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"It is absolutely amazing that nearly 100 thousand troops consume materials every day. Once the supply line is cut off in less than two weeks, they will have to die of cold and starve to death!" Liu Weiping gave a happy smile at the meeting, which made Pakistani generals shudder. In their eyes, this guy is simply the devil incarnate! "If Indra people don’t want to see this army die, they will have to change their strategic plan to support the western front and the south China. We can win every artillery, every artillery and every shell. The artillery will be completely sealed off at the entrance of the valley and a biscuit can’t be brought in! Every fighter plane of the army should attack and let Indra people feel well-your enthusiasm. Indra’s government has suffered six or seven divisions from annihilation. Even if we know that it is a trap, our army will be able to support the trapped troops. If they don’t want to be trapped and starve to death, they will have to use transport helicopters, very large transport planes, and the trapped troops will throw materials, and we will be in a desperate situation and become our prey! "

Every Pakistani general, including President Zia, can’t help but breathe a chill. This guy’s contribution is not a clever plan, but an uncompromising one. Isn’t he afraid of cutting off his grandson? ? If this plan is successful, Indra will be miserable. The pincer attack on the north and south lines will be defeated at the same time. Not to mention that the southern group on the west line has become a great burden for Indra. Unless the southern group on the west line can successfully break through or surrender, Indra will get rid of this burden and save the lives of trapped soldiers. The whole army will be in a beating predicament and will drag Indra down!
Now the "Damascus machete" project has made a good start. As Liu Weiping expected, Indra Army they nest’s support for the Pakistani army in the south of the middle and west line of the valley is of course hot.
The fierce response is elite! 歼 -12 against Mirage -2 and MiG -29 against Xiaolong against MiG -21 歼-7 to clean up those stupid fighters that form a huge advantage like stone bombers. In the night, salamanders are flying around. Every fighter is chasing enemy planes or being chased by enemy planes. Missiles are chasing fighter planes like aggressive hounds. Baits are thrown out by fighter planes. In the night, there are colorful flowers and rain. Fighters are constantly being hit, rolling and falling to the ground with a raging fire. The explosion line is full of panic and despair of Indra pilots. Tell the Pakistani army pilots to go crazy, chase the tail and launch missiles, and then pounce on a target. When the missiles are exhausted, they will rush to the machine gun and sweep a string of tracer bullets, twisting and flashing like a spherical flash, which is dazzling. The Pakistani army pilots shouted "Long live Allah! Long live Allah! "
Chapter seventy-nine Speed hunting ()
Every Indra soldier in the Skania Valley gawks at this vicious strangulation. In the extreme chaos, no one can tell which fighters are enemy planes and which fighters are from our own country. Almost every minute, fighters are blown up by ling. Every minute, new fighters join the battlefield. Indra can never give up 100,000 elite fighters, and it is impossible to give up Indra’s military power. The fighters are all crushed. The strategic goal is to prevent the Pakistani army from throwing bombs at the southern group of the western front! And the Pakistani army earlier and several squadrons took turns to turn the Sikania Valley into Indra Army, and Verdun ground their last fighter plane!
"Oh, my God!" The crew members of the e-3 early warning aircraft responsible for early warning and dispatching are all so busy that they are sweating. The situation is really chaotic. Indra troops have been separated from their command and dispatching, and they are not going to kill a squadron and a squadron into the battlefield. This kind of chaos is exactly what the Pakistani army likes. The disadvantage of information sharing between the two sides has completely exposed two social systems. There are huge differences in values and quality. Even if countries want to join forces, they have to go through a long period of running-in. Panda Baba Sheep will not have this problem, and their troubles will be much greater. Indra Army’s strange tactics that make people want to cry can’t be tolerated without the low quality of pilots. But can’t those king eggs speak English uniformly? Usually, the exercises are good. Although the English level of Indra pilots needs to be improved, communication and command are not a problem. Now everything has gone wrong on the battlefield. Except for some pilots who can still insist on communicating with them in English, others are just facing the stage. They are all listening to their heads, even talking and gesticulating, yelling at Indra’s official languages as many as seventeen. Who the fuck can understand! The most hateful thing is that some guys don’t know whether they are scared crazy or scared silly, but they just yell at the station! In this case, how can they command and dispatch those Indra fighters to form a targeted formation to strangle the Pakistani fighters in the shelter?
There was another ghost in the station, and only then did you know which Indra pilot asked them for a magic weapon to save his life. The dispatcher didn’t have the strength to deal with this, but he had the strength to reply, "Thank you for speaking English, please."
The ghost screamed even worse, as if that guy had suddenly been pushed upside down by his brother, screaming loudly and screaming passionately-boom! ! ! After a loud noise, his mother’s ears were quiet
This kind of chaos also spread to the home front, and everything went well when the South Army of the West Line marched straight into the West Line. The epic picture of the North Army repeatedly breaking the Pakistani defense line really made the North Command show its limelight. However, at this time, the situation suddenly changed, and the South Group of the West Line was attacked by the Pakistani army, and 100,000 troops were blocked in the Silk Cania Valley.
Cann’t move This tactic is the most brilliant example of Beran people in the Beran War-the St. Tucson Valley War. It is exactly the same. The British Seventh Armored Division stepped into the trap. The legendary valley was eclipsed by the ink-and-ink flag. I remember that Indra’s Minister of Defense also gloated that if he was surrounded by Indra’s brave mountain division, the result would definitely be different, which made the British even more embarrassed. I didn’t expect that the world would be verified a few years later. Sometimes they boasted and had to pay taxes! The news came that the Northern Command was in chaos. The staff officers and several important generals were either red-faced or silent. Commander-in-Chief Harinder would look grim and walk around the headquarters with his hands twisted, thinking hard. When the general situation was clear, he immediately ordered the army to attack and destroy the artillery position of the first mountain division of the Pakistani army and open a way out. This command was suspected to be correct, but it was a pity that the Pakistani army expected that no matter how correct the command was, it would also bring disastrous consequences.
The brave attack troops were ambushed by Pakistani troops and lost more than 20 fighters in less than an hour. This figure made everyone feel scared. The most loss was the MiG -21 and MiG train fighter-bombers. The MiG -21 was one-sided, while those fighter-bombers full of bombs were known for their fighting performance. The Pijun was Indra’s short board, and the Pakistani army seized their weakness at the first hand. Now the south of the western line has been messed up. Indra’s cooperation with the double-headed eagle early warning aircraft is a mess. I’m sorry, it hasn’t been built in the military factory.
"General, this wave of attacks has failed again. We have seven MiG fighters and a mirage shot down." A responsible officer carefully reported to the military joint staff. "Do you want to let a wave of horses attack?"
Harinder smiled bitterly. "The Pakistani army is well-planned and closely coordinated, and no matter how many fighters we send in the past, we can just add Tonga food to others … Let the children come back. They have sacrificed enough."
"But …"
Harinder waved his hand to interrupt the staff officer and walked up to Major General Durant, head of Citigroup’s advisory group. In standard English, he said, "Major General, our army is facing a great crisis. Our army is too immature to shoulder the task of crushing the Pakistani army in a short time and can ask you for help!"
Major General Durant smiled gracefully and said, "We are allies. Difficulties are our responsibility." He went to the front of the stage and ordered the Cavaliers squadron to attack and teach a Pakistani hillbilly what war is! "
Twenty-three F-16s, two in a group, rose to form a formation, killing them to the front line, the domineering, the tacit understanding, the arrogance of giving up and giving up, which made every Indra soldier’s heart broken. Major General Durant did have pride. Compared with the two-headed eagle, the Pakistani army was not much better than the hillbilly.
Indra troops at the front finally received the order to retreat, and everyone felt relieved that they had lost too much blood and would not stay up if they didn’t retreat, and the Pakistani army was tired after playing for so long, and they didn’t entangle themselves and leave the battlefield to the old enemies.
Pakistani side also has more than 20 J -12 fighters roaring and pouncing on the f-16 fleet. Almost at the same time, the early warning aircraft of both sides found the enemy, and at the same time, they switched to the strike channel and quickly shortened the range of radar azimuth scanning. At the same time, the early warning aircraft also released a strong interference screen. Suddenly, the Xue Huadian point signal was mixed, and when the Dragon Eagle collided slightly, there was a spark in generate!
Zhu Xiaoqiang looked at the screen full of indistinguishable signals and muttered, "It’s a fucking ghost. So am I going to prevent the interference of the double-headed eagle!" He didn’t know that it was very difficult for the J -12 to achieve this step. He changed the Su -27, The MiG -29 or Mirage -2 is so strongly interfered that even the simplest communication of the crew has become a problem. The f-16 is also in the same trouble. The Chinese military’s countermeasure technology is not a vegetarian. The distance between the two sides is still more than 30 kilometers. Zhu Xiaoqiang first locked a jumping uncertain signal, pressed the launch button, and two Viper ii missiles were fired and lasered out one after another. At the same time, the signals emitted by the f-16 formation ai-7f and ai-9 missiles were also projected on the screen, and the early warning aircraft decisively woke up each plane. Pay attention to avoid a close battle. That’s it. When you lock someone, they lock you. Whether you can live or not depends on whether you can get rid of the missile with maggots attached to your bones!
The alarm went crazy, regardless of whether Zhu Xiaoqiang had been hit. Suddenly, the joystick was pushed, and the J -12 was almost straight toward the ground like a bomb. I’m afraid ai-7 has never encountered such a strange evasive action. It took two seconds to follow a plane with two missiles and rushed to the ground. Zhu Xiaoqiang’s eyes were bigger than pig urine bubbles, and the ground was getting closer and closer, and the missiles behind it were getting closer and closer. Either end could kill him! There are still 300 meters from the ground and the missile is 20 meters away from the fighter. He shouted, "Follow me? Eat fart! " The bow of the plane suddenly lifted up and changed into two missiles, which missed him by a fraction of a second, so as not to pull up a head and plunge into the mountain and blow it in two.
The brilliant fireball Zhu Xiaoqiang grinned, and then the fighter plane was changed to a higher level, and then the flying button was changed. Press the two machine guns and the barrels were rotated at the same time, and two intersecting fire streams were played in the 3 mm caliber artillery shells. A pilot who was at the intersection of these two fire streams flashed left and right, and the f-16 was beaten by the broken window and the shell didn’t even have a chance to parachute. The fuselage exploded, and a J -12 flew out of Zhu Xiaoqiang with an explosion fireball. Although nothing could be seen, Zhu Xiaoqiang could still feel the killer eyes of the pilot. He shrugged and said, "
A pilot really wants to give this Xiaoqiang a brick.
As a result of missile exchange, four F-16s and two J-12s were shot down, and one was wounded and tied. There is nothing to think about, except for a few crazy pilots who have been entangled in machine guns. Most crew members choose to launch close-range combat missiles! It’s another burst of missile screaming, rattlesnakes and vipers flying wildly. Every fighter plane has exerted its maneuverability to the limit. Flipping and spinning tin foil and hot flame bait are thrown in a string, as if peach blossoms are raining all over the sky, and missiles are flying in this piece of flower rain. Two equally well-trained Chinese teams collided. It is definitely Mars hitting the earth.
Zhu Xiaoqiang broke off a sparrow before it came to change the alarm and called out again-an f-16 had bitten his tail, and a 23 mm machine gun threw a barrage of tracer bullets at him, screaming and rubbing the fighter plane. He rowed around in front of his eyes, and his forehead involuntarily burst into cold sweat, and his heart shrank as big as table tennis! However, his hands are not slow at all. The fighter planes flickered in the rain like a wisp of smoke, and none of the shells could hit him. The F -12 was bigger than the f-16, and the f-16 pilot just had the feeling of riding an elephant to chase after consumption! Damn it, maybe he should sweep around with his eyes closed. Maybe this cunning opponent will accidentally, unfortunately, accidentally send himself to the muzzle?
There was a flash of fire at the tail of the J -12, and the missile broke the harsh scream and shattered his dream, and the tiny missile on his body directly hit the f-16 cockpit cover, leaving nothing for the whole person. Zhu Xiaoqiang grinned and said, "Haven’t you heard that there is a unique trick in the world called comeback?" Idiot! "
At the same time, two light phantom of the opera detoured through the mountains and turned to the e-3 early warning aircraft!
Chapter 10 Speed Hunting ()
E-3A is a kind of aircraft with complicated equipment and advanced performance. It has visual ability, which can not only search and monitor water, land and medium targets, but also command and guide its own aircraft. Therefore, it is also called preview and control aircraft. The main types of E-3A are E-3A, B, D Four types of E-3A US Army’s first batch of production airframes Boeing 77-32B have the same base, but the airframe is strengthened, so two interactive engines supporting radar antennas are installed. Four Pratt & Whitney f33-pw-1/1A turbofan engines have been greatly modified. After modification, the engine room can accommodate 17 passengers, 4 crew members, 12 duty officers and 1 unified operator who are responsible for operating communication equipment, computers, The radar and nine multi-path console devices can be divided into six parts: search radar, IFF, data processing, communication, navigation and guidance, data display and control, etc. An/APY-1 S-band pulse Doppler radar developed by westinghouse Company can divide the 36-degree azimuth circle into 32 sectors according to different war conditions, and each sector can be selected to combine the appropriate methods to discharge the radar scanner, adapt to vision, search beyond the horizon, The radar radome needs elliptical cross-section with a diameter of 91 meters and a thickness of 1 meter, which is located on the back of the aircraft. In the unified scanning, it can ask the commander about the complete land and sea power configuration of two medium, sea and land targets equipped with transponders. The communication system can ensure the communication between the E-3 and the ground. In view of this, even if it is called the double-headed eagle military command, no one will object to its performance. The sentinel has been fighting slowly since the war.Zhanfeng
Another signal representing the J -12 disappeared from the screen, and the crew cheered. After all, the Yanlong Army was no match for them, but they laughed a little early. Two extremely dangerous hunters were approaching them.
The biggest mistake of the double-headed eagle is to underestimate the intelligence advantage of the Yanlong Army. Since the advent of the e-3, Saudi Arabia has been fascinated by spending huge sums of money to buy five aircraft. At present, three aircraft have been delivered. Since the first e-3 was acquired, the Saudi Defence Force has frequently simulated confrontation with its own sentries for many years. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of both sides, it seems that there is no problem. However, if the sentinel is a Chinese soldier, the problem will be great. Repeated confrontation makes the Chinese army very familiar with the frequency, technical characteristics and customary tactics of the e-3 workers. As soon as the war This is really crazy. You know, Kashmir’s terrain is complex, and the airflow is chaotic. Even flying low during the day is very dangerous, and flying close to the top of the mountain at night is simply too long!
Good J-10 has terrain matching radar, plus Feng Ling and Lilac’s excellent technology and excellent psychology. It is thrilling all the way. e-3 has visual ability and has found J-10 several times. However, the ground clutter is too strong and hateful, and J-10 has good stealth performance. It is often that the screen is fleeting and ignored as clutter.
The consequence of such negligence are disastrous.
There are still ten kilometers away from the early warning aircraft. Feng Ling drinks "Raptors II ready!"
Lilac said, "Ready!"
"Do it!"
Two fighters jumped up at the same time and opened the afterburner nozzle. The tail flame soared more than a foot, and there was a sonic boom. Two fighters swooped down on the early warning aircraft in the distance like two raptors. The anti-radiation missile blade flashed bloodthirsty light.
The radar operator of the e-3 early warning aircraft suddenly opened his eyes and let out a crazy cry, "My God, the enemy plane! Enemy planes are approaching us! "
The temperature of the early warning aircraft department plummeted and looked at the screen. The two erratic and amazing high-speed approaching light spots made everyone shudder. Damn it, the Chinese military pilots dared to risk hitting the mountain to bypass the Cavalry Squadron and get the early warning aircraft! The early warning aircraft is the eyes of the army. If the eyes are gouged out, don’t fight this battle! The dispatcher shouted, "Knight 113, Knight 115, Hawkeye requesting backup!" " Then he yelled at the pilot, "Get out of this area! It’s dangerous here!"
Two F-16s were driving around, and they also found that the targets were almost idle. The pilots were in great spirits, and they drove the fighter planes to the left and right. They had already warmed up, and the missiles roared out. Two fighters rolled around one minute, and the tin foil was blooming. Two hot missiles suddenly lost Feng Ling, changed their direction from the rolling state, and did not change their direction to take the early warning aircraft. Lilac fired two vipers iii. Although the angle and height were not ideal, the hit probability of viper iii was not high, but the fierce and aggressive viper was still there. It was the two F-16s who felt great pressure and tried their best to evade and barely hid in the past. At this time, Raptor 1 had disappeared from their radar screen and Raptor 2 pulled out a straight tail smoke and rushed at them like a huge cruise missile!
Knight 113 pilot sees a sweaty ghost on his forehead and cries, "There’s another one? Where’s that bitch? "
There was a little tension in the voice of Knight 115 pilot. "I can’t see it! Hell, is it still invisible? "
The J-10 can’t be invisible, but it has certain stealth performance, and Feng Ling is exerting this advantage to the limit. It’s not easy to catch him in a short time. There is no way. Raptor II is approaching. Let’s deal with the evil star in front of us first. Three fighters are like chasing and circling in three angry dragons, and we can’t see the thunder.
Da Bo covers a long time trying to lock the other side. Once locked, a deadly poison arrow will inevitably roar, but everyone is a master who wants to lock the other side. It is easy to talk about it. After a move, Knight 113 issued a depressed roar. "What the hell is this fighter?" Isn’t it that the Chinese national army can fly? "
Knight 115 despises the IQ of his comrades-in-arms. "Can those politicians believe what they say? Be careful that it launches missiles again!"
This time, an Viper ii was launched, but its range was insufficient, but its accuracy was high, and its maneuverability was very headache. The locked knight 113 put together the fighter plane and rolled the barrel to rotate the bee word dance in one go. However, the missile was still spinning around. He did not say anything about turning on the interference. This move was very effective for Soviet missiles, but it was as effective as a horse for Chinese missiles-Knight 115 was frightened to disgrace and screamed "! You idiot, come on! " The Viper ii is about to lose his voice. As soon as he wakes up from a dream, he turns his finger at the interference source and rushes over to the proximity fuse to accurately detonate the missile and explode the hot shrapnel at close range. When the f-16 fuselage is about to be turned into a hornet’s nest, Ling will disintegrate after struggling for two pieces.
An umbrella flower blooms in this cold land.
Knight 115 is red-eyed, and two sparrows are shot at the right angle and timing. Lilacs have not yet arrived to feel the joy of victory, and they have changed from hunters to prey, which is very passive.
That e-3 dispatcher is going crazy. Raptor 1 has shown his dense fangs at them, and those two idiots are still fighting Raptor 2! Don’t they know how important early warning aircraft is? Now, even if he shouts his throat out, Knight 113 has been shot down. Knight 115, if you go back to rescue the early warning opportunity, you will die faster and the nearest unit is 150 kilometers away, so you can’t escape? Where to escape? Which country’s early warning aircraft can outrun fighters? You can’t escape and fight, and you can’t fight the pilot’s self-defense pistol with the J-10? That’s a good idea. The dispatcher’s voice is full of despair. Band blocking interference! "
Desperate e e-3 early warning aircraft suddenly evaded and implemented band blocking jamming at the same time. Not only Feng Ling fighters, but also the fleet of Yanlong Corps and Cavalry Squadron, which were being killed inextricably, were also damaged. The communication department of the unit was cut off by a big hand, and many instruments failed. In the middle of the day, I suddenly scolded a piece of grass and mud horse for rushing past Lingfeng and said "Bye bye!" with a relaxed smile. The long-awaited anti-radiation missile roared out like a dragon crashing into the sea, and the fiercer the interference, the fiercer it became! At present, the e-3 early warning aircraft has two options to stop jamming and be supplemented by Raptor-1. Continue to interfere with the anti-radiation missiles; This difficult problem will take you less than twenty seconds.
Which one do you choose when Zhong gives the answer?
Whichever you choose, the result will be the same. You’re dead!
Knight 115 has locked Raptor II. However, the intense interference made Lilac survive. This is an unobservable opportunity to quickly get rid of the last missile and hit Knight 115 head-on. Knight 115′ s rattlesnake also showed her fangs. Lilac fired the missile and finally failed to hit Knight 115, which was lured by his successful hot flame bait. Knight 115 also saw that the rattlesnake also failed to hit Lilac. There are still 20 meters away from the fighter plane. The self-explosion shock wave sweeps the whole fuselage. Tens of kilometers away, the early warning aircraft has turned into a ball of fire. He sighed, even if he can’t win this battle, he began to hesitate whether to rush to make up a sparrow for the injured Raptor II or turn his head to face the murderous Raptor I? Before he made a decision, he heard the scream of an viper. An viper ii shone on the knight’s 115 ass and came straight! This is like a ghostly blow, distracting two knights. If you can’t escape, you can’t escape. After getting rid of the viper, the pilot made the only correct choice to eject and escape.
The viper missile hit the f-16 chrysanthemum red-handed, and another fire burst open in the night. Feng Ling gasped and asked, "Is Raptor II okay?"
Lilac said "nothing"
Ling Feng breathed a sigh of relief. "I saved your life. How can I thank your savior?"
Lilac said, "will you die if you don’t loquacious?" Run away or we’ll all be finished! "
Flying all over the sky with flames, two fighters in the debris of the body turned their heads and plunged to a low level to escape quickly. At least three F-15s came after us. Now is not the time to be a hero. Without the help of an early warning aircraft, it is difficult for F-15s to find these two targets that have long since fled with their own radar. Feng Ling was in a good mood and screamed. The deadly song made Lilac extremely miserable and was about to open his mouth to tell him to shut up. Feng Ling suddenly became nervous and said, "Girl, are your fighters injured?"
Lilac said, "A rattlesnake exploded at close range and may have scratched its left wing by missile fragments."
Feng Ling said, "Pull it up! If you fly so low, that small mouth will be completely torn apart by the airflow, and your fighter will be finished! "
Clove forehead see sweat "pull up will be found" words haven’t finished the fuselage with a heavy shock on the left wing was torn by airflow, the plane out of control, whining, spinning and crashing into the ground, Feng Ling was frightened to disgrace "jump! Skydiving! " Lilac barely kept calm, and in a whirl, she struggled to touch a button and pressed it hard, at the same time, she pulled the ejection handle. Bang, she was ejected three seconds later, and the fighter plane went out of control.
Destroy the program to start a few kilograms and high explosives to instantly melt it into light and heat like a fire phoenix. Feng Ling looked at the lonely umbrella flower and bit his lip to open an encrypted channel. He hissed, "Report Ying Chao to report the coordinates of the crash of Ying Chao Raptors II. The location is to ask the horse to send a mountain search and rescue force! Repeatedly ask the horse to send search and rescue troops! "
Chapter 11 A bloody battle in the valley (1)
The destruction of the e-3 watchtower was a devastating blow to the Knight Squadron. The sentinel ignored the magnetic interference again and overwhelmed the f-16 fleet. The result was disastrous for the highly dependent information sharing army. In the J -12 day, the sentinel efficiently and smoothly commanded to launch a general attack of mercury leakage and launched a large-scale fire-hunting competition. The fighting missile was woven into a dazzling barrage at night, and the f-16 was only that dense and accurate to guide. Dancing in the rain was beaten one after another. At the worst time, you can see that there are three F-16s that caught fire and exploded at the same second. Half the sky turned orange. This is probably the worst battle F-16s have ever fought. Because there is no early warning aircraft, they were beaten everywhere and suffered heavy losses. The squadron leader saw that this battle could not be won. He took the lead in throwing out the jammer and turning the nose to make the last trick-he struggled to get away until the pilot saw that the captain was running away. What else do you want to learn? The jammer was full at one time. The X -12 radar screen forms several ice needle-like light spots. Once it flies into the bait cloud, it is difficult to distinguish between the north and the south, and several X-12s are so confused that when they get out of the bait cloud, the f-16 will have run away long ago, and they don’t have much ammunition and oil. The only thing to do is to turn back.
Zhu Xiaoqiang went with two fighters to pursue the early warning aircraft command, biting the knight squadron’s ass and aiming at the f-16. The red chrysanthemums hit the missiles one by one. These three fighters deliberately kept their strength and fuel from the beginning, and the missiles didn’t hit much firepower. It would be terrible to open the f-16. They were shot in the ass and screamed hysterically, then turned into a rolling fireball and planted on the ground. The knight squadron was so cold that the engine explosion speed soared to the limit, but they still failed to get rid of the J -12 J -1. 2 launch missiles with two companies and three shots, and turn them into clouds of fire more than ten or twenty kilometers away until the radar screen can no longer see an f-16. When these three satellites ran out of all missile fuel, they turned around and left. They beat Reservoir Dogs like a beating, and the squadron base of the knight was completely lost. Fortunately, these three fighters were welcomed by the tanker of one -13 Hercules of the Pakistani army on their way back.
The first world war was a great victory. The Yanlong Corps lost seven fighters -12, and almost wiped out the Cavalry Squadron. This was a previous record. But Zhu Xiaoqiang got off the plane and saw that everyone in the brigade looked dignified. The atmosphere in the whole military base was extremely depressed. I couldn’t help but wonder that I found a base commander and asked him to know that the Raptor II was shot down in the eagle eye digging operation. His heart sank and a prototype of the fighter X was shot down, which was already very deadly.
It’s lilac. It’s still behind enemy lines. The thought that she might die or fall into the hands of the enemy made everyone feel heavy, and the joy of victory was greatly diluted.
Temporary resident of ensign brigade …
"There are concave combinations!"
It’s like a row of artillery bombardment. The super loud voice woke the three of us from our dreams. Without opening our eyes, we grabbed our weapons and rushed out. The border has become a mess. Of course, we don’t expect to have a good sleep. We all sleep with guns on our pillows.
The platoon leader was very satisfied with our quick response and took us to the headquarters. I asked, "What does the platoon leader have?"
The platoon leader said, "This is an extreme danger. Let’s go in."
Into the headquarters, several officers with the rank of major and lieutenant colonel are busy with the big screen repeatedly playing the geographical pictures of Kashmir. The platoon leader briefed us that "a J-10 fighter plane in China was unfortunately shot down five minutes ago …"
When I heard that the J-10 was shot down, my heart tightened. Until now, there were two J-10 s in the Dragon Corps, so it was probably lilac! I blurted out, "Is it Raptors One or Two?"
The platoon leader said "No.2"