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Although I didn’t know that Meng Jun would choose this time to attack.

But one thing is that I want to make the expedition to the south last as long as possible, and Baiyue has been ruined for a few times. If I come again, won’t this war be over soon?
"No, I don’t agree." Immediately, Wei Yun said, "Baiyue is a combination of small tribes."
"Don’t need me to face up to the big wei even with people around town south? Maybe it is the other party’s intention? "
"All we have to do is stay put and the enemy will use every means to hold the south of the town."
"Then whatever happens will not affect the bureau."
Wei Yun’s meaning is very simple.
No need to send troops
Just hold the town south directly. You need to pay attention to the other side.
In this way, it will be difficult to fight unless Baiyue chooses to attack head-on, but in that case, doubt is the policy.
He didn’t believe that Meng Jun would be so stupid that he wanted to fight at that level.
"Don’t fight?"
After hearing Wei Yun Yi’s decision, the three people were all confused and didn’t understand.
There are more than 200,000 defenders in the south of the town, and 30,000 is nothing.
And the other party is about to knock on the door. How can there be no reason not to fight back?
Especially Song Guanwen and Lin Yuansong are even more strange.
Positions are very kind to the outside world, but they are very strong. Otherwise, they would not have declared war on Levin directly at the beginning, and they would have chosen to send troops to fight. But now the reaction is completely out of their expectation. What happened?
"Positions this enemy’s invasion is still pretty. Meng Jun’s troops in person must have a purpose." Lu An also some nasty continued.
"No matter what, we’d better respond. At the end of the day, 30 thousand people need 10 thousand."
"The purpose is not to defeat the enemy, but at least we know what the other side’s purpose is. Please grant me permission."
Say that finish, he immediately knelt to sincere tone.
After more than 200,000 soldiers ambushed Meng Jun from the second city and captured him alive, they didn’t do anything else except practice every day.
As the saying goes, raising soldiers for a thousand days is enough for a while, but not enough.
Lu An doesn’t understand.
"Didn’t I already say I wouldn’t send troops?"
Wei Yun implement still insisted that "it’s only sixty thousand people. Even if Meng Jun is a fuses iconic reincarnation, can he still conquer my town south with his hands?" What is impossible or unchangeable should be changed. "
"Well, I’ve made up my mind to let the generals pay attention to defense. You all go."
Say that finish also ignore the reaction directly just stop meaning has been quite obvious.
Lu An wanted to say something, but Song Guanwen shook his head at the moment and said not to say more.
Because he knows very well that since it is your decision.
That won’t change
"It’s the courtiers who have excused themselves."
Song Guanwen and others leaned down slightly and then left the palace.
Wei Yun Yi is relieved that he is the emperor.
Otherwise, I really don’t know what to do in the face of this situation. He still doesn’t understand why the barbarian Meng Jun chose to send troops. Isn’t it good to stay among thousands of mountains?
I won’t send troops to encirclement and suppression.
Shook his head.
Wei Yun Yi doesn’t think much about this any more. Anyway, if you want your own people to stick to the south of the town, there won’t be any problems.
Now he hopes that the barbarian can recognize the truth clearly after he misses a shot and then choose to retreat, so that the security plan can continue.
"The enemy has come to the door, but why don’t they agree to my sending troops?"
The more I think about it from Luluan, the more I feel that I don’t understand that my own strength is several times that of the enemy, which can stop the pace of Baiyue’s attack
At this time, it is a correct choice to send troops without any problems.
But it ended up like this.
"have a position arrangement"
At this time, Song Guanwen continued, "Every decision you make must be well thought out. I know that General Lu, you are going out to make contributions to the country and protect your position for a week, but some things are urgent."
Although he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t choose to send troops, it doesn’t conform to the daily pursuit wind
It is conceivable that we haven’t made a wrong decision since we ascended the throne.
Lin Yuansong didn’t talk too much. "Yes, general Lu’s position has already said to strengthen the garrison of all parties, hasn’t it? Now that the Baiyue army is attacking, we can’t afford this wave. We should act as soon as possible. "
Smell speech Luan nodded immediately fuels and then left in a hurry.
Even if he doesn’t understand his decision, he will resolutely carry it out, even if his military orders add to his loyalty.
And when he arranged guards from all sides,
The other side
Meng Jun, the master of Baiyue, also led 60,000 soldiers to keep moving towards the south of the town.
The closer he got to his heart, the more he had a bad feeling. He immediately sent scouts to find out the news on the way.
This time, Meng Jun’s troops seem to want to raid Zhennan, but in fact, they just want to lure the snake out of the hole, making Wei tired of coping, and then killing the other side’s strength in the process.
Of course, we can’t occupy too much advantage, so we should give the great Wei emperor a kind of victory with hard work.
In this way, the other party will not choose to continue to transfer troops from other places, and Baiyue will be more secure.
However, as he approached, he felt that the plan seemed difficult to realize.
In case the defenders in the south of Dawei Town cannot retreat.
Then it’s all work.