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At the same time, a burst of loud and dull sounds emerged.

It takes only a few tens of thousands of horses to make a noise and make this land shake.
That is, at this time, the southern Shoujiang of Lu’ an Shouzhen all looked at the black line that was getting thicker in the distance with a shock.
In a short time, the black line turned into a horde. Although it was not a sprint, the battle was very big and raised huge dust.
This is the army that has conquered hundreds of thousands of places in the south.
However, the army did not end up near the south of the town, but stopped a few hundred meters away.
In the center of the army, a carved dragon and painted phoenix was pulled by six fine horses and appeared at the front.
There is also a famous general next to him, and a follower behind him, a horse dressed in a court official.
One of them is the Confucian Six Arts Riding.
Although civil servants are not on the battlefield, some skills are necessary.
The first official of the civil service is the official document of the Song Dynasty, the official of the Imperial College, and the official of the Song Dynasty.
Stop the dragon.
Song Guanwen, the highest official in the army, took the place of the military commander and rode directly out of the front of the army to look at Lu’ an and others and slowly said, "I am going to meet you in the south of the town!"
Voice falling
A series of drums appeared solemn and solemn.
Lu Anshou’s generals didn’t hesitate to kneel directly at this time. "I led Lu An’s generals in the southern part of the town to welcome me. Long live the position!"
Then everyone knelt down, including the city, the city’s head generals, and the foot soldiers were all from the same mountain. Long live!
This is the theory of personal expedition, and everyone must be greeted with the highest etiquette
This day is too majestic to offend.
"gift bar"
At this time, the dragon came to Wei Yun to play music.
But he didn’t come out, but the tone of the car mouth was flat and he continued "into the city"
It’s not worth it for just a few commanders in the south of the town. He just goes straight to the dragon.
It’s almost the same for the group of people in the north of the town who have the head of a warrior.
of course
The important thing is that Wei Yun Yi doesn’t want to do any more red tape, so he might as well go directly to the palace.
Because just an hour ago, Jin Wang said that everything in the palace was arranged.
He also wants to have a good rest after a long journey.
And behind his mouth
Lu an and others hurriedly gave way to the position next to them.
These people in Zhennan are not to be offended, but now they are just a minister.
In this way, the dragon chariot slowly moved forward into the south of the town
Yu dajun arranged
Wei Yun implement ignored directly to the hand generals.
Although it’s a personal expedition, it doesn’t need to be hands-on. Besides, he knows that he can’t handle it. Since he has hands, why should he do it himself?
"general Lu"
After the dragon chariot enters the city,
Song Guanwen rode Lin Yuan Song and several military commanders came along.
"Hello, I’ve met all your adults and colleagues." See the bearer, Lu An, and bend down with respect.
Zhennan University will be called a general, not a general, which will be one level lower than Zhenbei University.
But even so, the position in the army is very high, and there are many generals who can’t compare with it. But the problem is that these people are all following Wei Yun’s personal expedition with heavenly majesty.
Only when the army has settled down can he suppress some people.
There is also Song Gongwen, a cabinet university student.
A member of the imperial court