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147 Xiaoyan
? It was planned to have a dinner at 6: 30 until 7: 00. Qi Huang Huang Zong Huang, who runs the Beijing-Tianjin Line, is always the first to run around Beijing and Tianjin, and the best one to run around Beijing and Tianjin.
Lin Cheng planned to invite ten people to prepare a table for twenty people today, but these people obviously didn’t invite ten people, but one didn’t come, and this one was half an hour late.
Lin Cheng waved "Xiaojian, you go to order"
Lin Cheng got up and shook hands with Qi Huang. Xu Pan quickly introduced "Cheng Ge, this is Qi Huang Huang Zong" and introduced Lin Cheng to Qi Huang.
"How is General Manager Huang’s business recently?"
"To tell you the truth, business has been very bad recently. The inflation industry in countries with international economic crisis is in a straight line."
"Hehe, manager Huang said it was all true. Have you ever thought of any solutions?"
"What can I do if I make do with it? Anyway, it’s not that I can’t eat, it’s just that my profits have slipped."
"Ha-ha. Listen, General Manager Huang seems to be very comfortable with his current business?"
"The big situation is so uncomfortable. What else can we do?"
"The eye has a way."
"Oh, please ask Mr. Lin for advice."
"Let’s set up a carrier association to regulate and control the freight rate in a unified way."
"Khakhalin always talks about Yi. Everyone wants to set up this association, but who has set up it?"
"Manager Huang might as well join us to see if our association protects our members’ personal business or individuals. We are competing for the supply of those who don’t join the association. What do you think?"
Huang Qiyi mused, "Good is good, but is there any way to determine who the guest is?"
"Register and issue a unified loading certificate to the car. Only cars with labels can enter the site for loading."
"Mr. Lin sounds good, but how can we guarantee that other cars will not be installed?"
Lin Cheng ha ha a smile. "It’s impossible to say that, but everyone can supervise each other and report something to the association. The association will make decision for you and give you a satisfactory answer."
"So many production enterprises in the city can be busy? This is too unreliable. Besides, who can listen to you? "
"Ha ha ha ha" Lin Cheng laughed. "Let everyone consciously and naturally, our association will not cause trouble, but if we dare to disturb the rules of the association, we will have our own means to control him."
"oh? I would like to hear the details. "
"Ha ha, in fact, this matter can be carried out in two aspects. On the one hand, there are only three or four roads that block the road. We can naturally deal with those cars that have not obtained the qualification of the association. Then we can take mobile inspections and report investigations. I believe that we can maintain the order of the association."
"Sounds reasonable, but how can I believe that boss Lin has this strength?"
"Haha, strength depends on how you understand this thing. If I say that I have this strength, you may think that I am boasting." Lin Cheng grabbed a bottle of beer with his thumb and slammed it. "Manager Huang invited me to drink."
Qi Huang didn’t see clearly just now. He was wondering if this beer was ready before Lin Cheng, but judging from the foam pouring out of the beer bottle, it didn’t look like it was ready before.
Therefore, when Lin Cheng picked up the second bottle of beer, Qi Huang looked at Lin Chengdong carefully. This is a bottle of intact beer taken out of the newly torn box, and the bottle cap is intact and damaged. Qi Huang’s eyes are poisonous. After all, it is absolutely impossible to do business at his level without any vision and foresight.
Lin Cheng picked up the bottle with the same thumb, and the beer cap flew half-way. Judging from the strength of the beer cap flying, the pressure on the bottle cap was definitely not small. It was only a thumb that could achieve such an effect, even if Qi Huang saw it with his own eyes, he could not believe it.
Lin Cheng picked up a cup and poured himself a cup of "Manager Huang came to do it"
Manager Huang had a drink.
"Manager Huang hasn’t been in contact with me. It’s right to have doubts about me, but I think there will always be a chance to prove my strength with Manager Huang." Lin Cheng grinned naturally.
But in the eyes of Qi Huang, Lin Cheng is no longer the first time he saw the young man, but it’s a bit of a prestige of the transportation association boss …
Qi Huang and Lin Cheng are not in a freight market, but in a market with Xu Pang. When he goes back to Qi Huang, he will make good friends with him and talk about the moment when Kunpeng Lin Cheng thumb plays the beer bottle cap. If it is not for Qi Huang’s usual steadiness, everyone Qi Huang is bragging.
"Thumb snap tight bottle cap? That’s fucking ridiculous. "
"Not only did I play the bottle cap, but my posture was so chic that I felt like I was dreaming."
"No wonder Xu Pang in our courtyard has found a big backer like a pug, but if he wants to set up this association, will Yang Xiaoyan agree?"
Qi Huang immediately laughed when he heard Yang Xiaoyan’s title. "I guess it’s terrible that the two of them have to touch each other to know who’s tough" …
At this time, Lin Cheng also sat in the Kunpeng freight yard and discussed all the freight forces in Yanwei with several apprentices and Xu Pang and others.
If you want to talk about Yanwei freight, you can’t help but talk about Yang Xiaoyan.
Listening to the name Yang Xiaoyan feels like a little woman, but knowing that this person definitely knows that Yang Xiaoyan is definitely not just a woman.
I heard that Yang Xiaoyan was only twenty years old when he first came to Yanwei. At that time, Yang Xiaoyan emerged as the first dry freight forwarder of Yanwei, but at that time, Yang Xiaoyan worked with one of her uncles.
Yang Xiaoyan is from the northeast, and her uncle was also engaged in freight transportation at that time, which was not the same as it is now. At that time, there was no such thing as dry transportation and distribution, and it was pitiful, but it was because there were few people who could do business.
At that time, earning three or five hundred thousand yuan a year from a desk was just like playing. At that time, ten thousand yuan was still popular in the early 1990s. What is ten thousand yuan? That is, the family has 10 thousand yuan, so it is quite good. At that time, 350 thousand was almost the same as 350 million now
The customers are all rod-linked distribution, and the customers ask you to give him the goods on their own initiative. At that time, there were only a dozen goods in a city, which was not as good as 10,000 now. Of course, it was too easy to earn a thousand dollars by waiting for a car at that time. At that time, there was a standard that if the customers paid cash, the goods would be distributed to the driver in half, but the distribution base would earn twice as much as the driver. I said it was at least strange. At that time, the shippers were crazy, three times and five times, and they were willing to give them. Self-employment is rarely done by a unit car, and the goods are pulled by a unit car. When you go back and forth, you can reimburse and take back some goods. The money-making department is all its own net surplus, so that you earn more and earn less. It is also beautiful for drivers to do business and distribute goods.
Again, what was the industry at that time? So, there were a total of more than a dozen or twenty companies in the distribution, and many drivers poured in, but it happened that the goods were mainly delivered. What should I do if you don’t have this place here? You need Fang Lian to call and see if someone else’s house has a car in that place. So this is spelling.
When did Yang Xiaoyan get up? After working with her uncle for five years, she worked as a clerk for five years, and she knew the market distribution very well. Her uncle happened to be a very stingy person, and she was not generous to Yang Xiaoyan for five years.
These days, it seems that everyone has realized that distribution is easy to do. At that time, there were more and more distribution, and dozens of them developed to hundreds. Although there were many more distribution, the earliest distribution industry was still the best. Although your new one is cheap, I don’t like to change it when I am comfortable.
The number of new products is increasing, and the old products are still popular, but don’t let the new products be difficult to do. At that time, the new products were also very easy to do, because after all, the number of new products is still small compared with the present, which is not as large as the old products.
At this time, it has been nearly two thousand years. Yang Xiaoyan also knows all kinds of freight roads. It is almost the age of 2056. The girl in Northeast China has a strong energy and a hard work. So she has set up a shop by herself. It is still an old road, which is the road she is familiar with.
I’ve been doing this for nearly a year, and at this time, the goods continue to increase, and new goods have mushroomed. Generally, the number of goods has grown to five or six hundred, and new goods are still widely used, because the quantity is still far from the market demand.
Quantitative development is not a simple increase, but an explosive growth.
Yang Xiaoyan has a sense of being prepared for danger in times of peace. This year happened to be the year of 2000, and the whole tobacco and tobacco freight market has completely changed its business model because of Yang Xiaoyan.
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I have to say that Yang Xiaoyan’s business strategy has subverted Yanwei’s freight mode, and Yang Xiaoyan has really established a leading position in the private freight market in this subversion.
It can be said that in addition to the delivery group and the West Group, Yang Xiaoyan, the two veteran state-owned freight groups, has already taken the position of the boss of Yanwei Freight.
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