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As if seeing through everything, but as if seeing through nothing …

With the cloud palm method, Baiyun Tower is running slowly, and the cloud center method seems to have returned to the beginning of practice.
No hurry, no impatience, no tension, no publicity
Compared with this cloud method, the other method is very slow, but it is more in line with the true meaning of cloud.
After playing Baiyun Tower with a palm technique, everything seems to be slowing down in the eyes of Liu Yunxin.
Unconsciously, the spirit is naturally integrated into this world.
To incarnate heaven and heaven is my way.
Chapter one thousand and seventy-six sister Yunxiao
Baiyun Tower truly feels the true meaning of heaven through the extreme transformation, avatar, cloud and mind.
One side of the small world, the true spirit of heaven naturally remembers this long-term peace
The universe is vast, but people are just a drop in the ocean, but they are unique.
Jie xian Jie Cang JIU you
Everything is in ruins, but there is also a hidden crisis of life and death …
Before you know it, Baiyun Tower Heavenly Road is highly contemplating this small world.
A flower in front of the trance Baiyun Tower actually came to Yunxiao Manor Waterfront Gallery Pavilion.
There is a stunning girl at the railing of the gallery, which is the elder sister who looks up at the sky.
"The teacher elder sister …" Bowing ceremony in front of Baiyun Building.
Clouds back eyes turned and nodded in response.
After looking at the Baiyun Tower, it is very casual to say, "Call me sister later …"
"Ah … good elder sister" Baiyun Tower quickly nodded after slightly zheng.
"This manor is temporarily entrusted to you, and I need to go to the world for a while." Xiao turned around and looked up at the vast star theory, and his expression was much more vivid than before
Baiyunlou should go to the railing and look up and sigh lightly. "The celestial world is stared at by the alien protoss, and there may be many unknowns waiting to move."
Clouds looked back and looked down at the static pool and said softly, "If the appearance of Qingchi once said that it is not WTO …"
I see …
Turned to look at Sister Xiao, who seemed to contain stars, eyes and white clouds, and spoke directly to invite her. "Sister, go to the White House. The second floor of the backyard has been waiting since Sister Qing Chi left …"
The gallery pavilion suddenly stopped and immediately responded with "all right"
Respond to the heroic dry cloud in Baiyun Tower, looking up and patting the handrail, saying, "Those who dare to attack us will let the fly ash go out …"
Clouds turned and nodded slightly.
Just then a shout came from the quiet pool outside the gallery.
"Elder brother have a meal …"
The pool surface shows the scene of the white house backyard, and the green ant looks up and cries with a somewhat confused color. It seems that it is amazing that my brother’s breath disappears too thoroughly.
"You go to Yunlou first, and I’ll be there soon."
"All right, sister," Lang Ying said, when the shape of the Baiyun Building flashed into the static pool, he turned and waved.
"Don’t walk with the main entrance …" Clouds whispered a few smiles on their corners of the mouth.
Floating from the clouds and falling, Baiyun Tower is divided into several places and breaks away separately.
A soul back to the White House yard hello green ants and koi fish rearranged together.
Another split soul went to Nanzhou to wake up the white wolf wandering in the jungle near Aly, and brought the two back to the White House yard by counting the interest in the virtual channel.
A thought was given to Ziyan and Huolinger, and they fled directly to Kyoto Imperial City.
You can’t break your word by promising Xiao Chaoyang to pick her up early.
Baiyun Tower went all the way through the temple door with a dragon symbol card, and it didn’t take long to get to the front of Izumo Hall.
"Brother …" A charming shout came from the temple, and Xiao Chaoyang’s charming figure instantly jumped into the arms of Baiyun Tower, where there was any manners when he was just sitting.
Spoiled to embrace the little Chaoyang Baiyun Tower, and nodded slightly to the concubines of Xia Huang in the temple.
"Go and get busy with your business." The hall rang with the gentle words of the empress.
"Well" Xia Chaoyang master elder brother bosom a feeling of tightness in the back to this just to react quickly jump out of the body to be gently hold the hand.
"My elder sister went home today and I took Chaoyang to meet her …" Baiyun Tower made a junior ceremony to the people in the temple and immediately waved and turned to pull Chaoyang pool to jump on the front steps of the temple and step into the virtual door to return to the Baijia yard in Luoshui County.
"It’s good to be young …" Looking at the back of two people, the Empress couldn’t help feeling out.
"Sister? Didn’t listen to Yunlou before? " The third imperial concubine was curious to ask out
Originally, I sat firmly in Xia Huang’s seat, and suddenly, I stupidly answered the words, "My sister Yunlou has been traveling far away, so I have to return today …"
Before and after half a cup of tea, a cloud table has been set up in the backyard of the White House.
The cloud table is filled with all kinds of breakfast food, Baiyun Building, and sister likes to put a few more plates of crispy and sweet fruit.
Miss Xiang invited Huo Linger and Yan Yan to drive away in the distance, and the white exhibition was also heard to return to the White House yard, which was very lively for a while.
The arrival of Chaoyang, Ziyan, White Wolf, Aly and Huolinger made Niang see things in a blur and smile.
It coincided with Xiaowen’s birthday, and they all sent small gifts of blessing.
Suddenly, Niang seems to think of something and turns to say hello to Baiyun Tower. "Lou, you can’t neglect going home in sister today. Don’t go to the door and wait …"
"big sister?" Backyard and they can’t help but exclaim at the same time.
"Big sister is coming back today?" Green ants also follow asked 1.
"Elder sister has been traveling abroad and is finally willing to come back …"
Xiaowen followed muttering, "I haven’t seen elder sister since I was a child …"
"Wen, you are still a long way from growing up …"
All words listen to the Baiyun Tower, and Xia Chaoyang is also a face of confusion, listening to Ziyan without saying anything, pulling them up and walking towards the front yard gate.
"What’s the matter with brothers and sisters?" In the front yard, Zhao-yang Xia could not help but read and asked at once.
"Just recognize clouds the teacher elder sister did sister …"
"So the avatar is really mysterious …" Zi Yan sighed with emotion.
Baiyun Tower is also very sighed and replied, "Yes, it seems that everyone has accepted sister … but it is normal to think about it."
By this time, Xia Chaoyang reacted and suddenly read aloud with surprise, "It turns out that Sister Xiao hasn’t seen it yet, but … why haven’t the three of us added memories?"
"Should have and fairy gentleman …"
When the three of them were talking mindfully, the front door suddenly knocked at the door.
Sister?’ Baiyun Tower and two school sisters looked at each other and looked at the gate in order.