24, Jun 2024
"Are you willing to give my leg a discount?" Longyou knew that Miranda Kerr was also mean.

"glib, wouldn’t you say it’s sister Chu Er?"
Zhang Chuer nodded, and the director saw two chicks coming together and getting along well. He gave a thumbs-up to Longyou, and Longyou picked his eyebrows.
The director waved his hand and the crew said, "Good teacher."
Longyou laughed, but he was more and more reluctant to part with the film crew.
On the other side, the heroine looked at the two chicks with envy by the window, feeling a little lost and lonely.
The two chicks visited the class and made Longyou very satisfied. Although they left the next day, this did not hinder Longyou’s good mood.
The next day, the crew went their separate ways. Longyou left a message everywhere. He usually didn’t smoke. He lit a cigarette and everyone reluctantly said goodbye.
Finally, Longyou and the director were asked by a group of actors to make the second film and the third film Longyou promised that he would also inspire these old actors himself.
The actors left the film crew in twos and threes, and as soon as the film crew left the post-production and publicity staff.
The film is in full swing, and Longyou racked his brains to think about the announcement.
The superhero returns, the hero past lives sees a superhero like He and saves the world.
Black and white propaganda ball has the best special effects, several powerful stars, and of course, the most important thing is the influence of Longyou comics.
At that time, the world’s attention was attracted by the return of superheroes. In the past, the publicity films of superheroes in major networks were also pushed to the front page, and cinemas began to play the publicity films of superheroes in cycles.
The production team is still very satisfied with the response of the film, and almost all the audience who have seen the announcement are looking forward to the film.
The post-production group is also in full swing, and many pictures have been edited out of Longyou and Cheng Shen, which have been privately treasured by Longyou.
Longyou began to play his name out and added three cartoons, which are half the sky red. This is the best reason. Today, the three cartoons have reached the point where everyone knows.
Finally, half a month later, the film was finally filmed. First of all, the pre-sale ticket market in North America and South America was snapped up on the first day.
Longyou is very satisfied with this reaction. Many professionals have begun to guess the box office of the superhero return ball, and compared it with Jurassic Park, which once created miracles.
It turns out that Marvel Comics’s superhero’s return potential has completely abused Jurassic Park, and the foreign box office alone has exceeded 100 million dollars!
A day later, according to statistics, the superhero return seating rate of 1% has set a new record for the cinema. It is predicted by news that this record will not be surpassed for a century.
The premiere of the packed superhero made headlines in major media and newspapers.
At the premiere ceremony, Longyou’s scriptwriter dressed up for the moment attracted most media attention.
People in the media are waiting for this moment, and the flashing lights are constantly flashing. There are also many Longyou fans in the reporters, and they look at Longyou with admiration.
"Master, you are very handsome today." The heroine went to the front desk with her arm in her arm.
"Master is very handsome every day" Longyou smelly fart said.
The heroine of "Smelly Beauty" said these two words in Chinese, and Longyou suddenly felt her eyes shine.
"Haha, you are not proficient in Chinese." Longyou laughed.
"Like your English" The heroine is not to be outdone.
Longyou took the heroine Cheng with a smile and walked to the director’s side. Many journalists from all over the world came, especially the host, Mi Guoji, for live coverage, all of which were American media.
Chinese reporters also came to several relatively few, all of whom were preparing to interview Longyou after the premiere.
Finally, in the interview session, most reporters gathered around Longyou, which made him embarrassed.
Longyou first accepted that the Chinese reporter asked, "Excuse me, Mr. Long, do you have any expectations for the superhero to return to the box office?"
"I think it’s certain to break the record and I’m not worried about the superhero returning to the box office because I can’t wait to relive it again."
"In Chinese, Mr. Long’s sentence means that the old woman sells melons and boasts." A foreign reporter said that she didn’t know much about the essence of Chinese language, and there was no malice.
"This should be obvious to all. There is no denying that the return of superheroes is indeed a rare good film in recent years." There was a clap around Longyou.
"So what do you think of the comparison between the return of superheroes and Jurassic Park?" A male reporter asked
"I can say that the times have advanced and our eyes should not stay where they were three years ago." Longyou replied rationally.
"Okay, okay, today’s interview is over." Workers came out to stop it.
Longyou’s answer came to an end, and the director came to him. "Dragon, you stole my thunder this time." Although the director said this, he didn’t see any unhappiness, and he benefited a lot from the success of the superhero’s return.
"You’ve got a bargain." Longyou laughed at his side face.
Indeed, the success of the superhero’s return has great expectations for the director.
"Ha ha" two people smile at one another.
The next week, the superhero returned to the box office and suppressed the most anticipated Jurassic Park, which was a great success.
Leading the box office all the way, the record is refreshed every day, and the superhero returns to various surrounding areas. Every day, fans of this film admire to read One Piece, Naruto and Death.
All of Ji’s comments are positive, and even many critical film experts have something to say.
The superhero’s return and the promotion of the ball caused a craze, which made Longyou unexpected.
The return of the superhero firmly occupied the first place in the cinema rankings in various countries, so it was also interviewed by major media. Of course, Longyou was disrespectful for this opportunity.
Chapter 9 Make a lot of money
The return of superheroes has led to a new generation of film frenzy.
There are too many invited media, and the excuse of Longyou refusing to shoot a new film has been reported by major media.
The return of superheroes has also caused a fire among the actors who participated in the filming. All the contracts have been signed and their prices have soared several times.
Therefore, Marvel Comics Company has made a comeback and restored its position in the past, but the biggest benefit is of course Longyou.
The news of the superhero’s return has been flying all over the sky. This film is almost a home. Yu Xiao, especially the students, discuss the wonderful film from time to time. At the same time, there are many pirated costumes and props in the film. There are mixed feelings about this phenomenon. It is the superhero’s return that will lead to such a situation. The worry is that it seems that the sales around him will be reduced to a certain extent. It seems that they will seize the opportunity whether they pass through people’s minds or not.
"Chu Er, look at the information on your mobile phone. It’s said that the tourist superhero has returned to the shooting location!" A delicate sound came from Miranda Kerr, who was cheerfully picking up his mobile phone and calling Zhang Chuer to watch it together.
"Hey, really, Chloe, let’s hurry up and make a call to book tickets," said Zhang Chuer Kerr, who looked at his mobile phone and was also enthusiastic.
Longyou became interested after hearing Miranda Kerr’s words, but after hearing Zhang Chuer’s confirmation words, he couldn’t help saying a word in his heart! Did he choose the location where the superhero came back to shoot and the boss there dug for gold? !