" Baoyuting was scared to get a pimple all over ji.
Pi two dog saw that she was so scared that she muttered to her, "They are all ghosts and I am normal!"
"ah!" Bao Yuting’s letter really scared her to go to the ghost fog.
Tian Huili Xiang still doesn’t know what’s going on. Deng Deng, with the eagle catching Xiao ji, seems to have caught Bao Yuting back.
Bao Yuting suddenly hugged Pi two dog and buried his head in his arms. "Boss Pi, I’m afraid!"
"Gu is having me. Are you afraid of Mao?" two dog said in distress situation.
At this moment, Bai Dongshuang, the ghost queen, hurried back and said, "Master, that is the Millennium Mountain Ghost King. I blame it for not being at the same level as me. This Mountain Ghost King has to come out every month to set up a fog ghost array. This fog ghost array will be swallowed up if people go in. The purpose is that Shan Gui absorbs Yang essence. I am not sure to withdraw it!"
"Sister Bai, you did the right thing!" Two dog turned his head and said, "Now it’s a little late. We’ll stand by and wait for the morning to pass before we leave!"
Tian Huili Xiang and Lao Xiaoai understood that the boss’s ghost-killing artifact-Shenxiao was printed in the early hours of the morning.
But to tell the truth, it is still a question whether Bai Dong frost has made the mountain ghost king so horrible and whether this seal can be suppressed.
Suddenly, a woman came to the cave to cry, and several people took a good photo. It turned out that Bao Yuting was crying.
"Boss, her brother-in-law won’t really … that’s what?"
"What do you say? The mountain ghost king and the fog ghost array block the killing Buddha, and the man who killed the Buddha can’t stop himself! " Speaking of Bao Yuting’s brother-in-law, two dog has no sympathy at all.
"Brother Dog, do you mean that her brother-in-law is really dead?" Lao Xiaoai was too scared to go out.
"Should be to die! What a pity! " Tian Huili sweet look dim way
"Li Xiang two dog is right. Tell him not to go. Even a cow can’t hold back. This is his birthday!" Feng hong Yu Dao
"Yes, Brother Dog told him not to take risks. Even if he didn’t appreciate it, he was so mean to Brother Dog that he asked me to say that this is called what goes around comes around!" Lao Xiao ai da Jie qi Dao
"So to speak that man deserved it! The boss was kind enough to help him avoid the disaster. He scolded the boss like a dog! He deserves to be a ghost! "
At this time, Feng Hongyu took out a few yellow charms from his bag and said, "Brother Dog, this is my magic charm to ward off evil spirits."
Two dog nodded a few pieces of exorcism and made a magic blessing. Seeing the wind, the red fish posted the exorcism on the cave entrance to make a large array of exorcism.
After the completion, two dog asked everyone to enter and enter the evil array to avoid dirty things.
Bao Yuting’s eyes glazed over as if she had taken away her soul. Suddenly she ran and called her brother-in-law’s name.
"Boss, look at Bao Yuting!"
Two dog saw that she ran to the misty ghost array and suddenly her heart reached her throat.
"Bao Yuting, that’s a ghost. Don’t be dangerous!" Two dog’s legs are flying away. I don’t know whether Bao Yuting runs too fast or the ghost fog comes too fast. Bao Yuting just disappeared into the thick ghost fog!
Passing 18-wheeler, two dog’s steel claws flashed and caught Bao Yuting’s delicate hand!
Weird is almost at the same time, deep in the ghost fog, there seems to be a strong grip on Baoyuting’s other arm.
In this way, Pi two dog has a fierce tug-of-war with that form.
Two dog is a Hercules with a weight of five or six thousand pounds. She is out of luck if she engages in the balance between Bao Yuting and two immortals.
"Ah! It hurts so much, smelly. Don’t pull me. Let go! " Bao Yuting made a heart-rending cry.
Bao Yuting’s thick down burst into rotten cloth like a balloon explosion, and then the warm clothes were split in half, and immediately Bao Yuting was shirtless.
"Ah, I’m ashamed. Let go!" Bao Yuting struggled hard to get away from the second dog.
"Bao Yuting is in front of a ghost. The ghost king wants to suck your yang. Can’t you understand people?" Two dog said that Niang Xipi’s ghost-killing artifact, God Xiao Seal, can make it once a day. If God Xiao Seal, which round can you get the mountain ghost king to run wild?
Bai Dongshuang is right. This mountain ghost king has at least a thousand years of good deeds, and his strength is poor. It is estimated that his mana is also terrible. This is why Bai Dongshuang dare not rashly fight.
"King two dog’s egg, I’m about to be torn in half by you. You … give up!"
Seeing Bao Yuting’s eyes bulging, her face turning purple and swollen, like holding her breath for a long time, two dog quickly called out, "Bai Dong Shuang, come out and help!"
White winter frost after the ghost and female ghost Xiaohong floated out.
"Master, don’t force me to copy the mountain ghost king’s back road!" Bai Dong frost whizzed to the half of the mountain ghost king and breathed a sigh of relief. The thick fog immediately rolled up, and the tornado was wrapped in thick fog and thunderous.
At the same time, Xiaohong also spit out a Dan-shaped luminous body, which was obtained from the evocation mother-in-law. The Fayuan Dan suddenly became bigger and hugged the head of the mountain ghost king.
The mountain ghost king was attacked by three people at the same time, so he fled.
Bao Yuting was suddenly grabbed by Shan Gui and bounced into two dog’s arms like a spring.
Pi two dog didn’t dare to neglect to recall Bai Dong Frost and Xiaohong after the ghost to the gods. A princess hugged Bao Yuting and quickly withdrew to the cave and ran into the array to ward off evil spirits. He didn’t put Bao Yuting in this cargo until he thought that he had a close contact with Pi two dog just now, and she suddenly blushed.
"Little love, you didn’t bring a uniform piece of clothes, and there was a pear-scented coat for her to wear!"
"It’s the boss!" A few girls, one for you and one for me, Bao Yuting wore a thick coat, which didn’t freeze, but obviously she was frightened by the ferocious horror of the mountain ghost king, like a clay sculpture and woodcarving cave.
Suddenly Bao Yuting wowed her mouth and burst into tears. "Brother-in-law, what should I do if you leave my sister?"
"Little love and I collect firewood to go to pear fragrance. Watch her and don’t let her run out!"
"It’s the boss!" Tian Huilixiang promised to keep an eye on Bao Yuting’s skin, two dog. He was planning to collect firewood in the mountains with Lao Xiaoai. It was chilly in the early spring night in the mountains.
Suddenly, the rat demon king called Pi two dog for a brainwave and said, "Brother Rat, ask some rats and soldiers to go to the mountain to collect some firewood!"
"squeak!" The rat demon king promised to give instructions to the rat soldiers and rats who were hiding nearby.
Soon, I saw more than a dozen rats, soldiers and rats piled up the cave full of firewood and pine needles into a hill. Lao Xiaoai had experience in field life. She took a lighter and didn’t have two bonfires. The bonfire was raging and drove away the cold cave. The mood of several girls was as warm as spring.
A few girls were chatting and laughing. What about Pi two dog? He dozed off in front of the fire. I don’t know how long it took before someone shook him. "Boss, wake up!"
Two dog jumped up and said, "Who called me?"