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"Let’s go with you and show you the way." Elder Mo Qing warmly tunnel.

Xuanxing has no opinion on this. The future fate of the Blue Elves is on their own. It is understandable that their elders have cut themselves so completely.
Immediately MoQing elders and others led the way XuanXing behind them to the desperate core.
Elders Mo Qing and others are so powerful that they can move across the star domain to the desperate core! XuanXing behind them can’t help but feel shocked.
If you don’t have a protective bead, you can move dozens of planets forward and stop. "Maybe it’s because they live here …" Xuanxing secretly guessed.
As the blue Elders moved more than 30 star fields, the elders finally stopped.
"Xuanxing, we can send you here. If we go any further, our gods will be traumatized." Elder Mo Qing sighed.
"How far is it from here to the core?"
"More than a dozen star fields are at the end of the road. The core is a small star field composed of 36 planets, which is easy to distinguish."
Say goodbye to the elders XuanXing moved to the front alone.
While the blue Elders are tightly watching XuanXing disappear back to look at the desperate core …
After more than a dozen moves, there were bursts of thunder in Xuanxing’s ear.
Xuanxing released the immortal knowledge and leaned forward …
See a beautiful small star field appear in the sea of your knowledge.
The whole star field consists of thirty-six blue stars, one of which is ten times the size of the rest. It is located in the center and the other thirty-five planets are scattered around it. In addition, the whole star field flashes with dark golden light. This small star field is very beautiful and charming …
Chapter 274 Weird thunder
"Desperate core …" Xuanxing said to himself that he had seen this small star field through fairy knowledge, and all the elders described it in the same way.
At the same time, XuanXing’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled because he felt slight pain again in the process of immortal knowledge just now.
At this time, Xuanxing is nearly a hundred planets away from the core of the desperate situation, and he knows that the beads of the sea have always protected his soul, but his immortal knowledge still feels a little pain.
But his immortal knowledge was not harmed by anything. Xuanxing immediately moved to the front …
Looking at what is in front of me, accompanied by the gorgeous and charming dark blue star field, Xuanxing is in a very heavy mood.
Although the scene before us is very beautiful, Xuanxing doesn’t care about it, but stares at the dark golden light closely.
These dark golden rays are not as beautiful as you think. It’s horrible!
The deafening thunder was emitted by these dark golden rays, and these golden rays were just thunder!
Xuanxing found that each ray has its own arm thickness. "I don’t know the power, such as …" Xuanxing andao at the same time, Xuanxing felt that his immortal knowledge had increased the pain a lot.
But I don’t know that kind of weird soul attack and the secret thunder power about the desperate core, and I don’t know that I need to experience it myself.
According to the scene before us, Xuanxing guessed that the 35 planets around were the periphery of the desperate core, and the real desperate core should be the one with the largest volume!
Xuanxing is going to enter a peripheral planet first to test those thunder powers.
Immediately, Xuanxing moved to a planet, and a moment later, Xuanxing had appeared. Looking at the dark blue planet, Xuanxing couldn’t help wondering how these thunder came about.
Xuanxing sacrificed the powerful armor of God to the moving body and flew to the other side …
"Boom … boom …" As soon as Xuanxing passed through the planet’s atmosphere, several dark golden lightning struck Xuanxing!
"Hum …" That a few thunder XuanXing behind immediately stuffy hum.
When Xuanxing entered this planet, the pain from the depths of the soul came again! My soul is attacked again, and this is the case that I have the protective bead. If I don’t have the protective bead, I am likely to be stunned directly!
But at this time, the dark golden thunder has fallen to Xuanxing, and Xuanxing’s powerful armor immediately flashes purple light to offset the thunder strength.
The first wave of attacks has passed, and Xuanxing has not suffered any substantial damage.
Enduring the pain of the soul, Xuanxing continued to let go, but Xuanxing always felt that something was wrong just now. It seems that these thunder are special …
Instant XuanXing has landed on this planet, and the pain from the soul suddenly increased several times, and XuanXing’s face immediately turned white.
"Boom … boom …" Dozens of thunder attacked Xuanxing again!
Xuanxing didn’t dodge because this planet is full of dense mines. Even if he dodged these mines, he might bump into him. I might as well let it boom here.
Xuanxing urges his body to form a deep purple energy cover on his body surface, waiting for the thunder attack.
The thunder speed is unusually fast and has appeared in front of him in an instant.
"Burst … burst …" XuanXing suddenly found a strange scene around his body energy shield was instantly swallowed up by the thunder!
"Boom …" Dozens of thunder hit XuanXing body at the same time!
Immediately, the power armor flashed a purple light again to offset the thunder attack.
In this process, Xuanxing’s body moves backward uncontrollably, and his feet and ground gradually calm down.
After dozens of thunder passed, Xuanxing couldn’t help but sigh.
This wave of attack XuanXing still didn’t get any injury, but I felt a pain when I was hit by LeiLi just now.