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"Will you keep me a secret?" Ban Yunchan doesn’t seem to want to say too much about this. "I’ll tell you when the time comes."

"Okay, but you promise me that you won’t make that thing easily." Zhao Li doesn’t force it. If she has something to say, she will have to wait until now, but she still needs a constraint.
"Don’t worry, I won’t move those unless I have to." Ban Yunchan promised Zhao Li very seriously, but Zhao Li just believed that there was no reason.
Zhao Li, a genius school, has always wondered where it is. Although he has the opportunity to enter this time, he also doesn’t know the specific location. The genius school has been very considerate and sent a warship driver directly to Zhao Li to drive the warship. His special surface and office functions of the warship cannot be changed at will until he landed. Zhao Li didn’t know where he landed.
The hatch hit Li Mengdie and Christine and went out first. When Zhao Li also went out, he saw three people on the tarmac.
"Hello, principal!" Li Mengdie and Christine both saluted at attention and saluted the old man in the Central Committee, because Zhao Li also learned the identity of the old man and gave a salute to Zhao Li, the old man who did not wear the rank.
"It’s good to be back. You should go to your instructor and have a good test these days." The principal nodded at Li Mengdie and Christine and casually said, they have no objection.
It seems a little irregular to send your attache away when you first came, but Zhao Li hasn’t come to speak yet. The principal has turned his face to him. "I haven’t received outsiders for a long time, old man. My old man will accompany you around here in person these days."
Chapter two hundred and sixteen The genius headmaster
As soon as the headmaster spoke, not only the two of them followed him, but even the horse was leaving Li Mengdie and Christine with a shocked look. Li Mengdie was already practicing ice, and his face was still changed when he heard the news.
"Look at what you’ve all become. Will this little thing surprise you?" The headmaster, after all, is the headmaster. One word made everyone very upset. Li Mengdie and Christine had nothing to say to accompany the headmaster. The two attaché s quickly left the place.
Zhao Li and the principal Zhao Li left here have paid homage to the principal, but they have never known his rank, but it is conceivable that the principal’s rank will never be too low. This ceremony is respectful.
"Young man, come with me!" The headmaster looks easy-going, patted Zhao Li on the shoulder and motioned for him to come over. This is somebody else’s territory, and Zhao Li has no objection to it directly.
"I didn’t expect the old guy to let you practice this skill, but it’s bold!" It seems that at the moment when Zhao Li was patted on the shoulder, the headmaster had already seen through what kind of achievement method Zhao Li practiced. A simple sentence shocked Zhao Li and he didn’t know what to say. The old warden seemed to have to push himself into Zhao Li’s body to know Zhao Li’s practice. This is a simple shot. Is this a practice gap?
"Do you mean the old warden by old guy?" After thinking about it, Zhao Li still thinks it’s more appropriate to ask. It’s no ordinary person to call the old man like this, but it’s no ordinary person when the headmaster of a gifted school comes.
"Who else but him?" The headmaster smiled. "I watched this achievement method with him in those days, but I didn’t dare to practice this other achievement method. Nothing can do more harm than good. I can’t believe that he actually let you practice." In a word, I simply said that the two of them had some characteristics of Zhao Li’s famous achievement method, and there was something in the tone that the old warden didn’t really mean.
"I dare not forget his old man’s cultivation for a generation!" Come and attack? Zhao Li is no longer a newcomer. At the beginning of his career, I can’t listen to anything, but I can’t tell clearly. Although the principal said that the characteristics are correct, Zhao Li can’t literally believe what the principal said. It’s not normal for genius schools to fight against the whole army for a while, but Zhao Li must clearly know which side he is.
"It seems that the old guy’s eyes are not bad." The headmaster and Zhao Li walked side by side. There seems to be a special magic in their tone, which makes people feel calm and violent. It seems that he doesn’t even have the most basic desire to fight, let alone reveal murderous look. Is this a master demeanor after he has reached a certain level?
Among the masters Zhao Li has seen, no one can make Zhao Li feel peaceful all the time except Ban Yunchan. However, Ban Yunchan attracts people by virtue of his beauty and conversation, and he will never have such a horrible ability around him.
The old warden is another style. In front of him, it seems that he will involuntarily obey his orders. Zhao Li believes that even though his rank is equal to that of the old warden, he will stand at attention and salute in front of the old man, just as the middle commander will salute the old warden.
"Many people think that the genius school is an independent organization and is in direct confrontation with the unified military." While walking with the principal, his blandness is very easy for people to introduce Zhao Li with confidence. "Actually, this statement is all wet."
At this time, Zhao Li can’t interrupt, listen honestly and look around curiously at the same time. It seems that he wants to bring back the landscape department of the magical genius school.
"Genius schools have mastered a large number of advanced achievement methods, but there are a few in the military promotion." The principal also knows that Zhao Li wants to see more. The pace is slow, so that Zhao Li can slowly observe along the way. Some people see that the principal here is spreading with a lieutenant colonel, and then he flies around and dares not disturb two people.
"The whole army thinks that we have occupied a lot of resources but didn’t share them with most people. This is a big mistake. This is to deliberately monopolize the high-end achievement method and raise the price, but this is not the case." Zhao Li watched and the principal continued.
I heard that Zhao Li also had some ideas and turned to the headmaster. The headmaster smiled. "This is not the case." He stretched out his hand and led forward out of the tarmac into a building. The headmaster also specially pointed out a path to Zhao Li.
"There are a lot of high-end techniques here, but the practice conditions are extremely harsh, not only the qualifications are almost abnormal, but even if the qualifications are suitable, the practice process is extremely dangerous. A little carelessness is very serious, and the martial arts will be wasted into a basket case, but the headmaster seems to be a little dim." How many outstanding students have paid their own lives for this exploration path? I think Christine and Li Mengdie have also told you? "
The headmaster’s words made Zhao Li nod. It’s not a secret. There’s nothing to keep secret. Maybe Christine has reported it to the headmaster.
"Finally, it took us a few days to test out the most reliable achievement method before they entered the ranks of military special forces standard achievement method." The two walked through a corridor, but at both ends of the corridor, they were neatly and densely covered with photos, each of which was a bust of a young man wearing a military uniform with a name and a year written on it.
"These children are all accidents in the process of exploration." The headmaster stopped at the photo wall and Zhao Li also looked at these young faces one by one. For a moment, he saluted at the photos on the wall.
There is a whole wall and a long corridor. I’m afraid there are not thousands of talented schools. How many people can we find from the society and the army every year? In this way, the loss rate of talented schools is quite amazing, far more than what percentage of accidents Li Mengdie said. Zhao Li, on the one hand, these people paid to admire this wall, but on the other hand, they were glad that they didn’t have the enthusiasm to join the talented schools.
"You are very good." Seeing Zhao Li salute, the headmaster suddenly said something puzzling, which made Zhao Li a little confused and sacrificed his comrades to make a ceremony. What can you say?
"You don’t particularly exclude our students, and it’s very important to get along well with them." The headmaster smiled and Zhao Li explained, "You are the second person who can give me these children fair treatment and let them show their strengths. Others are just dangerous because of their high martial arts."
When the headmaster said this, Zhao Li was embarrassed. "I also let them carry out the danger." He meant that Jin Wuxing blocked the bombing of the rebel supply warehouse.
"That different young man!" The headmaster calls his students children, but it is clear whether he calls young people close or not to Zhao Li. "The most important thing is that you don’t think of them as a martial arts tool, but as their partners and even as their lovers, which is something that none of the guys in high positions can do."
When a friend is a partner, Zhao Li still feels normal, but when he heard that the principal actually said his lover, Zhao Li couldn’t help blushing, as if he had been caught by his parents with his little daughter. Did Li Mengdie report this to the organization?
"Don’t get me wrong!" As soon as the headmaster saw Zhao Li’s face, he knew that he was wrong. "Xiao Li didn’t tell me this, but she has already broken her body. This can’t hide my old eyes, but this difference can still be seen."
The headmaster said that Zhao Li’s face became redder and redder, and he was arrested. The current law is refuted.
"It’s easy to guess that you can transfer them to your side because you have a good impression on them." The headmaster turned a blind eye to Zhao Li’s embarrassment. "Xiao Li’s practice skills can’t be easily broken. Once someone happens with her, she will definitely be sucked up by her. There are several unique skills to resist."
"Do you know that her practice has this effect?" Zhao Li was very surprised that if Li Mengdie didn’t report it, he could say a little. Before Li Mengdie practiced, the principal knew the consequences. Since this is the case, Li Mengdie tried to put it on. When he thought of this, Zhao Li couldn’t help but burst into anger and his tone became sharp. "Then you want her to practice this kind of thing?"
"Many exercises can be simulated by one’s own body, and the approximate effect can be inferred." The headmaster was not surprised at Zhao Li’s anger, or explained in a flat voice. "When everyone chooses the exercises, someone will make it clear that the possible effects and symptoms may fail. Everyone practices voluntarily and we have not forced anyone."
"How can it be involuntary to be brainwashed by you for a few years?" Zhao Li didn’t say this sentence at ease, and some words can’t be said in person, although everyone knows this truth.
"Although simulated practice can infer the general effect, it still needs people to practice to verify it." The headmaster estimated that Zhao Li’s idea was not intended to continue to explain. "It’s like the introduction of new pharmaceutical drugs has to go through a series of pathological toxicological biological experiments, and finally, clinical trials have to be carried out before the introduction to determine the effect, while the introduction of a method is more demanding. The specific practice conditions are several times more responsible than those things. We have sacrificed so many people and successfully exported 16 advanced methods. These are the results of these children’s lives and futures."
"This is especially true for people’s exercises," the headmaster said. "If there were not a large number of students doing experiments on their own bodies, there would be no basic body-building exercises and no people’s exercises. This society is still the same as before. People can’t enjoy twice the life span and have a stronger body, and we children are the price to achieve these effects! They are the heroes and the biggest heroes! "
In a word, Zhao Li was speechless. If these people were not willing to give their lives, there would be no present life, but the reason is easy to understand. It is another matter to love yourself.
"Your practice skill is just one of the overbearing effects that can resist Li Mengdie. When I saw that she had lost her virginity, I wanted to see you and see what your practice skill is. I didn’t expect to be an old guy looking after the family treasure." Speaking of the old warden, the principal seemed to want to laugh.
Zhao Linao moved, "Just now you said that I was the second person to give them fair treatment. Who was the first one?"
"Who else is the old guy?" The headmaster still smiled and answered whether Zhao Li was Zhao Li or Zhao Li. He described the headmaster and the old warden. Anyway, he felt that he was an enemy and a friend. It was not sure.
With these words, the two seem to have walked through the photo wall, but further on, there is a huge practice room, which is huge because there are at least hundreds of small rooms to practice and facilitate external monitoring, just like the Zhao Lixin Military Training Center, which is several times larger and more advanced in equipment.
There are suddenly more people here, and many people are still nervous here, and some students are walking back and forth, but everyone should salute when passing the headmaster and Zhao Li, and then leave without disturbing them at all.
"I have always been very interested in the old man’s skill set. Can you satisfy my old man’s curiosity and let me see what specific changes will happen in the process of practice?" See Zhao Li interested in this huge practice room, the principal smiled and replied.
"Let’s take a rain check and finish the work first." Zhao Li didn’t refuse, but he didn’t accept it, but pushed it back for a few days
The principal nodded without saying anything, and took him through the practice room to a small-scale test room. "This is where students test their practice results after practice." He turned to look at Zhao Li. "Are you interested in a simple test to see your current level? You haven’t been tested since the completion of recruit training. "
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Expensive gifts
"test?" Listen to the headmaster Zhao Li also some itch to try.
The headmaster knows Zhao Li very well, including the fact that he hasn’t been tested after the recruit training. This little detail is very detailed, and he has also made a lot of efforts. Supposedly, Zhao Li is a small lieutenant colonel, that is, he can accept two talented schools at most. The confidante should not be treated like this, but it happened that the headmaster valued him so much and couldn’t say anything.