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Chapter ninety-one From the celestial corpse to the ancient land

Xiao Yu’s words are very sincere. When it comes to the depths of love, it is tears, a snot and a deep bow to wait for the reaction of the bodhi old zu.
"A bunch of rotten things!"
Five poisons bodhi old zu Han said
Can be clearly felt that he moved the wrath of the body, thick terrorist breath borne to the sky, and the miasma in the local circle of hundreds of miles followed the violent surge.
Anger changes the world!
"When I left, I left a lot of resources to keep me from being poisoned for six thousand years. You worthless grandchildren must have been ill-advised to make progress!" The bodhi old zu said coldly.
"Brother has been in decline for many years since he came to the throne, and this time he was lucky to learn that his ancestors were not dead," Xiao Yu said cautiously.
The bodhi old zu of Five Poisons snorted coldly, as if he was very disappointed with the present people. He said solemnly, "I’m disappointed that the old man established the Five Poisons Sect after a thousand robberies and a narrow escape!"
Here, with a wave of his hand, he took out a black flag from the mountains behind him. It was more than two meters long and shouted "La La La". Scrolling accompanied by a gloomy atmosphere, the flag was painted with a number of monster beasts and poisonous insects, which seemed to be vivid and twisted, and it looked very strange.
The bodhi old zu of the Five Poisons threw this flag to Xiao Yulan and said, "Take it. It’s a flag of all spirits!"
With that, he turned and walked directly into the mountains.
The miasma surged again, and soon the whole mountain was covered again. It seems that the bodhi old zu with five poisons never wants to see Xiao Yu, a black sheep again.
Xiao Yu repeatedly proffering flaming took the spirit flag and burned it for some days. The corpse operator turned away.
He felt a cold sweat in his heart until he walked out of more than ten miles away, and then he was ecstatic and screaming!
Looked at the hands of the black dense flag Xiao Yu with a wave of his hand, suddenly a terrorist suction broke out from the All Spirit Banner and madly absorbed his vitality and strength. It was only a moment that he was almost taken off.
Xiao Yu was aghast!
The flag was gently displayed, and a monstrous black gas swept out, and a hill immediately collapsed in front of me.
Xiao Yu got a fright!
"It’s terrible. This flag of all souls is really terrible. At least I have a strong strength now, and I was drained of my strength just by waving it."
Xiao Yu wiped her cold sweat and suddenly felt that this banner became heavy.
The little stone lion said, "This spirit flag is an old poison, which was refined after killing several monster beasts and poisonous insects. It can be said that it is a bloody spirit, but it is more than a spirit to die." Even if it is a million! "
Xiao Yu nodded his head and carefully put this banner away.
The flag of all souls is too eye-catching. If it is stared at by some terrorists, it will never end well!
Half a day later, Xiao Yu finally went out of the corpse.
Looking at the huge wall in front of me, Xiao Yu vomitted a sigh, and his eyes flashed, considering that it should be mixed into the city
Since that day, he was forced to jump off the wall and his wanted order was plastered all over the city again!
Once he dares to step in, he will be discovered immediately!
"What should I do?" Xiao Yu has some hesitation.
The little stone lion emerged and smiled. "Hey, hey, this question stumped you?"
Xiao Yu asked, "Do you have a plan?"
The little stone lion showed a touch of pride and said, "Who are you always looking at?"
"What way?" Xiao Yu asked urgently.
Xiao Yu frowns
The little lion laughed. "You’re coming, the Thousand Faces Demon-The Thousand Faces Collection. In those days, the Thousand Faces Demon stirred up the frontier situation with this collection, and there was no way to take him. This time it was cheaper for you. If you practice to the extreme, your body can change and everything can do whatever you want."
It said that a golden secret book appeared in its hand.
"A Thousand Faces Collection!"
Xiao Yu suddenly eyes flashing.
The little stone lion gave it to Xiao Yu, and Xiao Yu immediately browsed it. His eyes flashed and he couldn’t help but marvel.
This treasure trove of thousands of faces can not only change the appearance and form, but also cover up the source breath. It can be said that it is a problem to change who looks like who is fake.
If you hadn’t cultivated too high, you wouldn’t have found yourself!
This book of thousands of faces is just too timely!
Suppress the joy in your heart Xiao Yu find a quiet place to understand.
Two days later, with a scratching sound of golden light, a strange young man came out, tall and smiling, striding towards the buried emperor city
"No one can recognize me now?"
Xiao Yu laughed in my heart
Strode into the city, and sure enough, no one noticed him. Xiao Yu’s eyes glanced and suddenly a wanted order appeared on both sides of the wall.
The face painting system is full of portraits of him, which has even increased his reward several times again
50 thousand gold coins!