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When the Nangong Lin Xuan was close to them, Zhuo Commander directly ordered the bow and arrow team to put rockets all over the sky according to the instructions of the Nangong Lin Xuan, which made the people who walked slowly suffer a lot. Many people were directly shot by arrows. Zhi Ding was not killed on the spot, but the screams still made people around him shudder.

However, there are 1,300 people left in Xiling fighters, but the casualties are not great. Although it is a rocket, Xiling fighters and horses have undergone strict training, so nothing has happened. When Mu Qingfeng wondered what Nangong Lin Xuan was doing, several soldiers who were very stocky appeared in front of the queue.
"Listen, people of Daliangzhou, although you have committed a great crime, our sovereign is merciful and doesn’t intend to dispute with you about asking you to abandon the darkness and leave the Xiling people. We can guarantee your safety or shoot you after a round of arrows and rain!" These soldiers are very loud, and with the special terrain of the canyon, almost all the people can hear them clearly. After discovering that this migration is not as simple as they thought, many people have different thoughts in their hearts.
The nangongshan Lin Xuan knew that these people were the most vacillating. Although he had said so, no one pushed them, but nothing happened. When the second wave of arrow rain was launched, the nangongshan Lin Xuan specially told Zhuo to ask him to raise the shooting angle a little. The main purpose was that the people behind him really changed a lot after this round of arrow rain. A middle-aged man couldn’t stand this random death, and a cavalry officer was going to persuade him to think about it. Unexpectedly, a fist directly hit his bloody face.
"The somebody else if you are you bewitch me to say that I have a good life in Xiling, and now I can’t keep my life. You still stop me if you want me to die here! ?” The male words made Mu Qingfeng feel like a knife. At the beginning, they insisted on running with themselves. Now, when the situation is not good, they want to retreat quickly. Think about the cold that just died in a haphazard. A chill from Mu Qingfeng’s heart made him fall into an ice cave. If he had not cultivated himself very well, Mu Qingfeng would like to draw his sword and chop down this ungrateful person directly.
But only reason told Mu Qingfeng not to do this. He waved and Xiling fighters made way for the middle-aged man.
"Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I am the people of Daliangzhou! " The man ran to the south palace Lin Xuan like crazy with his hands held high. In his view, it is better to die than to be stabbed to death by the arrow rain.
Nangong Lin Xuan really didn’t let himself wait for the man to go near, only to find that those vicious officers and men had actually set aside a path for themselves. Maybe he knew that he was very shameful. The man left Luoque Valley and fled far away without stopping. He just wheezed and hawed. Now he runs away very quickly.
Those lucky people who saw this scene rushed to Muqingfeng, and now they are somewhat heartbroken. He waved and the cavalry made way for them.
Those desperate people are like rabbits chased by hunters. They can’t wait to grow wings and fly out of this place. Some people dislike the fact that the Xiling army is too small to give themselves a hand and push these. Lin Xuan, a soldier who fought bloody battles in Nangong, said that it is good to kill people and make Liangzhou. These people really hurt Mu Qingfeng and others.
Nangong Lin Xuan looked at the crowd like a flock of sheep fleeing from hungry wolves and couldn’t help laughing face upwards. Say a word in heart, he was extremely satisfied with his move and lost speed. The cavalry really didn’t add anything, and their number was several times that of them. It seems that the Nanyue Wangfu people will win this war.
"Dear nephew, can you see the human scenery in Daliangzhou?" Things have come to this point, but the Nangong Lin Xuan is not in a hurry. When all the people leave, the Nangong Lin Xuan comes to the front of the two armies under the protection of bodyguards.
"Uncle said that Daliangzhou is really an outstanding person, but the local uncle can’t help but stay away from Daliangzhou …" At this point, Mu Qingfeng doesn’t intend to soften the surface of Xiling Wangfu, and it must not be lost.
"Ha, ha, ha, my good nephew and my good brother who was sent to prison are my father. I don’t understand. What’s the good of you helping those untouchables so confidentially? Look at you, if you are not dragged down by them now, I just want to see you with my good nephew’s horsepower, and I can’t see what you got in the end. They abandoned you just now in spite of their friendship. Have you ever seen a man turn around? Is there a person who is embarrassed? " The Nangong Lin Xuan’s words plunged into Muqingfeng like a cone, and it made my heart ache to think of the fighters killed in the west and Yan Zhen who would rather die than surrender Muqingfeng.
"My dear, as you can see now, the narrow city of Luoque Valley makes your cavalry root unable to give play to its own advantages. On the contrary, the capacity limit of our dense infantry phalanx has been enlarged. What do you think?" The nangongshan Lin Xuan didn’t mean to joke that his former enemies would grovel to themselves, even if they let these cavalry go.
"Never in the world!" Mu Qingfeng hasn’t said anything yet. Yan Yun was the first to come out against it.
risk one’s life
To tell the truth, at this point, Muqingfeng must be at a loss. If Nangong Lin Xuan keeps his word, he really doesn’t mind giving up his dignity. This matter is not the case in Yan Yun’s eyes. It is because he saw that Muqingfeng was shaken and Yan Yun didn’t speak to stop it.
"The soldiers of Xiling in the world are already ready to die in the battlefield, even if my younger brother just died, he doesn’t want to survive in this way." Yan Yun’s hand clenched tightly on Mu Qingfeng’s right hand for fear that he would make any unexpected moves when he was excited. For a tough guy like Yan Yun, he would rather die than lose his dignity because of such a thing.
"But I take you out but I can’t take you back. How can I meet those brothers and sisters who shed blood in Liangzhou? !” Although Yan Yun stopped Mu Qingfeng’s move, Mu Qingfeng was still unwilling.
"Don’t be ridiculous. The report once said that we Xiling fighters should be ashamed to return home in triumph without seeking merit. Even if the army is wiped out, it is worthy of Yan Zhen. If the world wants to be benevolent, you don’t have to worry about it. If the world wants to change our minds, I will directly commit suicide here!" Yan Yun’s expression said that he was not joking.
Mu Qingfeng knew that if he was doing something superfluous, it would be an insult to the warriors, so he took a deep breath and said, "In that case, let these Nanyue beasts know that we Xiling people are powerful even if we die!"
"kill! Kill! Kill! " The rest of Xiling fighters are holding up long knives and roaring angrily. The canyon is long and narrow, and it is easy to return. Plus, they are excited and shout loudly, which makes their horses all excited and snore.
Hearing this deafening sound, Nangong Lin Xuan knew that his wish was shattered, but the so-called death of Mu Qingfeng was actually not much different from his kneeling. Without the mausoleum king and the mausoleum king, the tomb of Wang Shixi was not well founded.
Lin Xuan of Nangong tried a look at Commander Zhuo, and Commander Zhuo immediately shouted "Archers!" Seeing the pouring of fire and rain all over the sky makes people lift their heads. Although it didn’t do much harm to the cavalry, their horses were in great trouble. Because of the narrow terrain, they were scattered, not less. The horses were killed on the spot. For the cavalry, the horses were their second life. Seeing their own consultation partners fall down one after another on weekdays, those cavalry eyes were red.
Knowing that this is not the way to go, God knows how many archers Nangong Lin Xuan brought this time. It turned out that he was proud of killing people because of his interest in ambush in Luoque Valley.
Rao is Mu Qingfeng’s brilliant mind. Now this situation is also helpless. The terrain has offset the advantages of his arms. The number of people has fallen far behind the wind. I am afraid that the presence of Ling Wang here will not help.
As the armies of both sides approached, Lin Xuan waved to stop shooting. He looked at the wounded Xiling fighters and shouted, "Last chance to lay down your arms and kneel down. I swear to God as the king of Nanyue that I will never hurt your lives!"
Lin Xuan’s words in Nangong are like a breeze blowing over the hills, and when he was going to attack, Yan Yun did something unexpected.
See Yan Yun directly jumped off the horse, unloaded the saddle on the horse’s back, gently stroked the horse’s head, then patted its butt and pointed to the rear and said, "Go". In his opinion, he is dead today, but he doesn’t want his only partner to die here.
That war horse has been with Yan Yun for a long time and naturally knows what he means. Its head and teeth bite the ground saddle and throw it on its back. It doesn’t know why its owner wants to come from his back and can still run. Maybe its owner is tired? The war horse was rough, and Lickitung licked Yan’s bloody cheek.
"Go!" Yan Yun pushed the horse’s head impatiently and looked at it. He was going to lean again, so he gave it a whip with a car-scrapping heart and listened to the horse scream. Yan Yun’s heart was like being cut down.
The Nangong Lin Xuan stopped the hand man from further activities. In his view, these Xiling fighters were difficult to fly. He looked at the scene with great interest and had no anxiety at all.
That war horse is very curious about why his master would whip himself. He accidentally trampled the newly-grown seedling wheat, and his master was not willing to beat himself. Why did he get beaten with injuries today?
The war horse carefully leaned his big head in again. He thought that his master must be joking with himself, but he didn’t expect Yan Yun to wave his whip again and leave a blood mark on him. This made him wonder why his accommodating master became like this on weekdays.
"Tang Qiang" yanked out his long knife with a trembling tip, pointing to his love horse. "If you don’t leave, I’ll chop you to death!" Although the words were full of trembling, the meaning in his eyes finally made him understand his master, which was to drive himself away.
I saw that it was always in the face of the enemy that my eyes actually appeared in my eyes, and then I turned around and ran. The remaining cavalry followed suit and unloaded their horses. In the face of the enemy, the horses led them to shout and ran out of Luoque Valley.
As the horseshoe gradually disappeared, Yan Yun slowly turned his head to look at the soldiers in Nanyue Wangfu, showing his white teeth without fluctuation. "Who will die first?" ! I just shot and hurt my love Ma Lao. I want to stab a dozen holes in your body. Thank you very much! "
Yan Yun is much more important than Mu Qingfeng at this time, especially when Mu Qingfeng knows that what he is doing now can’t save the battle from failure. He would rather be a soldier and fight bloody battles with the enemy now, but fortunately, Xue Lianer and three girls are not here, which also saves his heart.
Looking at the people in front of them, they hardly moved and laughed at the sky. Then they directly attacked the Nangong Lin Xuan infantry. With his example, the rest rushed to the enemy army like crazy, of course, including Mu Qingfeng
Yan Yun * * * directly cut a soldier in front of him with a shield into two parts. To be honest, the soldiers around him are a little scared. Have you ever seen such a fierce man? Although the shield in his hand is not made by Wu Jin, it is not so easy to be cut off.
A soldier took advantage of Yan Yun’s inattentive machete to come at his shoulder. When he saw a tent of blood gushing from his shoulder, Yan Yun stretched out his bloody right hand and grabbed his neck. He listened to "click" a little. The soldier’s neck presented an incredible angle.
Yan Yun’s forward sample aroused everyone’s bloodiness. Seeing that they were all desperate, they didn’t pay any attention to their swords and spears. Even if they died, they would end up with the enemy. Where did the Nanyue King’s army encounter such an appearance and was killed at the moment? But the Nangong Lin Xuan was in no hurry because he knew that even if the opposite person was brave, it would not change the absolute disadvantage of the number.
MuQingFeng this time, regardless of other things, he completely let go. Although he has disabled martial arts, he can’t compare with his younger brothers and sisters, but it’s not what Tom, dick and Harry can stop him from being reasonable. In fact, the solo moves in the Jianghu are not suitable, but this principle is obviously not suitable for Li Daoling’s "folding willow swordsmanship". At the beginning, Li Daoling made a move to "grab an osprey", but he killed the blue wolves. Now MuQingFeng is not as awesome as Li Daoling, but he is no longer a few swordsmen. Look at
This time, it’s different from Moping City. After all, it was a big deal at that time, but now it’s different. This long and narrow Luoque Valley has no place to escape. It’s better to face the enemy’s sword and gun, at least it won’t fall into the mausoleum and palace.
Mu Chongshan’s knowing what he said this time won’t make Mu Qingfeng give up the idea of sharing weal and woe with the men. It’s because the mausoleum palace has been declining for many years. I feel a little unwilling, but I say from the bottom of my heart that Mu Chongshan would rather see such a mausoleum king, just like when I faced several grassland fighters and never retreated, the mausoleum king fought in the corner because he didn’t protect the only blood of the mausoleum king. This matter was good and he slowly apologized to the mausoleum king when he got to the ground.
"It’s sunny and snowy in the mountains!" This is the first time that Mu Chongshan came out of the curtain, and the most lethal move was to see the South Vietnamese soldiers waving around in the broken sun like snowflakes falling in the hot sun. Now, I don’t consider leaving my hand to retreat from Mu Chongshan to kill people, but it is much worse than Yan Yun.
Even if the Xiling fighters lay down their lives to lead them forward, the absolute disadvantage of the number is gradually revealed. Although the soldiers of Nanyue King were a little beaten, they gradually reacted with the passage of time, holding up the Xiling fighters’ progress. When they were only three incense sticks, the Xiling fighters suffered more than half of the casualties.
Just when Yan Yun was cut and his figure was unstable, he fell down. He felt the ground shake. He looked back with difficulty and found that he loved Ma Zheng regardless.
be unyielding
It’s not just Yan Yun’s steeds that took the lead in her steeds. The riders just released their steeds and rushed back. The city of Luoque Valley is relatively narrow and not suitable for cavalry to charge. However, after just fighting, the number of fighters in Xiling has decreased a lot, so those steeds rushed directly into the crowd without much hindrance. After all, they have been together for many years to eat. Although they can’t speak human words, these steeds also know what their masters are doing. A Nanyue soldier dodged and was not directly hit by Yan Yun’s mount. It’s a good reason. On the other hand, the archers of Nangong Lin Xuan can’t play their horses’ charge, which makes Nangong Lin Xuan somewhat surprised. It’s not that he hasn’t heard that horses will get along with people for a long time and will do something unexpected, but this is the first time to see it.
Because this is a close combat, even the war horse can’t get up very much. Although the charge of the war horse has caused some commotion in Nanyue King’s team, it doesn’t cherish human life at all. It seems that it is only a matter of time before Xiling fighters perish. After all, the war horse relies on speed to eat, and it can’t give play to any advantages in such close combat.
Yan Yun’s war horse kicked another soldier to death, and then it was severely chopped by a machete. Blood flowed directly from the wound. Just as it just neighed, more scars appeared in its once beautiful body. Yan Yun saw that he loved his horse and was attacked like crazy, regardless of the surrounding soldiers who were eyeing up, they wanted to send these people who hurt themselves to hell. Because of the long fighting time and their own physical strength, some more than one pike appeared from nowhere and directly stabbed him in the abdomen.
Yan Yun suddenly felt his whole strength dissipated, and he couldn’t hold the long knife in his hand. Just when the soldiers around him were going to chop off his head in exchange for merit, he heard a scream from Yan Yun’s horse. The huge horseshoe directly kicked the sternum of the front soldier, and then it lowered its horse’s head and directly bit Yan Yun’s skirt, threw him on his back and ran back with a gust of wind, although the cost was countless wounds.
Yan Yun’s war horse dragged him seriously and ran backwards like a gust of wind. There was too much blood in the wound like rain, but he was unaware that he wanted to take his master away from this place.
Those steeds whose masters are present almost always urge their masters to stay away from some riders in the same way. Those steeds actually drag them back directly. Even so, there are not many Xiling fighters left. Those steeds whose masters have been killed are so straight that they can’t move with their swords. Although they are cut all over with blood, they don’t blink and look at the places where the riders are killed.
Because these horses’ own bodies formed a defense line to a certain extent, they prevented the Nanyue Palace from attacking and won a certain time for the remaining people. Of course, this kind of thing is doomed not to last long. Looking at this amazing scene, Nangong Lin Xuan waved his hand. "Send these horses for a ride. Without riders, the horses seem to have lost their souls. Let’s let them get together with their owners. There are not many people left on the opposite side. Sort out 3,000 fighting men. Xiling fighters are now scarred. Both men and horses have reached the limit. They can’t run far."
Zhuo Commanding soon left people to see and select three teams. When selecting people, Zhuo Commanding was somewhat surprised that the other party was only a cavalry team of 2,000 people, which was able to cause such a big blow to more than 10,000 people. Thanks to the report’s plan to hold back the pace of these cavalry, the terrain of Liluoque Valley counteracted the cavalry impact. Otherwise, it is hard to say who won or lost when the two armies fought in the plain. Zhuo Commanding was secretly planning to wait for things to pass, so he must say that the report formed a similar cavalry. They were too big.
Mu Qingfeng looked at the people around him, thinking that he wanted to be hacked like a sword. Before going to war, the mighty team of 2,000 people had less than 300 people left. Although they didn’t complain, Mu Qingfeng still couldn’t forgive himself for saving those people. There was no problem, but in terms of strategy, he made a big taboo.
Yan Yun’s steed ran and slowed down suddenly. Mu Qingfeng came to worry that it would throw his horse out, but this steed slowly knelt on the ground and there was not much blood coming out of the wound. It seems that just running exhausted its last bit of blood and blood, and it turned over directly against its beloved steed. The steed struggled its huge head to Yan Yun’s side and then never moved again.
Watching his love horse die in front of his eyes, Yan Yun couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. Although his life was at stake, Yan Yun didn’t have the time to worry about it.
The situation of the remaining war horses is not much better. More than 200 people and horses still have enough fighting capacity, even dozens of people. Almost all of them are injured. If they hadn’t avoided the key points through years of combat experience, I’m afraid they would have died by now.
"Let’s get out of here while there is still a chance." Even the martial arts is high and strong, and there is a deep bone wound on the back of the heavy mountain. He wants Mu Qingfeng to leave Rongcheng soldiers at this time and have a fighting force. Don’t forget that General Chen Mi of Nanyue Wangfu is not far from the Xiling boundary.
"Mu Dage, I don’t want to go today." Mu Qingfeng hasn’t called Mu Chongshan Mu Dage for a long time since the incident of Moping City. Mu Chongshan was also stunned when he heard this familiar title. He knew that Mu Qingfeng had solved his own knot or that he had completely accepted the identity of Ling Wangshi.