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He commanded the little devils to clean up the Dan furnace and move to the charcoal fire, so he was ready to watch them practice once. Dan helped from the side, but he didn’t want the two of them to throw a bunch of elixirs into the Dan furnace and start to burn the fire.

It’s nothing but a lump of grass ash.
"That’s how we met the master. How can we not succeed?"
Wu Ming vaguely felt that it was too cheap for them to borrow it for a month!
"Old gentleman, wait for the Tao to move your mind. Which of these ten thousand kinds of medicinal materials doesn’t change with him? You two look at the appearance. If it is so simple, the monks in the Three Realms are so eager to refine an elixir and become immortal."
No matter how much you say, it is better to do it again. Wu Ming will personally refine a furnace of Dan medicine for them to see.
"It turned out to be in accordance with the prescription!"
Wu Ming
Three days later, looking at the dark Dan liquid in the Dan furnace, Wu Ming felt that some people really didn’t have any talent.
"Well, I think we have mastered some tricks. You go."
Wu Ming looked suspicious. "Really?"
"Well, we have been guarding Dan furnace for thousands of years, but we just lack some practical experience."
In this case, Wu Ming no longer cares, holding the gourd and drilling into the hole casually.
It is said that the four of them traveled all the way, but this day they came to the boundary of Liushahe.
"Apprentice, what a wide river! How can you get by without a boatman?"
Monkey also jumped in and saw that the flood was raging and the smoke was vast.
"Master is sad and sad. According to my old grandson, I’m afraid it’s a hundred miles away."
When Sanzang heard this, he suddenly became annoyed and didn’t know what to do.
There are some difficulties in abstinence, but it is simple for him to live. Master can’t live without his body.
"Master, there is an inscription here."
Three people came to see the tablet, which read
Three thousand weak water depths in the bailiushan boundary, goose feathers can’t float, reed flowers will sink at the bottom.
"How can this be done?" 、
Suddenly, Sanzang burst into tears again, as if he were sad, but he couldn’t stop.
Monkey said irritably, "Master, why are you crying?"
But Sanzang cried and didn’t say that the two disciples could do anything.
"Brother, don’t you want me to build a grass boat and raft to cross the river with Master?"
"Staying at the monument says that goose feathers can’t even float, so you can’t live in a boat."
"This statement is very"
Other disciples hesitated, but there was a demon peeping in the water.
"Why are these thieves again?"
The sand monk dozed off in the Shuifu once, and suddenly he heard someone crying on the shore. Only when he stepped into the water did he see that he cheated himself out of the water a few months ago and beat three people.
At that time, I was angry and happy.
I was glad that I had a chance to get revenge, but the three men tried to trick themselves into going out of the water again.
"Don’t have goblins!"
The shore walker immediately took out his stick to quit when he smelled a demon spirit, and hurriedly pulled out the nail and palladium to protect Sanzang’s front.
"Where? Where is the monster? "
The sand monk in the Liusha River was surprised to be found!
You have to push water to dive into the river.
"In the river!"
Monkey jumped up with a sharp eye and hit the water with a stick.
Friar Sand was so frightened that he was relieved to see that the hairy-faced monk Lei Gong Zui had never chased him.
Sanzang on shore stopped crying when he saw a monster, and quickly asked, "What kind of monster is that? Maybe let him take us there. "
Monkey said, "You must be a river spirit. You deserve it in this quicksand river. If you can catch something, you can send it to Master."
Sanzang was overjoyed. "Then please trouble your other disciples to catch it."
Jie said to Monkey, "Brother, don’t hesitate to take charge of me and protect Master."
Monkey was a little awkward when he heard this, saying, "I don’t know, junior, but why do the goblins in the mountains and the sea of clouds take me without you saying that I am a fine old man in this water who is not familiar with this business is very troublesome?"