2, Jul 2024
-where is the abyss beast staying?

The soul squealer looked at the gloomy sky until the woman and baby disappeared into the thick clouds.
It looked dignified and stood still.
"What is the purpose of choosing a weak Terran woman and her children to inherit the chaos?"
A sound behind the soul scream sounded.
"Because they were not picked by the order," replied the soul scream.
"No, you must not think so."
The sound negates
The soul squealer slowly turned to face each other.
A young man with black-rimmed glasses is looking at his face with a faint smile.
The soul squealer thought for a moment, and the man bowed down and replied, "The king of the abyss was exiled, the apostle could degenerate, the star crown was the first person, and the great poor source advocated that this little thing should bother you personally. It was unexpected."
The young man still smiled, but his tone changed a little.
"My title is also can you call? Since when do you dare not answer my questions? "
The soul squealer issued a sharp woman, "I answer your question-because that woman and her children have added chaos, I will help them grow up well, and one day I will let their mother and son eat each other."
"Then what?"
"In the end, the person who lives will definitely get the title of powerful and special chaos."
"Well, this explanation is quite confusing, which means I barely believe it."
The soul squealer leaned over and said, "Now that I have answered your question, I will retire first."
The young man said, "One more thing later."
"Go ahead."
"The parallel doomsday struggle has spread, so don’t go looking for order trouble at this time."
"Ge … I will seal the order permanently when I run out of time. Do you want me to stop at this moment?"
"But if you completely seal the order and chaos sweeping all the world, it will definitely destroy all the world."
"But you know that those who add chaos will hopefully create an era of chaos."
The young man held his forehead and frowned. "I just don’t want to see the chaotic era born. The world of rules is really interesting."
"Which side of your order?"
"No, I don’t want you to fight this point to produce results."
"So you are determined to stop me. Do you want to confuse opposites?"
The young man was stunned and laughed again. "I didn’t expect that the guy who once crawled at my feet and kissed my toes and prayed for life now dared to talk to me in this tone."
"It’s all over," said the soul squealer.
Several mysterious runes suddenly appeared in its body, and these runes slowly disappeared from its body like flashing clouds and disappeared into emptiness.
"Ge, it seems that you have been exiled for so long that you dare to take care of chaotic things."
The soul squealer spoke with a sudden rise in momentum.
At the same time, men and women became angry and growled, "I represent chaos and will completely stifle order. Whoever stands in my way is the complete enemy of chaos."
The young man looked at it and his face became dignified gradually.
He murmured, "So that’s it. You inherited all the chaos in the inner world. This split is the real one. No wonder you dare to talk to me …"
The soul squealer takes a step.
Poverty and gloom pervaded and spread over the whole world.
"chaotic will"
The young man looked at the empty face and never smiled again.
The soul squealer continues to walk towards the young man, and the whole world is full of murder.
"All the chaos in my body is here," roared the soul shrieker, pointing to the other side. "And you are the weakest soul, how dare you stop my action?"
"The crown of the abyss will be shattered and powerful in the near future, and like you, it will wither in the face of chaos."
the other side
Hegemony area
A certain world
Black fire spread all over the fields burned all monsters to ashes.
The scythe, which smelled of intense darkness, was taken back and caught by a green jade hand.
The own of that jade hand is a dead saint with lux hair and beautiful face.
She looked up at Tianda and shouted, "Who dares to die?"
Layers of black flames jumped up from the ground and blasted into the sky.
Those monsters that were still hovering immediately fled and struggled to fly high.
They got away.
Anna didn’t let go until she saw it
The black sickle disappears in an instant
She turned and looked at Su Xueer and said, "We are now-hey? Why do you look so ugly? "
A cold sweat broke out on Su Xueer’s smooth forehead opposite her, and she looked at a card in her hand.
-this is the fate prediction card in the fate king deck.
There is a cemetery painted on the card.
There are graves all over the mountains.
"Leave me, Anna," said Su Xueer.
"What?" Anna asked.