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Not only did he stop studying hard and gain fame, but he also repeatedly contradicted his parents with filial words.

It happened that it didn’t take long for Qin Feng to forget what he had done before and become a good boy in his parents’ eyes again.
This huge difference in personality changes is naturally seen and remembered by others in the family.
So I asked the doctor to ask the doctor and the mage to ask the mage’s family to do almost everything they could to cure Qin Feng’s "madness"
"It seems that there is no cure? Instead, it may be more serious? "
Pei Wende was not surprised by the housekeeper’s description.
Since Qinfeng’s disease has really been cured, the housekeeper will not come to Tongqing Temple for help today.
On whether Qin Feng is really evil or simply mentally ill, after all this tossing, the situation will definitely become more serious than before.
This also confirms from the side that the housekeeper cried before.
After all, if we just maintain the original appearance, Qin Feng’s illness is serious, but it is far from reaching the level of "saving lives"
"But if the original little husband can still stay awake for a few hours a day"
"Then since he was treated, he has been awake at dusk and fragrant."
Although the housekeeper’s words did not show any negative emotions, Pei Wende could easily feel his anger at the quacks and wizards from his words about dialects.
"So that’s it."
Pei Wende nodded thoughtfully and felt that Qin Feng’s condition seemed not as simple as the housekeeper’s description.
This can be seen from the fact that the other person dare not look directly at his eyes when he speaks, and that he seems to pause and think.
"What did you just say that he needed’ help’?"
After making sure that the housekeeper is hiding something, this becomes the biggest question in Pei Wende’s heart.
Qin Feng’s current situation is obviously not as simple as split personality or mental disorder. It seems that there are other situations that are endangering his life.
"Little husband he … he …"
Hearing Pei Wende’s question, the housekeeper suddenly showed hesitation.
However, considering that Qin Fengan had already made up his mind, he still told a fact that shocked Pei Wende.
"Xiao Langjun, his body is rotting and then slowly becomes a monster!"
Chapter 13 murder? Jealous?
After confirming that what the housekeeper said was true, Pei Wende immediately told Hui Ji about the situation and then took the initiative to ask Shan to handle this suspected "evil" incident.
To tell the truth, Hui Ji refused to do this.
Pei Wende’s "mother’s physique" has shown enough in the past year.
Nothing can get you into trouble. If you really touch a real evil event, you must not collapse the sky.
Anyway, I really want Pei Wende to solve the evil incident in Qinfeng. He certainly won’t simply help the other side drive away the evil like other Taoist monks.
According to Pei Wende’s consistent personality, asking questions and then making a series of big moves are the things that most resemble him.
This point has been very obvious in the disaster incident.
Of course, it would certainly be the same to deal with it if it were Hui Ji-because this is the pulse of Zen master Lingyou.
It’s two completely different feelings to be personally involved and to let others worry about their own aftermath.
Hui Ji is willing to "do things" on his own, leaving the fearful work to Pei Wende and Zen Master Lingyou in the rear.
Nai Hui Ji also knows that Pei Wende’s character is definitely impossible to stay in the temple honestly, not to mention praying for the pilgrims instead of Ling You Jackson.
Jia Hui Ji had a vague sense of crisis in his heart. The sudden appearance of Dan Chen was definitely not as simple as it seemed.
Even after the death of Zen master An Hui Ji, it is impossible for the mountain to handle family affairs at this time.
It is no coincidence that Hui Ji thinks that the housekeeper will ask for help at this time.
In fact, Hui Ji would rather think too much than think less.
If Dan Chen’s trip to the mountain is not just about catching up with the past, it is the best way to deal with it.
Just take this opportunity to take Pei Wende to the mountain is to let him avoid this upcoming battlefield Tongqing Temple.
So all these factors were superimposed and Hui Ji agreed to Pei Wendeshan’s request.
However, Hui Ji is not a complete compromise. Pei Wende thinks the mountain is fine, but he must bring a "person"