20, Jun 2024
Actually, they are all factories that produce biological dust.

And all kinds of machinery seen here are also the descendants of the first batch of machinery.
Most of them are in their infancy, and there is no intelligence in a stage of wandering around and analyzing dust.
When they grow up, they will join factory workers … or weapons producers.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and ninety Mechanical past
These machines … their purpose is not to live.
They also have another purpose, that is, to take revenge on the phoenix.
This may be because they got some ideas about intelligent creatures who once lived in this satellite when they absorbed biological dust mechanically.
These intelligent creatures have a great hatred for abandoning them regardless of the phoenix if the transformation fails.
When the machinery here produces a lot of biological dust, they also constantly carry out various weapons research.
That is, if the Phoenix comes here again one day … it will kill them all.
The way they study weapons is mainly the study of creatures in this area.
Because most creatures on this satellite have wonderful abilities.
For example, some species can emit high-temperature light, while others will have a strong explosion effect.
These creatures are in a’ slow’ state, so it is very easy to study them.
So according to various biological forms in the world, machinery here has created … Lin now sees all kinds of weapons.
These weapons can intercept the resident ball launched by Phoenix … You Lin controlled this one to fly in without being intercepted.
I don’t know anything yet, but it’s also because of this … Now Lin can know all about them.
These machines don’t have any concept of "hiding". Just catching a mechanical larva here can detect the general history of the world from it.
However, each machine has different information, some more and some less, but no matter how small it is, they are all covered with general historical information.
Generally speaking, Lynn has got a general understanding of the history of this satellite.
At present, Lin has learned about two satellites, and there is only one left … It seems that there is no need to learn about it.
Because the last noodle species may have been extinct, there is no living thing in it. It is just a simple … wasteland.
This gaseous star does not have these three objects around it, but all of them are less than 100 kilometers, and there seems to be no special object surface.
So after learning about the situation in these places, Lin decided … it seems that there is nothing special to do, but to continue to observe here.
Now the mechanical satellite Lin a fluffy ball is compared with Phoenix … interesting.
That is, after learning about the mechanical satellite, this phoenix decided to … destroy the world.
"I will inject my strength into the core of this satellite, and it will completely melt the dust in the virtual space!"
Say such a "brave words", and Lin’s pompous ball will move forward with it towards the "core" of the world.
Qianlin has learned from the mechanical larvae wandering around that the core here is a big machine.
This machine is one of the earliest machines made by the former’ Savior’.
It has not known how long it has lived and how much biological dust it has eaten.
Just like the dragon fruit can be strengthened by eating the essence, this mechanical energy is becoming more and more … smart by eating biological dust.
To be precise, the complexity of their’ thinking system’ will continue to rise due to the analysis of biological dust.
I don’t know if this liter is limited, but this machine that has eaten a lot of dust has obviously become very powerful.
It rules the satellite, and its position … is the core of the world.
Phoenix decided to go there and destroy it.
Of course, it’s not to destroy it, so it doesn’t look atmospheric enough. That’s what Phoenix said
What Phoenix has to do is to destroy the core machinery together with this satellite.
Although Lin thinks that this statement is just like the feeling that the former phoenix said it would push the roller.