30, Jun 2024
Because Lin can see some creatures trying to squeeze in here in the sky.

There is indeed a’ shield’ in the sky, which can also be said to be a soft structure like foam.
Lin could see several cone-shaped creatures with rock-like shells twisting their shields as if to get in.
And one did succeed.
At the sharp part of its bottom, the shield pierced a small hole, and it drilled wildly to make the hole big. At last, it made a hole big enough for its whole body to get into.
With this cone-shaped stone, it squeezed in and fell towards the surface.
What’s more interesting is that after it came in, it got out of the hole and healed instantly, so it wouldn’t let more creatures get in.
This cone-shaped stone has a size of more than 300 meters. It rotates at a high speed from more than 100 thousand meters to the surface, and before it reaches the surface, there are successive explosions around its body.
These explosions came from ground defense weapons, and some towering trees shot at the sky exhibition.
They fired a large number of barrage of wood chips from the top of the tree. These wood chips flew into the sky at a very fast speed … and hit the target and exploded.
Hundreds of trees and trees are spinning in unison, and the cone-shaped stones are smashed by successive explosions before they reach the ground.
When it reached almost 10,000 meters high, it turned into a cloud of smoke.
This is quite interesting. These trees are dreams, Walsh’s automatic defense system and different directions. You don’t have to wait for the target to reach the surface before you can attack.
Because the launch is made by wood chips, the shooting process is also the self-disintegration process of the whole tree. When they launch, they can see that the tree splits into several pieces from the top and flies out.
But after destroying the target, they will soon regrow the part where the wood chips are emitted.
When these trees are growing again, Lin once again noticed that there were several similar cone-shaped stones drilling holes in the sky.
Why do they want to come in so badly?
Most creatures fly from the sky but don’t want to come in.
Broken shadow also don’t know what these creatures like this.
Actually, Broken Shadow didn’t study the emotions of these creatures carefully, it just knew that they had this kind of behavior.
For a long time, I have seen many creatures make huge things like dreams and go deep.
On the way, many creatures usually avoid huge tools.
Including this’ river’, it will avoid dreams, not because of dreams, but because there is really a shield.
It’s that rivers are creatures.
It has a name-the first stream. It is not a creature, but a combination of a large number of creatures.
It can also be said that it is a lot of initial consciousness.
Unlike normal emptiness, it is unpredictable and full of conscious creatures.
Many’ early’ organisms in normal deficiency, such as fungi, are organisms without conscious cells … Generally speaking, it is necessary to grow a neural structure before the brain can be regarded as having its own consciousness.
And unpredictable creatures are conscious even if they are very primitive and ancient species.
Here, the standard of’ consciousness’ means having self-awareness, and will absorb the surrounding environment information and process it.
This’ river’ is a river-like state composed of a large number of original consciousness aggregates, and several small consciousness are mixed in the dream energy.
They are very small, and intuitively they are similar to cells.
But they can also recognize their surroundings and think about these micro-consciousness, and the idea of moving forward came into being where they were born.
When a large number of micro-consciousness move together in one direction, they will form this huge river.
Although these micro-consciousness can think, their intelligence level is very low.
They will generally perceive emptiness and think that where there is food, they will move in which direction.
When they gather together in large numbers, they can sense quite a long distance, but they don’t know what will happen on the road
And those large creatures like stones floating in rivers are considered as’ passing by’.
That is, where they want to go, and the river they ride in the same direction.