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"Brother, I still have two top materials, and maybe you can forge a magic weapon again." Xuanxing told Ganyuan what he thought.

"Xuanxing, I already have two magic weapons." Ganyuan is satisfied that he can have two magic weapons. Besides, it is not good to have too many magic weapons.
"Brother, I’m going to refine this magic weapon for you, but it will be of great help to you in Du Jie in the future."
"Oh?" When Ganyuan heard Xuanxing’s words, he immediately came to the spirit. Of course, Ganyuan will pay attention to his last doom.
So XuanXing told GanYuan GanYuan that he was going to forge a magic weapon. After hearing this, he hurriedly urged XuanXing to forge a magic weapon quickly, but XuanXing just refined a magic weapon. The real yuan has been seriously insufficient, and there is still energy to continue refining it. XuanXing holds SPAR again and recovers.
One day later, Xuanxing’s refining process went smoothly again, and all the materials melted easily, and there was no such difficult melting situation as the off-star stone
Finally, this magic weapon was successfully refined. This magic weapon was a golden ball. At the same time, it once again formed a robbery cloud. Because they had already had such an experience, it was easier to deal with it. Moreover, this time, the magic weapon was refined for the dry shaft to work harder to deal with the apocalypse. From beginning to end, six robberies did not touch the ball, and all of them were scattered by the dry shaft.
"Ha-ha, thank you, bro." Ganyuan happily put this magic weapon away. "Are you ready to go back, Xuanxing? If you have nothing to do, just follow me around the fix true world. Anyway, I’m chatting alone."
"won’t this affect you?" Xuanxing heard GanYuan discussion asked doubtfully.
"What’s the impact of this? Sometimes it needs to be a chance. I want to make progress now. It’s not that easy. Anyway, I’m about six hundred years away from the next Armageddon. Just have a good time with me." He walked over and said that he was very concerned.
"Then listen to your brother." XuanXing wanted to think that he had nothing to do now, so he might as well have a good look around the fix true boundary with GanYuan. Speaking of which, he didn’t know much about the whole fix true boundary, just taking this opportunity to get to know this huge fix true boundary.
Chapter 9 wantonly collecting disciples
An ordinary mortal planet sent to the battle. At this time, there stood two practitioners.
"Brother, we didn’t tell the master about the apprentice. If the master knew, would he blame us? Let’s give him a message." One of them said to the humanitarian next to him
"Don’t worry, Master Er Shi won’t blame us for giving him a surprise when he comes back. He never thought that the two of us should have collected so many disciples for him."
It turns out that these two people turned out to be Xuanxing’s two brothers, skyshatter and Whispering Day. At this time, Xuanxing has been away from the cold polysaccharide for more than 200 years, but Xuanxing has never come back to see them. However, Xuanxing has written to skyshatter and others that he is now working together, and will not come back for the time being.
Since XuanXing with nine bullet scattered magic shafts, everyone has nothing to worry about XuanXing’s safety. XuanXing is absolutely safe with shafts beside him.
"Brother, we have collected more than a dozen younger brothers over the years. I think it’s almost enough. Why do you need so many?" Xiao Tian has been looking outside for a brother who is suitable for uniting with skyshatter for nearly a hundred years, but it is not so easy to find one who is suitable for uniting with his physique. If there are so many good things about his physique, he has long been taken away as an apprentice by other people who fix the truth, so why do you have to find it yourself?
"Second teacher younger brother, we must send Xuanlin to grow. You must support me." For the first time, we firmly tunnel.
"Brother, what kind of teacher is this? He didn’t ask us to do this?" Xiao Tian is very confused about what Tian Tian said. He has known Tian Tian’s temperament for more than 200 years. He is not the kind of person who wants to benefit himself. He really doesn’t understand why he wants to recruit a large number of younger brothers.
"Second Martial Brother, I wanted to tell you something long ago, but I didn’t tell you at that time that you were too weak. Now you are also in the middle of out-of-body experience, so I’ll tell you today, but you can’t tell Third Martial Brother and Younger." At this time, skyshatter repair is already in the middle of distraction.
Xiao Tian rarely sees skyshatter talking to himself with such a serious expression. Xiao Tian realizes that what skyshatter is going to say is definitely not simple. "Brother, just say it. What else can’t we say?"
"Master, he has enemies."
"Enemy?" Xiao Tian never knew this, and he only worshipped Xuanxing three hundred years ago, and he never told himself this.
"Well," skyshatter nodded, but this is also a guess. Both of them didn’t have a relationship with the three factions, and they once asked Xuanxing, but even Luo Suo didn’t know that the three factions of Xuanxing had sworn enemies. The reason for this guess is that Xuanxing was hunted down by the master of the celestial Sect more than 500 years ago, and then Xuanxing was seriously injured. Therefore, it is not benzene that skyshatter can vaguely detect some clues at two points.
"What are you afraid of, brother? You think too much?" Even if Xuanxing has enemies, Xiao Tian knows that Xuanxing has a brother who has nine robbers and scattered demons. Is there anyone in the fix-true world who can resist the attack of nine robbers and scattered demons?
"If I guess right, the master’s enemy should be a celestial Sect. I don’t know if there are any other sects." Skybreak continued to explain.
"Day spirit! Three super sects, one-day spiritual Sect? " Xiao Tian didn’t expect Xuan Xing to have a knot with Tian Lingzong.
"We don’t know exactly how strong the Tianling Sect is, but the master didn’t attack Tianling Sect, and the master didn’t do it for the time being. There must be some reason for this, but one thing is certain: we don’t have the influence of others, and we must expand the strength of Xuanlin Sect."
Hear skyshatter this turn words roar day finally white skyshatter what received so many younger brother over the years "brother, I support you, we must send XuanLin grow! And we must surpass the spiritual Sect! " Xiao Tian absolutely supports Senior Brother’s practice.
"It’s ok for both of us to know about this matter. Tell them again after Younger, the third teacher younger brother, is still too low." For the time being, skyshatter doesn’t want Batian Linlin to know about this matter for fear of affecting their practice.
Therefore, it is almost impossible for Tian Tian and his disciples to continue to look for some mortal planets suitable for practicing. It is almost impossible for them to find a good brother with good physique if they want to cultivate the true planet. Those mortal planets are slowly searched, but even mortal planets will have practitioners from time to time to find some good seedlings, which makes it even more difficult for Tian Tian and his disciples to find these planets. However, there are still many people who can practice, but Tian Tian and his brothers are looking for people with good physique or high understanding. Even if they are allowed to cultivate, ordinary mortals will not achieve much in the future.
Xiao Tianlai didn’t care much about finding his younger brother, but he immediately looked for the fix true person as energetically as a skyshatter after learning about it. Naturally, there are some ways to tell if the other person is suitable for the practice. It is necessary to know at a glance whether he has the cultivation potential. Of course, some people’s physique is not so good, but their understanding is scary. For such people, even the fix true person can tell that they can contact him more before they can find it. However, there are so many mortals in this universe, and there are so many fix true people. Most people with high understanding go to observation stations and die of old age, and those who are in good health may not be able to achieve much because they are not savvy enough. If they want to achieve anything, they must have good health and understanding, and both are indispensable. There are few peerless geniuses in the realm of cultivation.
But for the first time, the two men thought of a good way, that is, when they went to a planet, one of them dressed as a teacher to teach some children to study, while the other one continued to look for a good physique.
Those children with high understanding will naturally get much better grades, so that after a period of contact, it will be easy to know how his understanding is, and Mr. Pretending to teach can contact a large number of children at the same time, which makes it easier to carry out the plan for the first time.
Not to mention the two of them, this method is really good, and it really allows them to find some children with high understanding, but these children’s physique is not so good that they can’t practice if they have any roots!
However, Xuanxing has given the method of building the foundation to the skyshatter four people. After building the foundation by this method, the foundation people can be much better physically. So the skyshatter two people collected all these children, but these children have parents, so they were temporarily allowed to practice on the planet and come back to pick them up after a hundred years. The skyshatter two people gave them the first part of Ning Yuan’s decision, which was to prevent any accidents.
In this way, every time they go to a planet, they will receive some brothers more or less, which is much faster than finding them a hundred years ago. Wherever they pass, they will inevitably leave Xuanlin fire.
In this way, the Xuanlin Sect grew quietly …
Chapter 99 The sky soared
Xuanxing Ganyuan has been to many fix true worlds in the past two hundred years, and neither of them has been there to fix true worlds to their level. For those mortal things, they have long been pessimistic, and there are also some things in fix true worlds that can make them interested.
Although Xuanxing has been to many places over the years, the fix-up world is too big. It is impossible to visit every place in the fix-up world. According to Gan Yuan, even he doesn’t know how big the fix-up world is.
Over the years, Xuanxing has been staying with Ganyuan and found that Ganyuan was very addicted to alcohol. Every once in a while, Xuanxing was dragged to the restaurant to have a big meal. Of course, they all went to the restaurant to fix the truth. There is a little aura in the food. Xuanxing suddenly found that the two older brothers he recognized belonged to drunkards, and he was taken by them to like this bite. Over the years, the two of them just walked around the fix-up world and then went to the restaurant for a meal. In the process, they really encountered many interesting things. It was quite comfortable for them to live like this. Xuanxing found that his realm had improved a lot over the years, although he didn’t deliberately practice. Maybe it was a kind of practice to practice and move around the fix-up world.
At this time, the two of them were drinking in a restaurant, and they were talking about the anecdotes they had heard over the years. Suddenly, Xuanxing’s brow wrinkled slightly after a bead with a faint white light appeared in his hand.
"What’s the matter?" Asked GanYuan see XuanXing expression.
The news that "the sky is going to soar" was given to Xuanxing by Han family, a foggy star. After receiving this news, Xuanxing didn’t know whether he was happy or sad. Three hundred years later, the sky was really soaring, and Xuanxing didn’t expect it to survive the apocalypse smoothly.
"day? Is that year … "
"Yes, it is the original Xuanzong master day" Xuanxing wry smile way
"If he flies or not, it will be cheaper for him if you don’t bother him. Why do you care so much to continue to drink our wine?" Ganyuan shook his head and Xuanxing took the glass and drank it again.
"Xuanxingtian is what your enemy wants to do so much, or I’ll solve it for you now." Ganyuan found that Xuanxing was absent-minded after receiving the news of soaring in the sky, and felt that the atmosphere was a little boring. Although he promised that the three immortals would not shoot at the three factions, it was now kicked out of the door by Xuanzong, and there would be no scruples.
When Ganyuan was betrayed by his brother, he directly killed the man after he became a scattered demon, but Xuanxing’s appearance made Ganyuan very depressed and felt that Xuanxing had some women’s benevolence.
Hearing Ganyuan nai shook his head, "I would have killed him if I wanted to, but …" So Xuanxing told Ganyuan that Tian was expelled from his legacy by Xuanzong and helped Han family.
"So Tian did everything at the beginning because he listened to Xuanzong and he was forced to do it?" The shaft recognized the middle key.
Xuanxing nodded his head and remained silent. He stood up and drank the glass himself.
GanYuan some understand XuanXing mood at this time GanYuan betrayed by his good brother is the interest, and the day so treat XuanXing from his legacy command this nature is different, and the day also regretted the Korean family and was kicked out of his legacy XuanZong GanYuan for this matter also can’t XuanXing pay attention to it, it can be decided by himself.
XuanXing without saying a word, one person can’t stand drinking and drinking by himself. "XuanXing, you’d better go to GanWu Star." GanYuan thinks that XuanXing’s going there will affect his mood and adversely affect his practice.
"Brother, is it right or wrong for me not to kill the sky?" Xuanxing is a little confused.
"Go with the flow, don’t think too much." It’s hard to say much about it.
In the end, Xuanxing decided to take a trip to Ganwu Star. Of course, Ganyuan also followed Xuanxing to Ganwu Star.
"Senior Li didn’t expect you to come." Han Lin saluted warmly. "This senior is …" Han Lin found another master beside Xuanxing.
"This is my eldest brother GanYuan" XuanXing see Han Linlai some depressing mood immediately improved a lot.
"Han Lin visit predecessors" Han Lin salute GanYuan again GanYuan is light nodded his head.
"Han Lin, you go first." Auditions suddenly came over and looked at Xuanxing. Xuanxing found that his physical condition was completely normal at this time, and his body surface still had a faint fairy aura. It seems that he is indeed a horse and will soar.
At this time, Han Lin has already retired. "Who’s Li Yi?" Suddenly, I found that I couldn’t see through the cultivation of Ganyuan and what Xuanxing was, and I couldn’t see through it myself. What do you think of Xuanxing? He is a child-fixing person, and heavenly heart guesses that both of them are four robbers and scattered immortals.
"This is my brother’s business. Do you have anything to say?" Xuanxing doesn’t know what to call Han Lin to.