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Through simple catapults, hundreds of flowering bombs were thrown at the marching Mongols at one time.

Hundreds of people, Qi Xin, and ten slings were completed in just one hour.
According to the calculation that one catapult can eject five flowering bombs at one time, ten catapults are equivalent to fifty mortars … Plus the original twelve, He Guozhong is confident that a round of fifty or sixty flowering bombs can definitely scare off the Mongolian army.
In this case, we can defend ourselves with only a small number of musketeers relying on slings and mortars on two mountain roads with more dangerous terrain.
The main force in musket camp is the last road that is most suitable for attacking the Mongols.
You watched He Guozhong for only half an hour, and more than 6,000 Mongols finished the knot and began to retreat.
Perhaps it was to speed up the retreat and leave Dingbian County early. More than 6,000 Mongols were directly retreated from three official roads by Dourgen.
Yu Dourgen personally commanded 1,000 white flags and 1,000 musketeers. Less than 1,000 Mongolian cavalry retreated from He Guozhong personally sticking to the official road.
The remaining 3,000 Mongols retreated from two mountain roads in half.
The nearest mountain road to the battlefield, a platoon of musketeers and two platoon of mortar gunners are squatting on a mountain ridge and quietly waiting for the Mongols to bring them.
Six medium mortars and five trebuchets have been erected in front of these butch soldiers.
Beside that mortar and trebuchet piled up box by box with high hopes from He Guozhong.
As the Mongolian cavalry slowly walked along the mountain road, they just rode wildly. They had to slow down their horses in the face of the rugged mountain road. In this case, more than 1,000 Mongols began to get together slowly.
At this time, the Mongols who walked in the front have approached the position less than 200 steps away from the artillery position of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Although they have entered the best range of six medium-sized mortars, the gunners have not fired.
They wait for the Mongols on the mountain road to enter the range of slings. Only in this way can the tigers and leopards guard the mountains and give the Mongols the illusion that they own dozens of mortars …
One hundred and fifty steps … one hundred and twenty steps … one hundred steps … ten steps …
The soldiers of Shanliang Tiger and Leopard Army can clearly see the faces of the Mongols, and when they drink violently, the position finally rings.
"Fire …"
On hearing the order, five mortar gunners quickly lit the fire rope extending from the tail of the barrel.
Manipulating the catapult gunner will directly ignite the tail of the flowering bomb to detonate the firewire of the flowering bomb, and then suddenly pull the catapult arm to throw five flowering bombs into the basket.
At the same time, a slightly dull mortar fire also sounded on the battlefield.
Instantaneous artillery positions are 31 pieces of white smoke flowering bombs.
After drawing a beautiful arc, he roared at the Mongolian people who were close at hand 2.
Mongolian people who have suffered heavy losses and low morale are all familiar with the sharp roar of flowering bombs flying across the sky.
As soon as the roar reached their ears, these Mongolian faces showed a look of fear.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two Dead end
"The flowering bomb is a flowering bomb … Everybody run for your life!" A scream filled with panic quickly rang out among the Mongols.
Just now, the orderly marching queue was like a bombing camp, and it was a mess …
However, no matter how fast the Mongols react, they can’t beat the speed of the shells.
Besides, these Mongols don’t know the specific way to avoid the bullet, and all their efforts are in vain.
The Mongols in the crowded mountain road have just responded, and more than 30 flowering bombs have come to their heads.
Because of the catapult, more than 30 flowering bombs don’t have much aim.
Only less than ten Mongolians near or far down the mountain road exploded.
However, it is these shells that have caused almost 100 casualties to Mongolians in crowded mountain roads.
Although the mountain road explosion stopped, the screams of the injured Mongolians still didn’t stop. When they roared, the second round of flower bombs came to their heads again.
The shells landed and exploded, and hundreds of Mongols were blown to the ground with despair before they died. Life and death are uncertain.
Faced with this kind of attack without any counterattack and countermeasures, the Mongols were in chaos, and even failed to withstand five rounds of artillery fire, so they fled the shelling area with panic and despair.
When the remaining Mongols left hundreds of bodies to escape from the shelling area, a rumor came with the Mongols who quickly panicked.
"At present, this mountain road has been heavily blocked by the Tiger and Leopard Army, otherwise it would be impossible for the Tiger and Leopard Army to have such a large number of artillery pieces and shoot so many powerful flowering bombs at once."
"Tiger and leopard army heavily intercepted and attacked themselves with so many artillery and flowering bombs. Even if the department was killed, it would not break the tiger and leopard army."
"If you want to escape from here alive and return to Mongolia alive, you can re-select the breakthrough direction …"
"Be sure to find Baylor dourgen and resourceful dourgen to withdraw from the battlefield and escape from this tomb that may bury themselves at any time …"
In the face of rumors and bloody eyes, it is like hell. The morale of the battlefield is low and full of fear. The Mongols directly lose the courage to attack the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Direct orders from generals at all levels are like a gust of wind disappearing in front of the tiger and leopard army
More than 1,000 Mongols finally succeeded in withdrawing from the mountain pass, with less than 1,400 people.
When these Mongols rushed to the official road with a full face of fear and wanted to retreat with Baylor Dourgen, they just bumped into the Mongols who retreated from another mountain pass.
The same number of mortars and slings attacked the Mongols, and the losses were no less than theirs.
So the two Mongols, who suffered heavy losses and were concerned, had to meet each other in one place with less than 3,000 cavalry and chased them in the direction of Dourgen’s retreat.
Let these Mongols didn’t think that Dourgen, who was at the front, was blocked by the butch army.
Eager to withdraw from the battlefield and avoid being encircled by the butch army, Dourgen running all the way did not send scouts to retreat.
One thousand fighters with white flags, one thousand musketeers, and hundreds of Mongols rode horses all the way along the official road.
In order to protect the strength and escape from the tiger and leopard army, Dourgen was destined to pay a very heavy price for his carelessness.
All the way to the side of the horse, Dourgen didn’t find the mountain ridge on one side of the road. A pair of eyes full of murder were staring at them.
Because of the unique plateau topography in Shaanxi Province, hundreds of tiger and leopard army mountain beams are hidden. Although there are dozens of steps of elevation difference from the official road, the linear distance is less than ten steps. The mountain beams along the official road are like a cliff along the official road, which can be called straight.
The cavalry can’t rush even if they want to attack the mountain ridge tiger leopard army.
It is precisely because of this favorable terrain that bold He Guozhong dared to spread out his limited forces here and beat Dourgen’s vanguard troops off guard without giving Dourgen a blow …
Hundreds of musketeers rely on the mountain ridge to line up the official road to form a huge ambush ring with long hair and a mile.
Not only that, but each musketeer holds a flower bomb that exposes the fuse.
He Guozhong is so good at ambushing the battlefield so close that a woman can easily throw a flowering bullet into the road.
More than 400 flowering bombs lined the road every two steps and exploded.
He Guozhong is confident that even if he touches the heavily armored cavalry, he can cause a devastating blow to Dourgen in a short time. What’s worse, he rushes into his ambush circle, and hundreds of people wear wallets.
He Guozhong is full of confidence in his elaborate ambush ring.
Watching more and more Mongols rush into the ambush ring, He Guozhong was even happier than eating honey.
At this time, a soldier came over in a hurry and told him, "The first team in the adult ambush has lit the signal smoke and rushed into the ambush circle. The Mongols are about to rush out. Are we attacking immediately?"
At this time, Guo-zhong He quickly converged his face and smiled at the front to make the soldier face serious and ordered.
"The horse sent a signal to the brothers to destroy the Mongols."
The best choice for He Guozhong to ambush the battlefield for a mile is to make fireworks into flares if he wants to give the attack command to every soldier’s ear in this era without lines.
He Guozhong will just blurt out a short-tube musket to launch a signal channel and be pulled out by the soldiers.
Aim at the sky and pull the trigger of the signal gun without hesitation.
Although the sharp roars of the flares flying to the sky were covered by the roar of the road horses rushing, a flame generated by the explosion in the flares clearly reflected the eyes of all the soldiers involved in the war.