27, Jun 2024
"Bang bang bang bang" The noise kept sending out Aoxue. When a short lamp of tea was used, Lin Xiao was slapped on the ground for more than 200 times. Even a piece of iron had been smashed into pieces, but although Lin Xiao spewed blood at the corners of his mouth, he still kept sending out angry rants and yelling at Aoxue.

Aoxue is a little soft. She finally rushed Baizhang Gaoli to slap Lin Xiao on the ground. Lin Xiao’s body shattered dozens of pieces of green slate and tumbled a few times. Aoxue was shocked and looked at Lin Xiao in suspension. "How can you be so strong?" Your bone should be broken in half. You should lie down and vomit blood now! Why are you still mentally moving? "
Lin Xiao kept waving his limbs and trying to climb up from the ground. His eyes had turned into blood color. He looked at Aoxue angrily, and Lei Guang kept pouring out of his body.
Suddenly, as soon as Lin Xiao’s hands closed, he made a thunder seal. As soon as he drank it, he recited a spell from Jiang Zi, who gave away the thunder and fire. Suddenly, at the first sign of the day, he saw that the thunder of the thickness of the nine bowls roared and hit Aoxue.
A golden lotus rose on Lin Xiao’s chest, and Shen Xiaobai threw a golden lotus platform to protect Lin Xiao. She also flew to Lin Xiao with a dragon sword in her hand.
Shen Xiaobai was angry and shouted, "Ao Xue, don’t blame me if you shoot Brother Lin again!"
The green hoe, which had long been stunned, quickly flew out of the flying sword and rushed to Lin Xiao’s side to protect Lin Xiaoyao. She stayed for quite a while and skipped out of the hall. Her body twisted and turned into a ball of moss with a diameter of dozens of feet and rolled to Lin Xiao’s side! Yao Ying gloated and shouted that the crisp sound emerged from the core of the moss ball. "Giggle if you have something to do, just hit me! Giggle! I am not afraid to fight! "
Aoxue looked at a face of anger, Shen Xiaobai and Qing hoe, and then looked at the side. The big ball of moss bounced around. Her scales slowly faded and finely rubbed. Aoxue recovered her beautiful and heroic girl image. She raised her head with her hands on her chest and looked at the sky coldly and said, "Lin Xiao, you are like a man! Do you have to hide behind a little girl all your life? Hmm? Can you still be my man? "
The golden lotus exudes Buddha’s light. Lin Xiao feels cool all over, which seems to burn him crazy. His anger dissipates unconsciously. At this time, Lin Xiao realizes that his body is suffering from bouts of pain. All his bones seem to have been torn out of the crack, and all his muscles seem to have been torn. The pain makes Lin Xiao groan. It took him a lot of effort to get up slowly.
Without looking at Aoxue in suspension, Lin Xiao patted Shen Xiaobai and Qing Hoe’s head lightly and said, "Let’s go ~ Well, the mountain ceremony will be held in two months, and we have more things to worry about! Xiaobai, you and the green hoe just helped me. There are too many things and I have no experience. "
The huge moss ball jumped a few times happily and she cried happily, "And me and me, I can help Brother Lin!" "
Lin Xiao glanced at Yao Ying’s mouth and said softly, "Yes, Yao Ying can help me a lot ~ It’s up to Yao Ying to decorate everywhere in the rejuvenation valley!"
Shen Xiaobai and Qing Hoe chuckled and smiled at the same time, but Yao Ying felt that Lin Xiao seemed to have given her a great one. She was so happy that she "danced" that a large moss ball jumped up in situ and shook the ground several feet high.
_ ____w_ w_ w_____ __
Aoxue was annoyed to see Lin Xiao and three little girls talking and laughing and slowly drifting away.
"Hum! I’m not afraid you have another woman! Will I still let you slip away from my palm? " Aoxueli shook his fist and smirked.
But soon AoXue proud into shock "but he fix true increase too fast! What achievement method did he practice? How can it be so good? It’s really something! After three years of hard work, his realm seems to be only then, but his strength has become so great! Incredibly comparable to my six-point strength when I was in human form. What did he practice? "
Aoxue quietly suspended in the beautiful face is full of confusion.
"Maybe we should find a chance to see how strong he is now in a couple of days?"
"Well, it seems good to ask Shen Xiaobai, the smelly girl, not to beat him up around him and let him know that I am his destiny takes a hand’s wife!"
Aoxue couldn’t help laughing at the thought of pride.
The night sky is full of stars, and the cool breeze blows through the rejuvenation valley. Taoist Danling and two Taoist priests are stepping on a white cloud and floating down in front of a cave dwelling.
Before the abode of fairies and immortals, the two Taoist priests who were taking a nap in a stone pier suddenly woke up and rushed to salute the real people in the palm of their hands. Taoist Danling smiled slightly and shook his hand to signal that the two Taoist priests behind him would stay outside the abode of fairies and immortals to play, while he slowly walked into the abode of fairies and immortals.
Clean and tidy abode of fairies and immortals is not very deep, which is about ten feet deep. There is a statue of two small stone chambers with a height of more than three feet. A small Dan furnace is emitting Ran Ran purple smoke. In another stone chamber, two grass futons are put, and the clouds cross their legs and sit on the futon. They can hear Taoist Danling walking into the sound. At the same time, they open their eyes and the stone chambers are like flashing four roads. Taoist Danling has a vague illusion that his face hurts. He is slightly surprised by the rapid recovery of dust and cloud capability. Taoist Danling takes his time to salute.
"Sit down" Xiao Chen’s hand pointed to the futon with one more Taoist priest, Danling, devoting himself slightly to a ceremony and sitting on the futon slowly.
Clouds narrowed his eyes and asked slowly, "How can you come out if you don’t absorb the medicine of taxiing Dan?" In February, the Mountain Ceremony will be held. If you are still a child, but you call us Rodin, how can you meet people? " At some point, the corners of the mouth of Xiaoyun couldn’t help hooking up, but I couldn’t help but think of something funny and smiled involuntarily.
Road flyover Dan Ling gently shook his head and smiled lightly. "It takes only three to five days to absorb the medicine of taxiing Dan. Where does it really take two months? Granduncle Tai is joking, but it’s a matter of Xiao’s coming here ~ Granduncle Tai, can granduncle Tai know that today’s Aoxue girl is crazy and angry, but I don’t know what excuse she found to fight with Xiao’s son ~ "Road flyover Danling frowned for a moment and said," That Aoxue girl’s divine power is amazing, but Xiao ‘er actually knocked Aoxue girl back twice in succession at the beginning! Later, Miss Ao Xue turned into a dragon, and Xiao Er would have a good beating, but Xiao Er also suffered, but Xiao Er’s performance was ~ "
"The underworld!" Xiao Chen said directly, "Xiao Er must have had an adventure in the meteorite world with Gu Weng’s predecessors and others, but it is not a strange thing to get some exercise methods. This matter is not much consideration. If Xiao Er got the method, it is Xiao Er’s nature. Do we elders have to peek at the younger generation’s achievement methods?"
"I don’t think so!" Taoist Danling quickly said, "It’s my brother Xiao’s performance today. If he can build a few more floors, he can take over the Great Rodin Road."
Clouds of dust and clouds cast a glance at each other and laughed together. "Oh? Do you have the heart to let him take your place? "