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There was a breeze floating around her, and she didn’t look back. She said, "Bao Er War means that your body toxin has not been fully recovered, so you should step up your rest."

Yuan Baoer was silent around her.
With a sigh, Yuan Ziyan turned to look at Yuan Baoer and asked, "Do you have anything to ask me?"
Yuan Baoer whispered, "Brother Qi, is he The Hunger’s younger brother?"
"He is no longer JiHeng but blood spirit disciple Qi Xin Heng" Yuan Zi smoke low way "as early as a few decades ago, he had worshipped the blood spirit teacher, but I never told you …"
"You don’t tell me anything," Yuan Baoer said with tears in his voice. "Since you were a child, you have kept everything from me. Everything is up to you. When will you really respect my opinion?"
"You listen to me," Yuan Ziyan sighed. "I did it …"
"Kill me?" Yuan Baoer resented the tunnel "When the Sui Dynasty was still here, you took me to the palace and wouldn’t let me go out. When the Sui Dynasty perished, you still had to make such a lie. The Sui Emperor Palace trapped me and said that everything was mine? You don’t even tell me about Brother Qi. I, I … "
As soon as the wind rang, Yuan Baoer went away in anger.
Yuan ziyan looked gloomy.
At this moment, Ling Ning just flew up from a distance to see Yuan Baoer arguing with Yuan Ziyan and angrily leaving for a while. I don’t know if I should continue to fly to greet Yuan Ziyan or avoid it first.
She is hesitating. Yuan Ziyan has turned and looked at her with a smile.
She blushed and flew to Yuan Ziyan. Yuan Ziyan asked, "Is your senior sister better?"
Ling Ning said, "Elder martial sister, it’s nothing. She forced someone to fight again when she was injured, but it’s not fatal. Sometimes luck will heal and she will be fine soon."
Yuan Zi smoke way "color notes? Is she with your sister? "
Ling Ning snorted, "Xiao Fang picked up everything from the enemy’s sword of Yin and Yang and the ghost dragon satin of Yin and Yang. That’s the study."
Yuan ziyan smiled
Ling Ning looked into the distance and saw the blood fog outside the Sui Emperor’s Palace. However, when Emperor Yangdi and others looked around, it was still sunny. It was just like the beauty of Yangchun. I was secretly surprised and asked, "Is there any treasure hidden there?" Otherwise, there will be such a wonder? "
Yuan Ziyan nodded and sighed, "It’s a pity that it won’t last long. At most, it will take two hours for the blood spirit to break through the ban and break in. Then everything here will be destroyed."
"But" spirit coagulation low way "now, now these are also an illusion? Isn’t it strange that they are dead and their surnames have long changed outside, but they don’t know that they are still living well? "
"Do you think so?" Yuan Ziyan smiled and said, "In the eyes of outsiders, they may be ignorant and ridiculous, but isn’t it a good thing for them to be happy because of knowing?" For them, this false palace is their world, but for some people, the world is exhausted, and it is hard to find what you want all your life. Is this world big or small, or is it not your own heart? Some people’s hearts are full when they see a small flower. Some people win the heavenly heart in blood and fire, but they still can’t satisfy it. Is it true that being able to pretend to be ambitious must be bigger than a child’s heart that is excited by the sight of flowers? "
Spirit coagulation dazed zheng if you think.
Yuan Zi smoke way "heart quantity is the same! The difference is to see what you want. "
"Even so," Ling Ning said, "but I think they are not ordinary people after all. How can they make themselves happy regardless of the lives outside? He is a man and an emperor, so that the people can be happy. This is his responsibility but he can’t seek politics. Isn’t this a cruel thing for those people who place their hopes on him? "
"Good and evil have good intentions and malicious actions" Yuan Ziyan sighed, "A man’s heart is big and small, but everyone’s morality is still different. It’s true that people who keep their own happiness are wrong, but those who can sacrifice their happiness to seek happiness are truly valuable. Emperor Yangdi will always be Emperor Yangdi, regardless of his gender, which can’t change the fact that all people suffer from him."
She slowly stretched out her hand to make a scroll painting, and immediately Emperor Yangdi and all the concubines around him were surrounded by spring flowers, and the beautiful scenery disappeared with her, as if it were a beautiful landscape painting that was now rolled up by Yuan Zi.
A scroll of paintings appeared in front of them, spinning endlessly and spreading out a series of halo circulation curves, and the ghosts such as Emperor Yangdi had been involved in this painting.
Ling Ning Zheng big eyes "This is …"
Yuan Ziyan turned the picture in his hand. "The picture of mountains and rivers!"
Chapter 49 Yuan Ziyan Yuan Baoer
Map of mountains and rivers?
Ling Ning naturally heard of this famous treasure in the ancient saying, but I didn’t expect to see the map of mountains and rivers here. After all, it was made by people. The only thing that is known now is that Nu Wa Empress once borrowed it when she was quarrying stones to mend the sky.
Yuan Ziyan looked at Ling Ning and said, "I have one thing I want to ask you for help. Will you help me?"
Ling Ning said, "You, just tell me if you can help me …"