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"Only a big shot like Du Ge can be worthy of the beautiful appearance of Sister-in-law Liu Li. Oh, I really envy our other disciples!"

"I’m Nima … you still shout …"
Listen to this group of his fellow disciples who praised Wei Chi’s glazed Du Jian, and they are not a little carried away.
To say that Du Jian has some characteristics more than him, it can be summarized in the eyes of Xiong Xiang, the owner of Wu Shen Walls.
Du Jianshen, Du Fushen, learned from his father’s skill to save the wounded and rescue the dying, and carried forward Pu Ge’s upright sword-casting villa. However, this smelly and small size is especially disobedient. Since childhood, it has been particularly restless. Since childhood, he has devoted himself to being a Jianghu warrior. His idol has always been Yao Lu, and he has been poor all his life. He hopes that one day he will become as famous as Yao Lu. He even said in front of his father Du Fushen that saving the wounded and rescuing the dying is not a man, but this kind of rhetoric is doubtful.
It is this personality that makes Du Jian seem out of place in the Pu Pavilion since he was a child. This also doesn’t let Du break the enemy’s mind. It’s a terrible thing to peek at the bathing of the younger sisters. Seeing this smelly little girl grow up day by day, Du broke the enemy’s enemy. It’s not so frustrating. At one time, he was afraid that the road to Wan Ku would get worse and worse, which made him feel that his pulse name would be ruined by this smelly little girl. Everything changed dramatically with the desire to get back Wei Chi’s glass.
I don’t know when Du Jian became calm after I returned to the Sword Casting Villa with Weichi coloured glaze and Qin Yu. He didn’t want to be a different person. He asked Du to break the enemy and he didn’t say that he had been abandoned before, but now he woke up and wanted to practice hard to win his breath.
It must be very gratifying to be a father when I heard that my son was so aware, but Du Jian’s words and deeds looked at Du Broken’s eyes, but there was an indescribable feeling until one day Du Broken’s eyes looked black and blue and his face was indifferent. He was suddenly enlightened.
I have been beaten by Weichi coloured glaze like a pig’s head. I am such a fool but I still stare at the people in front of me with admiration from time to time. All this is seen by Du.
"If you really like Wei Chi’s doll dad, I can help you!"
Finally, when I watched my child’s love bump into each other, Du broke the enemy and gave Du Jian a move.
Since the father and son honestly talked about this matter, Du Jian left Pu Ge alone and turned into Xiong Xiangwu’s sacred wall.
To say that Du Jian also has excellent talent, in just a few years, he has firmly established himself in Wu Shen. Of course, Wu Shen’s brothers also remember those dandies before him. Now the whole Wu Shen wall belongs to Du Jian, Zhang Jinnan, Dong Wei and Yang Tianyang except Mu Miao, which is an alternative. Some busybodies call the four of them Wu Shen SiShao, which shows that Du Jian’s strength and Wu Shen wall’s younger generation also belong to the top. Plus, he also has a good appearance and a homeowner’s father, which also makes them the most promising.
But among all the flowers, Du Jianxiao loves one, even if it is a thorny rose or a frosty glass.
As soon as Du Jian came out, he found that the opponent he wanted to beat turned out to be his admirer for many years, so he gave up without thinking. Du Jian’s abandonment also embarrassed two people who were far away. One was his biological father, Pu Ge Du, who defeated the enemy, and the other was his teacher, Wu Shen Yuan Xiong Xiang. After all, how could Du Jian’s little thoughts be like Mu Xuan’s?
"Hey, I said that you can defeat people without fighting!"
Looking at a face of anger, Wei Chi coloured glaze slowly came from Gao Lei, and Qin Yu repeatedly looked like a wretched man, jerking close to Wei Chi coloured glaze and tearing at the duck’s throat. As he spoke, he was very happy and gesticulated back and forth, looking really irritating.
"I’m very upset about my surname, Aunt Qin. I advise you not to mess with me now."
On the other hand, Weichi coloured glaze is brimming with his own anger, which is about to burst out, jumping out of his roots word by word.
"Don’t let people say," I won’t mess with you. "I’ll tell you, since you are so angry now, buddy, I’ll give you a trick to get rid of the fire quickly. Look, buddy, how am I doing to you? I’ll tell you this time. I just roughly analyzed your opponent. I probably heard that it should not be the opponent of the path. After all, we still know very well about the path. I said that when the path goes, you’ll beat him hard. Don’t be afraid to hurt his little thick skin. I’ll give it to
Before Qin Yu finished, he swallowed his original speech abruptly. When he saw him, his face suddenly turned red, and then his forehead was covered with sweat, it was not difficult to see that he was suffering from a sudden pain at the moment.
"I said your ya still dare to dare to shame a little? Don’t you dare to put your mind to the path? You’re not looking for a fight! "
Listen to WeiChi coloured glaze finish more vicious hand up and her hand at the moment is severely pinched Qin Yu waist and crazy spinning his wrist force malicious day double.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen This game after game
In addition to Du Jian’s abandonment, in the subsequent competition results, except that Lu Ming was eliminated by Wang Fu, the rest of the games were all suspense. The winner won and the striver also won.
Now the election has also entered a real white-hot stage.
Mu Miao beat Zhang Jinnan Mu Shuang beat Gao Yi Dong Wei beat Qin Xin Qin Yu beat Cai Zhen Wei Chi Glass beat Du Jian Wang Fu beat Lu Ming Liu Luoluo beat Yang Tianyang Gaoyuyuan beat Cui Kexin.
This strong list was officially released. They are Wu Shen Yuan Mu Miao, Dong Weijian Qi Pavilion Liu Luoluo Xiaoyao Pavilion Qin Yu, Weichi Liulipu Pavilion Mu Shuang Zui Brewing Pavilion Wang Fu and Gaoyuyuan.
No one expected that this time, the firm but gentle pavilion was high-spirited even when the dark horse was strong, but Liu Luoluo was left with a banner, while the rest of the contestants were defeated one after another. What is even more unexpected is that the two-room cast sword villa in Puge Drunk Brewing Pavilion actually made Muxuan feel gratified when it was elected this year.
Then, in the fourth round of competition, Mu Miao easily defeated her high-spirited cousin Mu Shuang and formally entered the semi-finals, while Qin Yu took some energy to defeat Dong Wei and barely entered the semi-finals. On the other side, Wei Chi Glass did not hesitate to beat Wang Fu and almost overturned the boat in the gutter, which was considered as entering the semi-finals. It was very easy for Qin Yu to defeat Gao Yuyuan and enter the semi-finals.
Now the whole Sword Casting Villa is covered by this loud cheering passion, layer after layer.
"Then Wu Shen Yuan Mu Miao played against Xiaoyao Pavilion Qin Yu."
With the old woman, Mu Miao actually took the lead in leaping high.
On weekdays, I looked at Mu Miao casually, but at the moment, my eyes exploded with bright colors. It is not difficult to see that he was really excited at the moment.
Come on, show me your real story. Show me your real strength. Why did Aunt Wang Na want you and die of anger? Why did Aunt want you and die in Jinzhou today? Let me take a good look at it. Let Aunt Wen have a good look at how wrong she chose. Don’t let me down, cousin.
Looking at the slowly Qin Yu Mumiao was a little excited and trembling.
It’s time, kid. I owe you so much this day. Finally, it’s time for you to face the world alone. Finally, it’s time for the world to get to know you again. You can finally smile when you have done what you promised.
Looking at Qin Yu, after all, Mu Miao is not far away from him, not only gratified by a smile.
"Who do you think will win in the end?"
Looking at his son that confidence than expression MuXuan not only jokingly asked.
"Qin Yu"
Mu candlestick replied firmly
"Ah, ah, ah, I’m not happy for you to say that. I haven’t played yet. Why do you say that Qin Yu will win? Don’t be too confident. My Miao’s story is well known in the whole village. Maybe it’s not haze. That girl is terrible, but it’s by no means your Qin Yu can compare with the old man. I’m optimistic about my disciple, not my Xiong Xiang. If my disciple loses this battle, I’ll call him face to face, brother, grandpa and three heads. On the contrary, if your Qin Yu unfortunately loses,
As the desire for the true voice just fell aside, the grumpy Xiong Xiang suddenly became upset. Seeing that he hurriedly took the topic over, he even made a bet first for fear that he would go back on his word.
All the people haven’t spoken yet. Tian Rui is one who scared everyone.
"I bet on him with him. I bet on Lao Xiong with you. Don’t say I’m a woman who bullied you. I also like Qin Yu. We bet on you."
Watching Xiong Xiang Tian Rui not only several heroic mouth said
"I heard Tiangu gamble."
Let him face Xiong Xiang’s provocation and yearn for Tian Rui’s state, then open his mouth and promise without thinking, because in his opinion, don’t say it’s him, it’s her, Liu Luoluo, and he is confident that Qin Yu can win. After all, I’m afraid he is the only one who knows Qin Yu’s secret, the secret of hiding this smelly will, and the terrorist strength. If he didn’t deliberately follow it that day, maybe he would have been kept in the dark by Qin Yu, but if he didn’t guess wrong, I’m afraid he’s a proud pupil,
Yu Weichi’s desire for the candlestick seems that although his talent is wonderful, his future achievements are far from Qin Yu’s high, not because of his daughter’s body, but because compared with Qin Yu’s, Wei Chi’s glass lacks a forbearance and a disguise.
So when Xiong Xiang made an extra bet, everyone was puzzled and longed for him to dare to make an appointment.
"You can’t be too confident, can you? It seems that your apprentice really doesn’t bear the second child’s doll. You are going to lose badly this time!"
Looking at his own inexplicable self-confidence, Muxuan not only woke up quickly.
"Can you look at people? Do you have a good eye for people Also, it seems that you asked me to say that you have to lose badly later. I believe that Aunt Tian accompanied you to bet on Xiong Er, and let’s double the bet? If your disciples win, I can promise to guarantee you that Wu Shen Yuan will be immortal for one year, but if you lose, Xiaoyao Pavilion will have to work in the next year. Do you dare to bet? "
Looking at mu candlestick, take a look at the wily old fox Mu Xuan Tian Rui, and take the words in time and then say
"No … this … I Tian Yi ah …"
Looking at Tian Rui’s attitude immediately put Xiong Xiang in a dilemma.
"Ha, ha, ha, what are you afraid of? I’ll watch your doll and I’ll bet with you."